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Download latest MorphOS SDLgl source and static libraries - but NEW SDL SDK! too - (Ask kiero for the new tinygl.library)
Bug reports, feedbacks
Last update: 2004.07.13 08:46:06
We need your help!
Most of these ports are just test compiles to make sure the MorphOS SDL implementation works and improves.
And yes, it improved already a lot (just remember the first SDL ports back then in 2002/3).

For providing better user support for thus projects it's required to improve some more things.
One thing is to contact original developer teams of the projects and make the MorphOS port official, that includes writing emails and/or hanging around on the project IRC channels etc.
(trust me: that's some fun... and you'll can learn a lot)
also submitting MorphOS patches/diffs, so that our changes can be integrated into the official source trees of the certain projects.
Doing so will end up in much better working SDL games for MorphOS.

But as you can see the list here grows and grows.
And as you maybe can understand it's not possible for a few single persons to maintain so many ports.

That's the point we need you.
So if you have some free time and good motiviation to help maintaining already ported games then it's your chance!
Even if you're not that experienced yet with such stuff, don't be shy:
we'll help you when you have problems to understand things.
It's also an opportunity to learn something and improve your skills, so you can do something productive for MorphOS.
It will also give the SDL maintainers more time to improve SDL, because they don't have to care about every game.

What skills are required:
* you should have basic knowledge about makefiles and configure scripts
* you should have basic knowledge of C and/or C++.
* you should have some experience with the MorphOS SDK
* you should have some motivation and some free time (ca. 2-4 hours/week for an average project, on first time you'll probably need a lot more time)

When you take over a port, what you should do:
* make a libnix (noixemul)/ powersdl.library build, when not already done
* contact the original developer team and (try to) make the port an official one (e.g. when project is hosted on sourceforge.net, then it makes sense taht the morphos port is also hosted there, see OpenTTD)
* fix compiler warnings and possible problems
* submit possible MorphOS diffs to official CVS or SVN repositories
* make a proper release archive (user just wants to extract archive and want to click an icon to play a game)

(maybe some of this stuff will be new for you, no problem: we will help you!)

For more information use contact information on sdl.innodea.hu or join IRC (#morphsdl on arcnet, de3.arcnet.vapor.com).

tokai, itix, henes, kiero, LouiSe, ...

Realtive mouse moving bug (kiero) FIXED
The bug only happens when there are
big delays...
I think it comes from the way sdl
works (adding this delta) and the
messages ard you are not recieving
messages fast enough.
So when you move the mouse smoothly
the messages are not recieved for
each move and the difference is visible:)
There is mouse coords stored in window struct.
It's probably not the best way, but should work
you get delta from message and "real" coords
from the window struct i noticed this...
So you won't calculate real coords, but read
them, so they will match the real mouse pointer

Texture lose with window resize (henes)
It seems SDL loses all texture after a
context resize (you resize the window).

IMO, you should enforce the SDL_VIDEO_CENTERED
env var. It's nicer.
Unless SDL offers some functions to change
the position, of course :)

Cursor state lost (henes)
SDL_ShowCursor() state is also lost when
you switch fullscreen off/on.

Switching to non-16bit screen bug (henes)
On a Voodoo3 where you can only do 3D on 16bpp
Open a 16bits GL surface in fullscreen.
Switch it to window mode while your workbench
screen is 32bits... it will not
fail, the window will open but no rendring will
happen and I think the app even
busy loops for this reason.
IMO, switching to window mode should fail in
this case.
The app will stay fullscreen and
(SDL_WM_ToggleFullScreen() should reports
an error.

Interesting crash (henes)
Some serious crash I have not isolated yet.
I use:


One of these two functions crash:

Maybe SDL can't open lowlevel.library or
there is another problem. I didn't
bother to check. Anyway, it should not hit


Suggest your feedback

SDLgl based releases
Last update: 2004.07.18 13:37:19
Twin Distress - port by LouiSe

The object of the game is to remove all of
the blocks from the screen before the time
runs out. Two blocks are removed at a time,
and must be of the same color.
After completing a level, you will be
rewarded with a bonus point for every
tick left on the clock. For each level
thereafter, the time to complete the the
level will be shorter.

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

FloboPuyo - port by LouiSe

Clone of the famous PuyoPuyo.
A Puyo is a small "water smiley" that
you'll have to put on a board.
Your goal is to create blobs of colored
puyos to make them explode and give bad
puyos to your oponent, if your level of
puyo reach the top of the board:
you loose.
You can play agains computer or an
other human.

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

"modplayer" - universal sound player by LouiSe

Simple window music format player with support for
OGG, MOD, XM, S3M, IT, MIDI and other sound formats!

