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Next Bug Day is ???

Last known bug day was: Bug Day 6 Nov 19 - Squash redhat-config-* bugs

Previous bug days have included fixing mustfix bugs:

View the list of mustfix bugs

Lend a hand with getting as many of these bugs closed as possible. Try following mkj's 7 easy steps to building relevant 'mustfix' bugzilla queries:

Example of relevant bugzilla query: Need info bugs

A simple overview of the ideas behind Fedora triage:

Fedora Bug Days!!!!

Public Tracking Bugs
Tracking bugs are useful as a way for the community to try to organize existing bugreports without needing editting rights to the bug reports themselves. The basic idea is to have the community submit comments to the tracking bug in an effort to nominate other existing bugs as blocking bugs to the tracker. A test case example for community triage to use is the Easy Fix Public Tracking bug: http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=109188

Random Thoughts

Couple of suggestions for triage until we get a field to edit this in: