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    Where some of the Gulf War
    Veterans issues are addressed!
Unlike the DOD's narrow field of view concerning recognized
Gulf War Efforts, this page will be composed of current Organizations -
Grass Roots efforts - Gulf War Veterans - advocates - and so on....
Gulf War Vets UK
Andi Mason
English Gulf War Vet from south of Bristol, England.
We have created this site to assist Gulf War Veterans, their
families and their friends who are searching for information on
relating to the continuing controversy over "Gulf War Syndrome"
Dr. Meryl Nass
Long time advocate against the Anthrax Vaccine, and supporter
Of Gulf War health issues. This website is designed as a source
of accurate information on the human anthrax vaccine.
Kathy Hubbell
We are here for three primary reasons: to educate the public about
the Anthrax Vaccine Program; to mobilize for political action across
the country; and to introduce those who are ill with adverse reactions
to the vaccine so that they may provide each other with help and support.

Major Sonnie Bates
This website exists to inform military service members and the American
public about the Department of Defense anthrax vaccination immunization
program (AVIP)

Jan Brown
The Surface Report - ( specialty ) Parasitic Infection
DSBR State Commander for Michigan. Jan's whole family 
suffers at the hands of the DOD, Leishmaniasis
and other ailments have ravaged them since the beginning.
Desert Storm:
Providing information on all aspects of the war, as well
as an active online community.

VII Corps Desert Storm Veterans Association
( DSVA) Creighton Abrams at the
     Army Historical Foundation, Inc.
2425 Wilson Blvd.,
Arlington, Virginia 22201 (703)522-7901

UK Gulfweb
The UK GulfWeb by Andrew Honer & Dave Austin:

Edward Bryan
Gulf War Syndrome ( the issue ) -
( specialty ) Oil well fires / Pesticides
A fire fighter/veteran advocating the Oil Well fires in Kuwait. Ed has
put up a pretty good fight on the steps of DC. One of the few that
has spent time in Walter Reed trying to resolve his medical problems.

Jim Moss
Gulf War Syndrome ( the issue )
( specialty ) Clinical researcher for USDA / Noted Author
A advocate of Gulf War Illness that dealt with organophosphates, 
DEET, Pyridostigmine Bromide, and a variety of other pesticides."

Kirt P. Love
The Desert Storm Battle Registry. -
( specialty ) Electronics / Records Systems / Medical
Disabled Gulf War Veteran advocating multiple issues. Working
on building a collective centralized record system for the bulk
of the Gulf War records.

The Gulf War Veterans Association of Canada:
The concept of the Gulf War Veterans Association of Canada
was initially planned and developed by Luc Levesque of Ottawa
in 1993 to study the effects of health problems being reported by
Gulf War Veterans.
Informed Choice on Vaccines   
The intent of this website is to raise awareness about the controversial 
aspects of vaccination. Many vaccines contain the preservative 
thimerosal (49.6% ethylmercury by weight,) as well as aluminum 
and formaldehyde. Individuals who suffer from chronic mercury 
exposure will have a unique expression of symptoms.
Veterans Weblinks of the UK  
Welcome to Veteran's Web Links Britain. This site contains
the best of the web links to information pertaining to news and
issues of interest to British Armed Forces Veterans and their
American Gulf War Veterans Association  
The American Gulf War Veterans Association (AGWVA) was 
established with one goal in mind: To obtain treatment for those 
service members and their families who experience symptoms 
collectively known as the "Gulf War Illness".
The National Gulf War Resource Center is an international coalition 
of advocates and organizations providing a resource for information, 
support, and referrals for all those concerned with the complexities 
of Persian Gulf War issues, especially Gulf War illnesses and those 
held prisoner or missing in action.
Information on Nuclear, Chemical, Biological Warfare
Sun Bo
Sun Bo was a Chinese Diplomat in Kuwait during the 
Gulf War  (1990-1991). Now sick, he speaks out against
Depleted Uranium, and his own Gulf War Illness.
POW /MIA Freedom Radio
The radio voice of the POW/MIA issue, across the United States and into Canada on the American Freedom Network.
1360AM Johnstown, CO
or via Satellite at Spacenet-4, 101 degrees West, Channel 19, Sub-Audio 5.82, Vertical Polarity.
You can also hear us live on the Internet at
Sundays 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM Mountain Time.