This web site is dedicated to the memory of Ralph Blackburn G3PYR, who not only taught me CW but also instilled in me a love of Top Band operating, for that I will always be grateful.

With the sharing of the 160m (1810-2000 kHz)  & 80m (3500-3800 kHz) bands between stations in the Coastal Radio Service and the Amateur Radio Service many radio amateurs have over the years developed an interest in Maritime Radio.

Many of the Medium Frequency Coastal Radio stations around the world have closed, with some countries like the United Kingdom having no commercial Coastal Radio stations still operational.

I have no connection with the Coastal Radio Service, but merely an interest gained from 39 years as an SWL & Radio Amateur with a love of Top Band operating.

Worldwide M. F. Coastal Radio Station Frequency Lists
Last Updated 6th March 2005 MF Maritime Stations in .PDF format DOWNLOAD
Last Updated 6th March 2005 500 kHz Maritime Stations in .PDF format DOWNLOAD
United Kingdom VHF Public Maritime Station Frequency/Channel List
Last updated 2nd February 2005 UK & Ireland Public Maritime Station frequency/channel list in .PDF format DOWNLOAD

These lists are all © Robert Maskill G4PYR and should not be used on other web sites.

American Coastal Radio Lists
Click HERE to download a list of United States Coastal stations licensed to operate on 2182 kHz
Click HERE to download a list of US Broadcast stations between 1610 & 1700 kHz
Please note the above files are in PDF Acrobat Format.
These lists were compiled by and are © Mark A. Cobbeldick KB4CVN

Recent updates to the site
Date of Update
Updated Information
2nd February 2005 UK & Ireland Public Maritime Station frequency/channel list updated
19th February 2005 Amendment to links page
5th March 2005 Links page modified
6th March 2005 500 kHz frequency list amended
6th March 2005 MF coastal frequency list updated

Coastal Radio Pages & Photographs
Aberdeen Coastguard Malin Head Coast Guard Radio "EJM"  
Adelaide Radio to VK5CRS (The conversion story) Melbourne Radio VIM
Adelaide Radio "VIA" Misaki Radio "JFC"
Advanced Global Communications N. Zealand Mobile Marine Radio "WLO"
New Zealand Maritime Operations Centre
Belfast Coastguard Norddeich Radio "DAN"
North Foreland Radio "GNF"
Oban Radio "GNE"
Brisbane Radio "VIB" Olinda Radio "PPO"
Closed Down Top Band Coastal Stations Oostende Radio frequency list
Portishead Radio "GKA"
Coastguard MMSI Numbers
QSL CARDS From Maritime Stations
Cullercoats Radio GCC
Roma Radio "IAR"
Darwin Radio "VID" Rugby Radio
San Francisco Radio "KPH"
Dublin Coast Guard Radio
Fort-de-France Martinique Shanghai Radio "XSG"
Forth Coastguard Slidell Radio "WNU"
Solent Coastguard
  Holyhead Coastguard
St. Johns Coast Guard Radio "VON"
Ilfracombe Radio "GIL"
Irish Coast Guard Broadcasts Townsville Radio "VIT"
Irish Coast Guard Helios
Kiel Radio "DAO"
Walvis Bay Radio "V5W"
Wick Radio "GKR"

Maritime Memories
Radio Stations Common? Not this kind by Spurgeon G. "Spud" Roscoe VE1BC
         Coming Soon... Land, Sea & Air - A life behind the key By Geoff Halligey 

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