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The first act of congress was to print 20,000 bibles.

Monarchy is the best form of Government and a system inspired by God. Jesus was not called the "Senator of senators," He was called the "King of Kings."

You'll never have a righteous society with the majority, there will always be a small handful who lead and take the reigns to change the Govt. and lead the nation out of the bondage they have gotten into. The masses do not become righteous.

You cannot wait for the majority to become aware and change the problem. What we need to do is raise up a small group of people, who know right from wrong, to fix what is wrong with out nation.

The majority of Americans are never going to vote to outlaw sexual immorality because the majority WANT sexual immorality. They want something for nothing. They want the govt. to take care of them if they get in trouble.

The Founding Fathers said that the feared the day when individuals learn that they can vote themselves money from the Treasury. Guess what? We found out what happens and the destruction it brings.

Should Christians govern and are Christians the only ones who are truly qualified to govern, and the answer is, of course, Yes.

If you haven't submitted yourself and your laws to Jesus Christ, you may be well-meaning but the result will be horrible. We've rejected Jesus Christ from having any influence in our country's Govt. and as a result we have epidemic suicide, murder, rape, abortion, and drugs. The country is falling apart.

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