IDE Studio 1.9

IDE Studio is an enhanced version of the standard Python Idle Integrated Development Environment, using the Tix Applications Framework.


The following binary distributions (including the source) are available:

You can install IDEStudio as a standalone binary, and as a Python program that can be run from the source files. The standalone binary uses Python 2.1.3, so if you have another version of Python installed, you should run it from the sources. To use IDEStudio with a Python other than the distributed version (currently 2.1), or to use it directly from sources, firstly install the binary version following the directions.

Under Windows, select the "Install Tix into Python" option of the last page of the Setup, or from the IDEStudio menu in Start/Programs, and follow the instructions from the Install Wizard. Then select the "" option in the IDEStudio menu of Start/Programs, or double click on the file "" in the "IDiscovery IDEStudio\src\idledev" directory.

Under Linux, install Tix from your Linux distribution, or compile Tix from the sources, using tix-8.1.3 from Then run the command
python ROOT/idi-linux-x86/src/idledev/
where ROOT is replaced by the path name of the install directory. The absolute path name is required to start IDEStudio.


No support for IDEStudio is available at this time.

For bug reports and patches regarding IDEStudio, use the Tixapps User's Forum