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Who we are?

Solution Grove Creates Web Applications for:

  • Corporations - Fast Flexible Custom Business Solutions leveraging proven Open Source Technology

  • Nonprofit Organizations - Utilizing the grassroots power of OpenACS to deliver business value aligned with your organizations values

  • Educational Institutions - dotLRN: a leading internationalized Course Management Solution.
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NTEN We are proud to be a member of the Nonprofit Technology Enterprse Network (N-TEN)


Aristoi is now Solution Grove

Aristoi is rebranding as Solution Grove.

Same great service, same great people, just a new name to continue our growth.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to Aristoi's sucess. We look forward to serving you as Solution Grove.

02:42 PM, 13 Dec 2004 by Caroline Meeks Permalink | Comments (0)

.LRN Consortium press release []

09:07 PM, 12 Oct 2004 by Caroline Meeks Permalink | Comments (0)

Phone Camera Blogging []

I just tried out an OACS site that lets you send pics from your phone to a blog. This seems cool, maybe I'll try to put it on Aristoi.

Its my kid :)

12:27 PM, 06 Jun 2004 by Caroline Meeks Permalink | Comments (0)