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I'm sure many of you have noticed that "Recent" Ovidian Bibliography has become something of a nomen mendax for this page. The fact is, I have been out of academia since September 2000, when I left my position as Assistant Editor at the Database of Classical Bibliography to become head programmer at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Also, after I graduated from New York University, I lost my access to RLIN and the MLA bibliography and other good, but subscription-based bibliography sites from which I used to cull my data. So do not have they time or resources that I did when I began this in 1997, but I am still offering the bibliography for what it is is worth, which I think is still quite a lot.

Quo vadam? It takes a lot of work to maintain a site like this one by yourself. It grew out of work I was doing anyway for my dissertation, but now I obviously have less impulse to devour all the scholarly work on Ovid (though I still love and read our favorite Roman poet). My wife and I also have a baby on the way, due at the end of October. What I would like, then, is to see this become a self-sustaining site.

In the last couple of years I have become very interested in websites that foster communities of users though user created content. An example (albeit a geeky one) is Slashdot. On Slashdot, most of the stories are submitted by readers, and what is really interesting are the thousands of words of reader commentary on the stories. There is already an active community of Ovid readers, enthusiasts and scholars, so I have been thinking about what a website for this community might look like. The idea I have arrived at is something between the current ROB, Slashdot and the reader-written reviews on a place where people could not only search for bibliography but could also register with the site and, once registered, enter or suggest citations. Registered users could also post reviews and commentaries of the individual items, make links between them and post suggested reading lists. This would take a lot of the burden of off me and, if the community is active enough, keep it much more up to date than it has ever been.

Of course, this redesign would involve a great deal of effort which I am only willing to make enough of you who use this site express interest in the idea. So please send me an email (sean at jiffycomp dot com) if you would like to see something like I have described, or if you have other suggestions about what you would like to see.

Also, I don't get free webspace on my university's webserver anymore and it costs quite a bit extra to get web hosting with the database access required for this site. If you have been using this bibliography for the last several years or want it to be around for the next several, you might think about sending me a monetary contribution. The easiest way is send it through PayPal to sean at jiffycomp dot com (signing up is free, and if you just put my email address in the "referred-by" box I will supposedly get five dollars). Chances are that most of you have bought something on eBay and paid via PayPal, so you already know this.

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