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Research/Informational Sites

Countries of the World


African History
Africa in the Classroom
Introduction to Afria
K-12 Electronic Guide to Africa
Test Your Geography - Africa
The Living Africa - ThinkQuest
Wildnet Africa - Wildlife and more!
Zoom School Africa


Australia Downunder - ThinkQuest
Australian People
Australian Wildlife
Guide to Australia
Oz Web Page
Stories of the Dreaming
The First Australians
Zoom School Australia


Canada for Kids
Canadian History
Canadian Information (by Subject)
Canada Quiz - Geography
Facts about Canada
General Information on Canada
Quiz on Canada
Teaching and Learning about Canada
The Canadian Geography Web Site
Zoom School Canada


Ancient China
Ancient China - Activities and Links
Ancient China Project
Ancient Chinese Technology China Country Study
China..An Inner Realm - ThinkQuest
China Today (Hotlist)
Discovering China - ThinkQuest
Empires Past: China - ThinkQuest
History of China
Introduction to Chinese History
Life in Ancient China
Scenic Tour of China - ThinkQuest
The Chinese Odyssey - ThinkQuest
The Great Wall of China
Tour of Bejing - ThinkQuest
Visions of China (CNN)


About Egypt - Awesome site
Ancient Egypt-Don't miss this site!! It has so many resources!!!!
Ancient Eqypt - ThinkQuest
Ancient Egypt - WebQuest
Ancient Egypt - ThinkQuest
Ancient Egypt Classroom Activities
Ancient Egypt Projects
Draw Like an Egyptian
Egypt - A Country Study
Egypt..An Ancient Culture Revives
Egyptian Folklore
Egypt Fun Guide
Egyptian Mythology
Egyptian Presidency
EgyptWorld - ThinkQuest
Empires Past: Egypt - ThinkQuest
Explore the Pyramids
Life in Ancient Egypt - Great site!
Map of Egypt (Clickable)
Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt
Mr. Donn's Ancient Egypt Page
Reeder's Egypt Page
Rosetta Stone's Pharaoh Adventure
Sahara the Scarab - Wildlife
The Ancient Egypt Site
Tour Map of Egypt


American Experience - Adolph Hitler
Berlin Wall
Biography of Adolph Hitler
General Information on Germany
German American Cultural Heritage
German Cities - Hotlist
German Information Center
Germany - A Country Study
Germany..An Exploration of the People and Culture - ThinkQuest
Germany - General Information
Hitler Youth
The Rise of Adolph Hitler


Ancient India Resources
History of India
India - A Country Study
India - General Information
India..Past and Present - ThinkQuest
Indian Recipes
Life in Ancient India
Tourist Attractions


Geography of Japan - Lesson Plan
Japan - A Country Study
Japan Surfari - Click on "Go To" on the left and choose Japan.
Japanese Folk Legends
Japan - Webquest
Language Lab at a Middle School
Kids Web Japan
The Ainu (PBS)
The Art of Japan - ThinkQuest
Virtual Japanese Culture
Zoom School Japan


Cinco de Mayo
Maya/Inca Resources
Mexican Timeline
Mexico - A Country Study
The Border (PBS)
US/Mexican War (PBS)
Virtual Tour of the Maya Ruins
Yahooligans's Aztecs Hotlist


About Russia
Art and Architecture of Russia
Brief Visit to Russia
History of Russia
Moscow's Red Square
Russia - A Country Study
Russia History - Online Encyclopedia
Russia on the Web
Russia Outdoors
Russia WebQuest
The Face of Russia - PBS


WorldBits Geography Quiz
The World Quiz
Galaxy: World Communities
CIA--World Factbook
Country Studies
Multi-Cultural Calendar
Virtual Field Trips
Geo Globe - ThinkQuest
United Nations CyberSchoolBus
National Geographic Map Machine
How Far Is It?
Map Clip Art - Free!
World City Maps
National Geographic for Kids
What Do Maps Show?
Global Metric Time Zone
Geography Games Online
The Great Globe Gallery
Map Hotlist
World Wars in the Classroom - Middle Grades Unit - Great Resource
Holocaust Links at About.com
Timeline of WWII in Europe
From Past to Present...A Journey Across the World - ThinkQuest
Tradelinks Across the World ThinkQuest A Collaborative Study of American History - ThinkQuest
Interactive Tour of the Western Hemisphere - ThinkQuest 
Seven Modern Wonders of the World
Antarctica - ThinkQuest
Antarctica..The Continent of Wonder
Cultural Haven - ThinkQuest


5 Little Known European Countries
King Tut: Was It Murder? - New
A Journey to the Far East: China
Ancient Egypt WebQuest
Been Around the World
G'Day Mate..Let's Go for the Gold
Jambo Kenya
Konnichiwa From Japan!
Mayan Culture
Searching for China
Spanish-Speaking Countries
Take a Roman Holiday
The Pyramids of Egypt
The Great Pyramid of Giza
The World of India

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