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The Metropolitan Community Church is all over the country, a homo meat market in the disguise of a church. The founder of the church from San Francisco said "Well, about 50 percent of our members are dead." Boy, talk about a church where a many are cold and a few are frozen! He said, "50 percent of our members are dead and another 25% have aids, or at least are infected with HIV." That's why, people who compassionate and loving and caring are against this homo stuff because it's a killer.

What some people do is everybody's business!

We're sissifying the country.

God did not tell us to only have compassion, understanding, and love. If there were a child molester, would you do everything you could to stop him? OF COURSE! So, you wouldn't have compassion and understanding but you would say "You're wrong and I'm going to stop you if I can," right? So is it apathy to allow people who are destroying themselves and others to keep going without standing up and warning them and saying "You're wrong, what you're doing is a perversion, you're destroying yourself and others." If you don't say that to the homosexuals that you know, you hate them.

God didn't make Adam and Steve.

You don't know any elderly homosexuals. You don't know any in their 60s, 70s, 80s, whereas you do know heterosexuals in those age groups.

Suicide rate is 20 times higher for homos and they die 30 years younger on average.

Over 90% of the homos who die, die of aids.

It's not always wrong to humiliate someone when their behavior brings on death and destruction.

I was "born homophobic." I'm proud of it! I came out of the closet a long time ago. When I told my family, I found out that a lot of them were too!

Christian leaders have done more to normalize and legitimize homos. They say "Homos don't deserve special rights , just equal rights." We must teach the Christian leaders that homosexuals.

Homos do not deserve equal rights. The only rights homos should have is the right to a fair and speedy trial.

You sometimes here well-meaning conservatives, "It's okay if gays enlist in the military as long as they abstain." Yea, SURE. Homos do not enlist in the military to abstain.

Every founding father knew that that homos had only the right to a fair and speedy trial.

Why don't we also hear Christian leaders say that rapists have a right to fair housing??? Wouldn't that be sick?

Homosexuality is the ultimate throwing off of morality.

Even in families where they say they totally accept their son, who's a homo, and the other guy comes over all the time, they (the homos) NEVER hold hands in front of their mother, they never kiss their boyfriend.

I'm all for Homosexual having rights! They should each have the right to a fair and speedy trial.

AIDS: "Another Infected Dying Sodomite"

HIV: "Heterosexuality Is Vindicated!"

Psychology Today, in 1986 said overwhelming evidence that from 35% to 50% of the children who are sexually molested are from people attracted to people of the same sex. Of all children sexually molested, about 1/3rd of them are boys. Would a hetro man be attracted to a boy? NO. A normal man can walk into a boy's gym class and he doesn't get turned on at all. Yet, almost all of those boys (over 90%) are molested by men.

If you don't warn them that what they are doing is sick and perverted, they may go to Hell because of YOU, because you looked the other way and washed your hands with disdain by saying you love them but you won't judge them to save their lives.

Heterosexuality leads to life and Homosexuality leads to death. That's why God said, "Don't be a homo." I'm paraphrasing. He didn't say that because he doesn't want somebody to have fun. He wants people to be happy. Homosexuality leads to drugs, alcohol, death, disease, suicide, and even child molestation.

If you love your neighbor you will warn him about how destructive his homosexual sex is?

Homosexuals reproduce by molesting boys and younger men. That's the way homosexuals make new homosexuals. Their own exposes of their lifestyles and their own writings state this.

Homos are doing everything they can to recruit children.

The majority of men become homos by the molestation from other men, especially children and teenagers.

God made men and women differently. If you survey homos and ask them how many sexual partners they've had, do you know why homos go with so many more? Men and women are different. God made women with a sex drive that has a governor on them (like a governor in a car engine that keeps the car from going a certain speed). Women won't have sex with every guy who's willing to have sex with them but guys often will. Men do not have that sexual governor that God put into women. Men do not have that sexual governor that god put into women. God put a strong drive into men, with hardly any breaks, to make sure sex happens and He gave women different ones to make sure we have committed and loving relationships. When men & women are together, there is healthy wholesome sex.

Even nature teaches us, if nature like dirt and rocks is your god, even nature teaches us that homosexuality is wrong. Men were not made to have sex with one another.

According to homosexual surveys, homosexuals have sex from 100 to 1000 different partners (mostly anonymous) in one year. Such numbers spreads depression which leads to sky-high suicide, murder, alcoholism, drug abuse, disease, and death.

The phony homo lisp comes and goes. They're trying to be effeminate (like you caught them with their curlers up)

Homos are the "tolerance queens" except when it comes to anybody who disagrees with them.

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