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Note: For information on Bene Dictum VI: Due Cut by M. Fae Glasgow (a third season Due South slash zine), please email

NEW March 2, 2002
Pæan to Priapus VII: Circumference by M. Fae Glasgow
multi-media slash (The Phantom Menace, Due South, The X-Files)

Bene Dictum V
: Nanshoku & Other Tales of the Master and His Apprentice by M. Fae Glasgow
Phantom Menace (Q/O) slash

Bene Dictum I: A Dickensian Christmas by M. Fae Glasgow
Professionals slash

Pæan to Priapus I, II, III, and IV
multi-media slash (many fandoms)

...As a 3£ Note and ...As Two 3£ Notes
Professionals slash

Oblaque I, II, III, IV, V, and VI
Blake's 7 slash

Pæan to Priapus V: Multum in Parvo
multi-media slash (Professionals, Sherlock Holmes, The Crying Game, Blake's 7)

...As Three 3£ Notes by M. Fae Glasgow
Professionals slash (Bodie/Doyle and one Bodie/Cowley))

Bene Dictum II: Half 'n' Half
Professionals slash (Bodie/Doyle), including a Crying Game crossover
Blake's 7 slash (Avon/Blake, Avon/Vila)

Bene Dictum III: Noughts & Crosses
3 novellas by Helen Raven, M. Fae Glasgow, and Sebastian
Professionals slash (Bodie/Doyle)

Pæan to Priapus VI: Chiaroscuro
multi-media slash (Due South, Professionals, Batman Forever, Northern Exposure)

Bene Dictum IV: Heads & Tails by M. Fae Glasgow
X-Files slash (Skinner/Mulder)


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