Download MorphOS version

TuxPuck - port by LouiSe

A shufflepuck game inspired by
"Shufflepuck Cafe"!
Tuxpuck is a shufflepuck game written in C
using SDL.
The player moves a pad around a board and
tries to shoot down the puck through the
opponents defense.

This is the first powersdl version of this game!

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Egoboo - OpenGL port by LouiSe

Egoboo is a 3d dungeon crawling
adventure in the spirit of NetHack.
It is now ported to SDL/OpenGL, and
is available for linux. It is GPL.
Just download data files from project
(current powersdl.library included and
you need the 'find' command somewhere in
the path too)

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Four Fit/Fit&Bandwagon; DEMOS - TinyGL ports by LouiSe

Fit. 1991. Demo. PC. DOS. Linux. Unix. Amiga. MSX. Alpha. Atari. PPC. Telmac. Vectrex. BeOS. Microsoft.. Windows.. Mac. MorphOS. SGI. Whatever. Everything. Nothing. Music. Code. Graphics. Art. Net. Design. Kameli. Smurffi. Anataus. Voting. System. Turbo. Hyttynen. T-shirts. Hawaii shirts. Talent. Open. Source. Kokemäki. Turku. Tampere. Helsinki. Ylöjärvi. Karkku. Vammala. Party. Here. Now. Forever. Rule.

Fit releases
FIT - Dr. Fungi goes Africa
FIT - Leeko

FIT - Yellow Rose Texas
FIT - Micery

XWellTris - port by LouiSe

XWelltris is a 2.5D tetris like game.
This means that the game has 3D glass box,
seen from the top and 2D flat figures falling
down from the walls of the glass.
You can move these figures from one wall
to another or rotate them. If the figure
leave the wall then it moves to the
bottom while another figure is pushed.
You need to form full rows and/or columns
on the bottom. When you form such row,
it disappear and you receive additional
empty space on the bottom and scores.

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Chrysler demo by Fit&Bandwagon; - port by LouiSe

The video material is taken from
Days of our Years (1955), a trilogy
of accidents and their effects on
railroad workers and their families.
Provided by prelinger,
an Internet archive for public domain films.

This demo won the Motorola Inside'04 demo compo.

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Final Frontier Trader - port by LouiSe

A game that aims to be a 2D single
player space strategy, combat, and
trading game in which you pilot a
starship which is upgradable, you
can buy, sell, or trade parts and
even new starships, and can even
join a fleet for experience in
missions and combat.

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Dossizola - port by LouiSe

Do'SSi Zo'la is a board game under GPL licence,
using SDL.
You can play with two players or you can play on
your own against the computer.
The goal of the game is quite simple:
block your opponent by destroying the fields
which surround him without being blocked yourself.
Every turn of play, each player must first move to
some adjacent field and then destroy a field of
his choice.
The first player who cannot move anymore
loses the game.

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Descent II. (d2x) - port by LouiSe

Version: 2003_12 - cvs
A fixed version of d2x with new "start" script
to avoid joystick usage what is buggy in
current SDL version... About 3 times faster
then previous release!

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Cube - TinyGL port by LouiSe

Version: 2004_05_22 - cvs
Cube is an open source multiplayer and
singleplayer first person shooter game
built on an entirely new and very
unconventional engine.
Cube is a landscape-style engine that
pretends to be an indoor FPS engine, which
combines very high precision dynamic
occlusion culling with a form of geometric
mipmapping on the whole world for dynamic
LOD for configurable fps & graphic detail
on most machines. Uses OpenGL & SDL.

Click here to get a screenshot! of
MorphOS version - Pegasos PPC G3/600, Voodoo3/3000 PCI!

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Download MorphOS/PowerSDL version of binary!

TuxRacer - TinyGL port by SixK

Tux Racer lets you take on the role of
Tux the Linux Penguin as he races down
steep, snow-covered mountains.
Enter cups and compete to win the title!
Tux Racer includes a variety of options for
gameplay, including the ability to race
courses in fog, at night, and under
high winds.

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

LGeneral - port by stefkos

LGeneral is a turn-based strategy engine heavily
inspired by Panzer General.
You play single scenarios or whole campaigns
turn by turn against a human player or the AI.
Things like entrenchment, rugged defence,
defensive fire, ambushs, unit supplies, weather
influence, reinforcements, etc contribute to
the stratetgic depth of the game.

