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Crime and punishment
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  Crime Punishment The Story
View the details of this row. Talking in the French lab whole class 2 of the belt In the French lab with Mr Buchanan when he asked the class in they would like to do anymore, to which there is silence, unfortunately Mr B heard a ghost say NO, and when nobody would own up to saying NO, he belted the whole class.
View the details of this row. Talking, giggling, or generally not paying attention in Military band class/lessons Fee Lax would launch his conductor's baton, an ivory ball-ended xylophone stick unerrigly at the culprit so it would bounce of the centre of the culprit's forehead.  
View the details of this row. Tinkering with a 5th Form chemistry experiment Entire class got two each ca 1968, we were in the chemistry lab, unsupervised. We were told by Patterson under no circumstances to bugger up some other class's experiment. It got buggered up, no-one owned up so we all got lined up along the Periodic Table of the elements and given two each. That night Sinclair ran away but came back.
View the details of this row. Tinkering with a 5th form chemistry experiment.(cont.)   I remember it well. Bloody hurt too. I recall one of our number hopping about on one leg shaking his hands trying to cool them down. To all of you who remember Big Ben as a Saint - I don't.
View the details of this row. Watch beeping in French class Loss of watch for the remainder of term My watch beeped in Baps class on the first day back after x-mas, I lost the watch (from santa of course) untill Grandday
View the details of this row. Wavell misdemeanours of any description Weird detention, 20, 40 or 60 minutes! 20 minutes: A white card with "Go placidly amidst the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in... something or other", 40 minutes: blue card with the same script on it, but with an extra paragraph added, and so on. After 20 mins, you had JUST enough time to get to the 1st shop and back before the G. The irony being that if you didn't make it back in time... ANOTHER 20 minutes next week! I can only remember about two weeks when I didn't have to write that bloody passage out in my whole two years in Wavell...
View the details of this row. Wetting the bed Woken up in middle of night The two night watchmen were called Stradee and Blaikie. The cry used to be "Wakey wakey, it's Mr Blakie" "Get up and pee it's Jock Strathdee"!
View the details of this row. Whistling the theme to Laurel & Hardy 6 of the belt Myself (Choppa), Dave "Charlie" Kill and John "Spud" Grant used to taunt Tinarse by whistling the tune to Laurel and Hardy. He hated it but could never do owt about it. Until the day we whistled it going through the main hall. He claimed we shouldn't have been there and decided that a fitting punishment was six each. Dave argued that he had recieved six and refused to put his hands back up for another. Once dealt with we walked away got out of the hall and started whistling again. Stung like F**K but it was worth it!
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