Friday, January 14th, 2005
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Friday, January 14th, 2005
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Konnichiwa, domo arigato, etc. I hope you enjoyed last week's series of strips from Mike Rojas. This week we have five strips from our old friend John "bongo" Thornton so enjoy! Be back in two weeks.
Hi everyone! This week we have five guest strips from the author of the scary comic, Natch Evil! They are really good, except for the part where we all die. Oops, did I just give away the ending? Okay well, just forget I said anything and enjoy! We'll be back in a few weeks!
--- Lemmy <3
Hi... Okay, I changed my mind about this week. Between work, getting ready for this upcoming trip, and my desire to play video games, I don't really feel like making new comics this week. So let's pretend I didn't update, and we'll continue again in about a month. Until then, take care, or something.
-- vjd
Alright, scratch that. I figured it out. Sorta.
--- Lemmy <3
Okay, this sucks. The update script doesn't seem to work with the tag-board, so we took it down for the time being. Once we figure out what the problem is, it'll be back. For now, enjoy the comics!
--- Lemmy <3
well ok, we have a tag board. whoopty doo. oh wait, i'm supposed to be dead, aren't i? oops...
Jeez, they finally let me do an update and it's for a bunch of crap. Alright, let's see, this is what they wanted me to say...
1) Updates are a little late this week, not because the author is lazy, but because his cable modem is screwing up. He hopes to get it fixed by tomorrow.
2) The author is going away next month for three weeks so there won't be any new comics during that time. Fortunately, there might be some guest comics in its place. There's only a week left, but if you'd like to contribute something (either a piece of fan art or a guest comic), please e-mail it to us no later than December 31st. Please try to make it 700 pixels in width or less (height doesn't matter). I doubt anyone's going to send anything, but it would be nice!

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