Just download MorphOS executable from the
site below, and data files from official

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe - port by tokai

OpenTTD is a complete Transport Tycoon Deluxe
clone written in SDL.
It is almost feature complete, but has many
extra features...
To run this you need an original Windows 9x
Install CD for Transport Tycoon Deluxe.
A DOS Install CD will not do!
To get music support, either get 0.31.1 or
higher and read the Readme file on what files
to copy , or get 0.30 or 0.31 and TiMidity++,
and a patches set, and figure it out youself...

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Falling Block Game - TinyGL port by SixK

An OpenGL Tetris clone.
Falling Block Game is a block-stacking game
similar to Tetris. The timing and scoring
are similar to the original Gameboy game,
but the visuals and piece control are
much improved.
Using the arrow keys and the comma and
period keys, move the blocks around the
screen. When complete lines are made by
dropping blocks down, the lines are
removed and points are added to the score.

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

LTris - port by GALAXY

LTris is a very polished Tetris clone
and highly configurable due to it's menu.
It offers you the well-known gametype Classic,
a funny gametype Figures (new figure each level,
suddenly appearing tiles and lines) and
Multiplayer with up to three players either
controlled by human or CPU(!).

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Wolf3D - port by LouiSe

Wolf3D port based on icculus release.
Shareware data files included!

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Quadromania - port by GALAXY

Quadromania is a board game.
A board of coloured stones is mixed up
and your task is to restore the
original board of red stones.

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Descent2 (d2x) - port by LouiSe

The 1st working Descent2 port for MorphOS
without 3D acceleration!

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Tutris - port by LouiSe

A falling blocks game with nice graphics.
A clone of tetris featuring snazzy graphics
and a much wider playing area then normal.

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Nuclear Chess - port by LouiSe

An explosive chess variant...
NuclearChess is a chess variant.
Whenever a piece is captured, both pieces
and all pieces on neighbour fields die.
Games are short and fun even for people
who usually don't play chess.

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Fixed Rate Pig - port by LouiSe

This SDL programming example - a simple platform
game - demonstrates the use of a fixed virtual
logic frame rate together with interpolation,
for smooth and accurate game logic that is
independent of the rendering frame rate.
The example also demonstrates sprite animation
and partial display updating techniques,
suitable for games and applications that need
high frame rates but can do without updating
the whole screen every frame.

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Malom - port by LouiSe

Nine Men's Morris for SDL.

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Digger - port and fixes by LouiSe

Remake of the classic DOS game Digger
Join the search for buried treasures of sparkling
gold and shining emeralds.
With chomping front jaws, your motorized
Digger Mobile puts you in the driver's seat.
Tunnel out free form mazes, outsmart the wide-eyed
Nobbins and race to collect precious gems.
Count on your wits - you'll need them!

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Addtraction - port by LouiSe

Additive Board involving addition and subtraction!
Two players ("red" and "green" take their turns
on a 6x6 board. In the beginning the board is empty
except for a red "1" in the upper left and
a green "1" in the lower right.
Making a turn means setting one field of the board.
Setting a field makes it assume the sum of the points
of the 8 surrounding fields. But there is a catch:
If the field is of the opponent's color, their score
is subtracted rather than added.
If the resulting score is positive, the field will
get your color, else your opponent's color.
The same happens to the global score, which is
just a colored difference of the score of all
fields on the board.
If the score in the end is red, red wins.
If it is green, green wins.
If it is black (0), it is a draw.

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Komi - port by LouiSe

The basic aim is to collect all the money by
extending Komi the Space Frog's tongue, while
avoiding the bad guys.
Komi's spiritual predecessor is an old Spectrum
game called Glug Glug which had similar(ish)
This is a complete rewrite of Allan's earlier
game of the same game for the Macintosh,
written in BASIC (oh, the shame, the indignity).
That game received, uh, mixed reviews.
There seemed to be about a 50/50 split between
those who loved it and those who loathed it.

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Jetpac - port by LouiSe

Remake of the classic Jetpac game.
Platform game where you must assemble your
rocket from parts, fill it with fuel and take off.
You must collect as much gold as possible whilst
building your rocket and avoiding/killing aliens
and asteroids.

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Stellarium - TinyGL port by kiero

Photo-Realistic Sky Generator, with
enhancements apon the real sky. :)
Stellarium renders 3D photo-realistic skies
in real time. With stellarium, you really
see what you can see with your eyes,
binoculars or a small telescope.
It has many features, including showing
constellations, and much more.

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Fly - TinyGL port by SixK

Fly - The 3D spaceship combat game
Fly is an arcade game. You must kill all
enemies as faster as you can.
There is a 3D scenario where you and
your enemies can move in.

