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Daily Lessons

I have created some daily math, language arts, and writing assignments for my students. These might be used during class time, or assigned for homework.   I have tried to format them so that they will print out on one page so they can be copied easily.    Take a look at Paul Miller's lesson on probability. It worked great for me! If you have some ideas, e-mail me and I'll include them.

Here's an Idita-Essay to help wrap up the unit. If you would like the Word version e-mail me so you can modify it to suit your class.

March 8, 2004 Monday
March 9, 2004 Tuesday
March 10, 2004, Wednesday
March 11, 2004, Thursday
March 12, 2004, Friday
March 15, 2004, Monday
March 16, 2004, Tuesday

March 17, 2004, Wednesday
March 18, 2004, Thursday
March 19, 2004, Friday (last lesson)