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Ignorance is a content filtering plugin for Gaim. If you love Gaim for chat, but find yourself missing the filtering features of clients like zinc, then Ignorance is for you!

Version 1.1.3beta1
Get v1.1.3beta1 source
Get v1.1.3beta1 x86 binaries
Get v1.1.3beta1 x86_64 binaries

Improvements from alpha2:

TFM - R it.

You need the gaim-dev files installed on your system in order to build from source; e.g., you installed gaim from source, or you installed the gaim-dev or gaim-devel binary package. A simple way to test for this is to run pkg-config --modversion gaim . Assuming you have this, there are two steps to installation from source:
        1) ./configure && make && make install
        2) cp ignorance ~/.gaim

If you're using the binaries, there are also two steps:
        1) cp ignorance.la ignorance.so /usr/lib/gaim
        2) cp ignorance ~/.gaim
Note that you may have gaim installed in /usr/local or somewhere else and may have to adjust accordingly.

Usage: The default filters, now in ~/.gaim/ignorance, will serve to filter out most of the annoying traffic by default. Even for a virtual toilet like Yahoo's Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris:1 room ;-). By going to Tools->Preferences and choosing the Preferences dialog for the Ignorance plugin, you can add, modify, and delete the rules that belong to the different levels.
There is no way to add or remove the levels themselves from within gaim right now; there will be soon. User management (e.g. deciding which users should belong to which levels) is not done from the preferences GUI, but instead from the chat input line.
All ignorance commands are prefixed with /, as in /wl offensive_asshole_Tak (which moves the user offensive_asshole_Tak to your white list).

/mv username groupnameMoves a given user to the given level.
/ls group1 group2 ...Lists the users in the given groups.
/wl user1 user2 ...Assigns the given users to the WL group.
/bl user1 user2 ...Assigns the given users to the BL group.
/rm user1 user2 ...Removes the given users from their currently assigned groups, effectively assigning them to the default group.
/grep userexp group1 group2 ...Searches the given groups for users matching userexp.
/ri expressionAdds an autoignore rule with the given regex to the Default group.
/rf expressionAdds a filter rule with the given regex to the Default group.

By default, Ignorance comes with the following permission levels:
WL (white list)
PM (private message list)
Link (allowed to link)
Default (default permission level)
BL (black list)

By default, you see ALL information from WL users, you see everything but enter/leave information from PM users, you see nothing from BL users.
Default users are filtered for enter/leave information, botty nicknames, http links, and blocked from PMing you (if you want someone to be able to PM you, /mv them to the PM list).
Link users have the same permissions as Default users, except they can post http links.
The recommended usage is to set your Default rules such that they block most of the traffic that annoys you, and only assign particularly special or offensive users to the other lists.

If you like this plugin, !exec may also be for you!

Send email to: tak at bard.sytes.net