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Mures - TinyGL port by SixK

A clone of Sega's "Chu Chu Rocket"

Mures is a cross-platform clone of Sega's
"Chu Chu Rocket," a multi-player puzzle game.
Players place arrows on a board in an attempt
to guide the mice into their rockets and away
from opponents' rockets. A great party game!

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

MangoQuest - TinyGL port and fixes by LouiSe

Mango Quest is a 3D arcade game written in C/C++
and using openGL. The goal is to extend the
pacman-style gameplay in several ways :
- you see what the main character sees
(like in traditional FPS games),
- we provide a easy to use yet powerfull
2D level editor,
- and you'll find about 20 items (bonus and malus)
that will give you a lot of fun.

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

GLAst - TinyGL port by LouiSe

A 3D clone of the arcade classic 'Asteroids' coded
in C using OpenGL and SDL. Features sound effects,
menu system, highscore table, fuel drops and you
can 'fly' around in outerspace blowing up chunks
of spinning space rock with a high power dual
plasma cannon until you get smashed to pieces,
run out of fuel or save the earth from being

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Anagramma - port and fixes by LouiSe

A word game. Find as many words as possible in the
available time.
The aim is to find as many words as possible in
the time available. Get the longest word and you'll
advance to the next level.

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Marriampic II. - port by author

Marryampic II is a think game of cards.
The main idea is based on the classic
'memory' card game but with a new feature.
All pair of cards is associated to an unique
In Marryampic mode, you hear a sound, you
must identify to which pair it correspond,
and then find the pair.
But you can play like the original in the
classic 'memory' mode, which is less
You can then find any pairs. The sound of
the pair is played when you've found it.

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Stratagus - port and fixes by GALAXY

Stratagus is a free cross-platform real-time strategy
gaming engine

It is possible to play against human opponents
over LAN, internet, or against the computer.
The engine can be used to build real-time strategy
games similar to C&C;, Warcraft2, StarCraft, AOE, etc.
It successfully runs under GNU/Linux, BSD, BeOS,
MacOS/X, MacOS/Darwin and MS Windows.

Note: The Stratagus engine is the continuation of
the Freecraft engine, all game-data from Freecraft
will be split out into seperate projects.

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

RAW - port and fixes by Leo

RAW is a rewritten engine for Another World
/ Out of this World...

RAW is a kind of interpreter/emulator for the
game Another World (also known as Out of this World)
from Eric Chahi.
It allows you to rediscover and play it on modern
machines using the original datafiles.
Sound and music are currently not played at all,
but some extra features are available:
save/load state, windowed/fullscreen modes...

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Armagetron - TinyGL port by Sixk

Multiplayer lightcycle game

In this game, you ride a lightcycle around the
game grid.
You can only make sharp turns of 90 degrees
and a wall constantly builds up after you.
Make your enemies crash into your wall, but
be aware that they are trying to do the same
to you.
Only if you are fast enough, you may be able
to trap them; but the only way to speed up
your lightcycle is to drive close to the
dangerous walls.
Prepare for exciting strategic preparations
followed by action-packed close combat!

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

CarWorld - TinyGL port and fixes by LouiSe

CarWorld is a small driving simulator/demo
I use to test various things of interest.
It was mostly developed when I was a student.

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Attaks - port and fixes by LouiSe

A clone of Ataxx.
A little like Othello, you can move your piece and
convert enemys to your coulour, the winner is the
one which has the most piece of his color on
the board. Now the game is cuter.

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Barrage - port and fixes by LouiSe

A violent ''point-and-click'' shooting game
with nice effects.

In Barrage your goal is to kill and destroy
as many targets as possible within 3 minutes.
You control a gun which may fire either small
or large grenades by ''point-and-click''.
The game is a one-week by-product of writing
a little particle system which required a
testing platform but it is fun to play in between.

UPDATED with powersdl version!

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

Cube - TinyGL version by SixK

A fast-paced 3D FPS with in-game map editing,
internet play, and single player.
Cube is a fast-paced 3D FPS featuring in-game
map editing (either cooperative over the
internet or solo), smooth internet deathmatching
and team matches, single player game modes,
and uncompromisingly brutal oldskool single
player & multiplayer gameplay.
Cube also offers beautiful graphics with dynamic
lights and shadows, particles, collision detection
and physics.

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

FooBillard - TinyGL version and fixes by LouiSe and kiero

FooBillard is a free OpenGL-billard game for Linux
with realistic physics, AI-player and many gametypes
like pool carambol or snooker.
The main physics is quite mature but not yet
If you are a billard-pro and you're missing some
physics, please tell me.
Cause I've implemented it like I think
it should work, which might differ from reality.

