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$15.00 each; $300 for all 44 discs, including selected extracts and analytic spread sheets set of 7 companion cartographic CD-ROMs costs $750 Released Summer 1994.

Order from National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) (1-877- 433-7827) Cite NCES Order number 94434; contact Mr. Tai Phan ( NCES) for technical assistance (Tel. 202-502-7431)

Contact: Population Division, Bureau of Census (data content only), 301-457-2408

Subject content: Data derived from 1990 Census of Population and Housing (characteristics of households, parents, and children under 18 enrolled in school and those not enrolled), the National Center for Education Statistics Common Core of Data (number of teachers, schools, students), the Census Bureau's Survey of Local Government Finance (school financial data), and the TIGER/Line Files, 1992 Version. The data are available from all sources for 15,000 school districts, all counties, all states, and the nation.

Participating States either delineated their school district boundaries on maps or provided a geographic equivalency listing of their school districts. Census Bureau staff transferred these boundaries to census maps and inserted them into the TIGER data base. NCES distributed a copy of the file to each State's education agency on CD-ROM.

Special Extract CD-ROM: Included for those who purchase the entire set of CD-ROMs is a single Special Extract File CD-ROM with minimal software that contains selected data in a compressed form for all 15,000 school districts, all counties, all states, and the United States. It is also available separately.

Analytic Spread Sheets on CD-ROM: In addition, NCES has created 600 Analytic Spread Sheets on a single CD-ROM to permit researchers to easily extend to individual states, the analysis that NCES is doing at the national level. These analyses, which classify school districts in various ways, will report on the social and economic status of children who reside in the areas served by different local education agencies. The spread sheets have been constructed by combining various table stubs with some 30 boxheads. Categories are: States; Household Characteristics, Parents Characteristics, Fathers Characteristics, Mothers' Characteristics, Children's Characteristics

Cartographic CD-ROMs: Set of seven CDs containing additional geographic detail beyond that on the School District Data Book files. They will permit the creation of school district maps showing census tracts and blocks, street names, and other geography. The software that will permit this overlay, IMAGE, comes on an accompanying floppy diskette.

Geography: United States, states, school districts, counties.

Software: Display-retrieval software on disc.

D-1 United States (by State) $15 NCES

D-2 California, Vol. 1 $15 NCES

D-3 California, Vol. 2 $15 NCES

D-4 Alaska, Oregon $15 NCES

D-5H Hawaii $15 NCES

D-5W Washington $15 NCES

D-6 Colorado, Montana $15 NCES

D-7 Idaho, Wyoming $15 NCES

D-8 Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah $15 NCES

D-9 Kansas $15 NCES

D-10 Missouri $15 NCES

D-11 Iowa $15 NCES

D-12 Nebraska $15 NCES

D-13 North Dakota, South Dakota $15 NCES

D-14 Minnesota $15 NCES

D-15 Illinois, Vol. 1 $15 NCES

D-16 Illinois, Vol. 2 $15 NCES

D-17 Wisconsin $15 NCES

D-18 Michigan, Vol. 1 $15 NCES

D-19 Michigan, Vol. 2 $15 NCES

D-20 Indiana $15 NCES

D-21 Ohio, Vol. 1. $15 NCES

D-22 Ohio, Vol. 2 $15 NCES

D-23 Texas, Vol. 1 $15 NCES

D-24 Texas, Vol. 2 $15 NCES

D-25 Texas, Vol. 3 $15 NCES

D-26 Arkansas $15 NCES

D-27 Oklahoma $15 NCES

D-28 Louisiana, Mississippi $15 NCES

D-29 Tennessee $15 NCES

D-30 Kentucky, West Virginia $15 NCES

D-31 Alabama, Florida $15 NCES

D-32 District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia $15 NCES

D-33 Georgia $15 NCES

D-34NC North Carolina $15 NCES

D-34SC South Carolina $15 NCES

D-35 Pennsylvania, Vol. 1 $15 NCES

D-36 Pennsylvania, Vol. 2 $15 NCES

D-37 New York, Vol. 1 $15 NCES

D-38 New York, Vol. 2 $15 NCES

D-39 New Jersey $15 NCES

D-40 Maine, New Hampshire $15 NCES

D-40A Massachusetts, Vermont $15 NCES

D-41 Connecticut, Rhode Island $15 NCES

Complete set: $300 NCES

Selected Extracts Included in complete set of 44 or $15 if purchased separately NCES

Analytic Spread Sheets Included in complete set of 44 or $15 if purchased separately NCES

Set of 7 cartographic discs $750 NCES

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