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Park News - (2/16/05) The latest updates from our sources tell us that the park is not planning on removing any of their coasters, and plans to take the record for most coasters again in 2006 with the addition of a new coaster. In other news, the West Coast Bash on March 13th has changed their ERT session to X, Riddler’s Revenge and Goliath, dropping Deja Vu from the mix due to a planned rehab.
   (2/11/05) The latest rumor to buzz in my ear about SFMM sounds wild and crazy, but when it comes to SFMM, crazy rumors are the norm and often do come true. Superman: The Escape is a great example... no one wanted to believe the rumors about a 100 mph launched coaster that would fly up a 400+ foot tower, but it happened. In this case, the letter we received claimed that the park is entertaining an ideas from Intamin to close down Superman: The Escape and use the existing tower in the design of an all new Rocket Coaster design, depending on how Kingda Ka turns out for Six Flags Great Adventure this season. The design may also call for the removal of Gold Rusher. I can verify myself that this is not the first time Intamin has talked to the park about using the tower for other rides, since there was a proposal to add a large Giant Drop ride to the tower like what was done to Superman’s sister ride in Australia at Dreamworld. Anyone else know more or is this total insanity?
   (1/28/05) We’ve heard a couple of rumors about one or two new trains for Viper on site at the park, but I’ve been told that these are leftover trains from Viper’s sister attraction, Shockwave from Chicago, that closed in 2003. The trains will likely be used for spare parts to rehab Viper’s fleet of trains.
   (1/17/05 Update) A guest who was at the park on Jan 16th reports that most of the rides in the park were open and running, with only Log Jammer and Gold Rusher closed on the mountain, and as have become normal, Flashback was still closed. In other news, we’ve heard that the Skytower may get a fresh coat of paint before the summer season kicks off and we can also expect a new Batman show based on this summer’s Batman Begins movie.
   (1/14/05) I haven’t heard anything official myself yet, but we’ve heard a couple of odd rumors claiming that over the next several months several of the rides on the mountain itself may undergo extended periods of downtime. The rumored reason is for possible early site-prep work on the park’s next big coaster project for 2006. In fact, one source claims that a few of these rides may already be closed (Ninja, Superman, Log Jammer, Orient Express) so does anyone know more? On top of this, there is another rumor going around that one of the park’s 16 coasters may be getting the axe. Will Flashback be the obvious choice? Maybe not... it could have more to do with the ride’s location and future projects.
   (1/7/05) RideWorld’s second annual
West Coast Bash is now set to take place March 13th, the day after Knott’s Berry Farm’s Winter Coaster Solace event. The event will include ERT on X, Deja Vu and Riddler’s Revenge before the park opens in the morning. You can read all the details and see how to attend here.
   (12/22/04) I know it has been discussed before on and off over the years, going back as far as when Time Warner still owned Six Flags, but it seems new discussions are taking place about building a Citywalk style Entertainment Retail Complex on open property near the park. I’m guessing that this may be that giant block of land on the opposite side of the toll plaza road, since I know that a similar project was once discussed for this property several years ago.
   (11/26/04) has added a new giant gallery of photos (over 450) taken at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Be sure to check it out.
   (11/3/04) In what is likely a sign of things to come for the entire Six Flags park chain in 2005, Six Flags Magic Mountain introduced the Six Flags Play Pass. Taking a page of the Busch and Paramount Parks play books, you will now be able to get this special season pass good until the end of the 2005 season for the price of a regular one day admission. Best of all... no blackout dates and the Play Pass will be accepted at “all 20 Six Flags theme parks across the country”. Since the Play Pass will likely cause an increase is park attendance levels in 2005, Six Flags Magic Mountain is also offering a limited number of Xtreme Play Passes for sale which will include free FastLane front of the line access, free parking and 20% discount on food and merchandise. However the extra benefits of the Xtreme Play Pass are only good at SFMM, though the pass is good for admission to all other Six Flags parks.

2005 - Rumor - (11/8/04) Our latest rumor source tells us that while the park will not receive a new coaster in ‘05, they will get a new Batman Stunt Show most likely themed to next summer’s new movie. There is still a chance for a smaller ride, but no seems to know anything for sure.
   (8/20/04) Though things are always subject to change, sources tell me that the park has been sitting on both sides of the fence lately when talking about getting a new coaster in 2005 or not. The latest word however seemed to fall on the side of not adding a coaster in 2005. The question is, when attendance in a spin-dive and the park is having capacity problems on the coasters it has due to maintenance or staffing issues, and clearly SFMM somehow seemed to have missed out on the new company focus on employee training to enhance the guest experience... so what will they do in ‘05 instead?

2006 - New Coaster - Rumor - (2/16/05) The early rumors at this point indicate that the park is planning on adding another big coaster to the park for the 2006 season. No details are available at this point.



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