Professional Backgound

1."Jackson was showered with gifts... But his most famous gift was a gigantic cheese draped with Jackson slogans, bestowed in 1835 by the dairymen of Oswego County, New York, who had been supplying the White House with cheese since Jackson's election. At 1,400 pounds, four feet in diameter, and two feet thick, it arrived in a cart pulled by twenty-four gray horses. Jackson let it age for two years in the White House vestibule, then announced that on Washington's birthday, 1837, his last big reception before leaving office the next month, he would hold a cheese tasting. The public was invited. Shops and offices closed early, and a throng descended on the White House. The marshal of the city and his deputies screened people at the front door, but what a contemporary called 'rag-a-muffins of the city' got into the gardens, climbed to the terrace, and entered through the East Room windows to mix with congressmen, officers in dress uniform, and elaborately arrayed diplomats. The rooms overflowed with people, until the hall, the doorway, every possible space, were filled. .... The cheese was demolished in two hours; the White House floors and carpets were likewise demolished, and the mansion reeked of cheddar for months." Real Life at the White House: Two Hundred Years of Daily Life at America's Most Famous Residence -- John and Claire Whitcomb (published 2000, New York: Routledge)