Project homepage
Download MorphOS version

SDLgl History
Last update: 2004.06.27 19:06:44
- powersdl.library 6.1 released!
- powersdl SDL/SDL_mutex.h fixed
- powersdl fixes for endian functions
- wav-player example program added
- SDL_mixer library and includes in addon
- SDL_sound library and includes in addon
- SDL_gfx library and includes in addon
- SDL_draw library and includes in addon
- ogg and vorbis libraries and includes in addon
- powersdl static compat library in mixed GL/NOGL

- tutorial section added
- new example with bitmap font support added
- addon section added
- SDL_image library and includes in addon
- SDL_net library and includes in addon
- SDL_ttf library and includes in addon

- VBCC includes and linklib in the archive now
- "Make install" fixed (usr:include/SDL_static for static includes)

- powersdl.library merged
- powersdl.library with tinygl.library support added
- common Makefile fixed
- "make powersdl.library" works
- "make libSDL.a" works
- new sdl-config script with "--set-static" and "--set-shared"
- compiler environment set from ENV:SDL_LIBMODE
- installed into /gg/usr/ dir (lib, include, bin) now
- new examples in 'examples' directory

- SDL_cgxvideo.c - GetCyberIDAttr() for 8bit modes added
- SDL_systimer.c - unwanted codes removed
- SDL_amigamouse.c - "IDCMP_NEWSIZE" added to ModifyIDCMP()
- SDL_cgxaccel.c - CGX_SoftBlit() function added by itix
- Remembers window position in between fullscreen mode
- Window resize after fullscreen-window mode fixed
- 8bit modes works correctly in window and fullscreen modes
- CyberGFX 'hwdata' structure modified in SDL_cgxvideo.h

- SDL_amigamouse.c - itix fixes
- SDL_cgximage.c - itix fixes
- SDL_cgxvideo.c - itix fixes
- SDL_amigaevents.c - itix fixes
- SDL_blit.c and SDL_pixels.c - SoftBlit() routine changed

- itix fixes for threading
- fullscreen workaround for 8bit modes
- Left and Right Windows keys fixed

- Joystick support fixed

- PGUP and PGDOWN keys added to SDL_amigaevents.c
- SDL_sysjoystick.c - MorphOS modifications
- SDL_cgxvideo.c - LowLevelBase cleanup added
- HW accelerated 8 bit fullscreen mode fixed
- unaccelerated 8 bit fullscreen buggy yet!

- relative mouse coords fixed in window mode
- SDL_SemTryWait() function return value fixed
- SDL_HWSURFACE disabled for window modes

- SDL_syssem.c fixed by itix

- Automatic SDL_HWSURFACE setup removed from SDL_video.c
- SDL_HWSURFACE usage enabled back... use with your own risk!

- ahiaudio memory allocation fixed
- CGX_NormalUpdate() use WriteLUTPixelArray()
- window->fullscreen->window switching caption fixed in nogl mode
- window->fullscreen->window switching caption fixed in gl mode

- Some GL optimizations (GLAContext...)
- "inline" includes replaced with "proto"
- Fullscreen OPENGL mode fixed (25% speedup!)
- SDL_HWSURFACE in window mode not supported yet

- "make gl" and "make nogl" can help you :)
- "-O2" gcc flag back to the Makefile (nodebug)
- compiled objct files separated (obj directory)
- SDL_ahiaudio.c fixed

- new Makefile and mydebug.h for debug version building
- threading works, but only in libnix, not ixemul yet!
- timer fixed - ADSR sound works with fit "Micery" now!

- new source tree with seaparated includes and one
- Makefile for gl and nogl version

- SDL_systimer.c - timer.device close fixed

- SDL_ahiaudio.c - malloc/free bugs fixed (ixemul version)
- SDL.c - SDL_StopTicks() removed

- fuckin' freemem bug, and all mymalloc/myfree removed

- resizable GL window support added

- Shared library patches by Itix

- SDL_systimer.c - atexit close method replaced
- timer.device cleanup fixed
- atexit() function removed

- SixK's another unicode fixes applied
- malloc/free replaced with OS functions in SDL_cgxvideo.c
- old console.device non-release bug fixed!

- relative mouse pointer in window mode fixed

- unicode support fixed
- mouse pointer hide method fixed

- relative mouse movement support added

- CGX_GL_GetAttribute() function fixed
- sources upgraded with 1.2.7/CVS files
- NODEBUG version
- UNICODE support added (no qualifiers yet)

- SDL threading updated from SDL 1.2.7/CVS

- code cleanup

- small error handling fixes

- first public release

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