Shukketsu Bo
Brand ZyX
Price 8,800 yen
Artist Masahiro Yamane
Scenario Unreleased
Genre AVG
Media CD-ROM
Voice Yes
OS Windows 98/2000/Me/XP
Release Date May 31, 2002
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* Story
May is the season for new beginnings, and Kengo Inui comes to the high school as a substitute chemistry teacher. He's smart, athletic, and handsome. He's what is called the 'Perfect Guy.' However, people don't know about his dark side: He is a rapist.
He raped girls using his position as a weapon in his previous school. However, he had to stay in the shadows because he got so carried away. Now, he's back with grown-up desires...

'Masahiro Yamane' gained popularity with his first title 'Tsuki,' and now he's back with his second title! You get to violate female teachers and students in classrooms, schoolyards, rooftops and many other places. You'll also enjoy a variety of situations: raping, molesting, having sex with more than one girl, and much more....

Here's a few of the unique heroines you'll encounter:
Kiyoka Daimon: A shy girl from a rich family.
Yuki Yoshikawa: She falls in love with Kengo.
Shinobu Misobo: She loves Yuki and doesn't like guys.
Ren Hasumi: The school genius.
Tomo Sakashita: An intern teacher.
Saki Yoshikawa: A strict math teacher.
Takako Kuka: The school nurse.

You won't know what a true 'raping game' is without playing this title!

(C) 2002 ZyX Inc.