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Leavers from the 1970s

Please will Gabriel Currington telephone Harry Jackson at Emanuel School.

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Tim Berners-Lee (1969-73) timbl@w3.org
A Frank Grundy and DAF Pennell fan, I was at Emanuel from 1969 to 1973. I currently (1997) direct the World Wide Web Consortium at MITs Laboratory for Computer Science. Tim Berners-Lee
Sir Tim Berners-Lee is Greatest Briton 2004
The inventor of the World Wide Web has already been been honoured with a knighthood, and last year banked a cheque for a cool €1mn by winning the Millennium Technology Prize. Sir Tim's financial gain was more prosaic this time around, with the trophy for Greatest Briton backed up by £25,000 at a ceremony in the Royal Courts of Justice.
Berners-Lee scooped the prize not just in the Science category but also topped the podium overall, against the likes of Kelly Holmes, fashion designer, Sir Paul Smith, author Philip Pullman, architect Lord Norman Foster, Jane Tomlinson fundraiser and campaigner and journalist Lord Bill Deedes, still UK ambassador for Unicef at the age of 91. They were all winners of their respective categories.
Having invented the Web in the late 1980s, Tim Berners-Lee also founded the important Web-standards body W3C in 1994, of which he is still a director. He also holds the 3Com Founders Chair at the Laboratory for Computer Science (LCS) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in Boston.

Gary "Midge" Almond Lyons 1973-1978 garyalmond@blueyonder.co.uk
Having left Emanuel I managed to keep out of prison and held
several jobs until becoming a shift manager and Director in my father's printing business. All work and no play led to a complete career change and a HGV license took me all over Europe working for the Body Shop. Delivering to an in-house orphanage in Romania I met Kathy, a Glaswegian,and head chef from the Body Shop soap works in Scotland. One year later we married. One on,Scott,currently being scouted by several Premiership and SPL clubs. I am a fully qualified SFA coach and manage a team in Cumbernauld,Scotland, where we live. Currently contracts controller for a multinational haulier in Airdrie.
Fondest memories: The obsession with the school cap. Harrods. Masters and Prefects gowns,very Potteresque.A sly fag behind the Fives courts.Signatures. Laps.Trips to Blagdons.House ties.Janet Brimacombe.Dr "You Sir" Ullyatt.Kuper's accuracy with the cane.Gledhill's ruler. Mr Jacob's despair at us all.Mr Hill's leaving present,a rather dubious pouch of pipe tobacco.Nige Murray's feuding with Horsburgh-Porter.Steve Perry,girls,soul music and the Natural History museum.Colin Fitzgerald,shiniest boots in the CCF. Brian Cassidy,recently in contact and others too numerous to mention.Any correspondance would be most welcome. Memorable days.

Andy Anderson (Drake1975-1980)
After Emanuel I eventually bacame an urban planner but after a four year spell with the UN in Bulgaria, I find myself running a property development company and setting up a vinyard. Strange how things turn out. Married here two years ago and had two old Emanuel friends at the wedding (Ali Paton and Henry Cook).
memory: Conduct cards - I got ten signatures in the first term of my first year, together with george evans. A sign of things to come. The smell of the rooms, walking the dangerous streets to the 37 bus stop, getting a signature for impersonating the bleeps (Ogilvy), stealing the caning book and getting caught, the smell of Mr Cruse's tobacco and getting caned, being a general pain in the butt, and getting chased through school corridors by Major Maycock over a illegal custard stain on my jacket, (Owodunni where are you ?), Jeromes unorthodox teaching, exeats. Best bits were Latin and rowing.

Colin Anderson (Clyde, 1968-1976) colin.anderson257@ntlworld.com
Having spent twenty-odd years in merchant banking in the City I am now taking a different career path in IT. memory: Freezing 1st year Monday mornings in the science labs: first period - Physics with Mr.Thompson - ugh!

Peter (Ramsay) Baggs (Clyde, 1963-1970) Peter@Ramsay-Baggs.org
After performing less than spectacularly in the "A-level stakes" I did resits via a Tec and finished up as a Dentist. I soon discovered that this was tedious in the extreme so I took a sideways step, went back to medical school and finished up as Consultnt specialising in diseases of the face, jaws and mouth (Maxillofacial Surgeon). I now live just outside Belfast, where I have been for the last 20 years, happily ensconced with my wife and 4 children in a large Victorian house that contains a small black hole which consumes vast amounts of money and socks.
So many memories - the Junior bogs, walking round the field at lunchtime, Chignel coaching junior rugby, Phillips saying "your'e off side again" for the 30th time (I never understood that rule), Rowing in a hailstorm, heads of the river and numerous regattas, wearing CCF uniform on the bus and getting jeered at by kids from other schools, arduous training, Francis Lumley destroying CCK's hedge beside the hut by repeatedly riding his bike into it, Tovey telling us to "take your piece of wooooood", train spotting and the smell of steam and cinders, being caned, conkers and the trees in bloom at Easter, and so much more.
Mike Bale (Marlborough, 1967-74) mikebale@aol.com
I am currently a Programme Director for Ericsson, based in Sussex. Previously worked for NPL, STC and Thorn-EMI. Do a lot of business travel in the USA and Europe. I only remember being nearly expelled by Fritz for tunring up with a beard after summer hols!!!! Apart from that I would love to see some of my fomrer teachers eat humble pie on hearing I have a BSC in Physics and an MBA.
Peter Berners-Lee (1970-1976) 100111.3361@CompuServe.com
Brother of the above, and another member of the Frank Grundy fan club!
Andy Black (Rodney, 1972-1979) andyblack2000@hotmail.com
I was at Emanuel from 1972-1979 and was the House Captain of Rodney and also the founder member of the Emanuel Morris Dancing Club. Tim Berners-Lee once gave me a detention because I let a spider loose in the library..how ironic.
Kevin Brandstatter Nelson 1970 1977 kevin.brandstatter@btinternet.com
Left Emanuel as a socialist and stayed that way. Became a trade union activist in my first job (which lasted 22 years) and now work for a trade union, living in Swindon. Still a Fulham fan, with an MA to boot. Particular memories: Gordon Davies patiently trying to teach me German! Duffy's economics, the school review featuring Aggro at Aldershot and the occasional trips to the pub!

Peter Cane Lyons1973-1980 peter@durrants.uk.com
Now living in Reading, and working as a Tax Manager in Crowthorne. Happily married for 4 years to Ruth, with an 18-month old son. Am a member of a Baptist Church just south of Reading. Hope everyone from my year is keeping well.
memory: Being useless at most sports (and probably not much better at the academic subjects either!) Managed to scrape together 6 O-Levels and 1 A-Level (in Latin would you believe! Thanks, Messrs Moreland and Gledhill). Seems incredible to think its 23 years since I left Emanuel (where has the time gone?)
Dr Sumit Chanda (Nelson, 1969-76) Anu_Sumit@chanda.freeserve.co.uk
My home page: http://www.chanda.freeserve.co.uk/home_sumit.htm
After leaving Emanuel I went up to Oxford and then Surrey. am currently a Director in Barclays Bank and live in Wimbledon. I was a classmate of Peter Berners-Lee and, of course, was also a pupil of Frank Grundy. Despite being a scientist for most of my academic life, I must admit that I rather enjoyed 'Bunny' Moreland's Latin classes at Emanuel. Isn't it time we started a Bunny Moreland Fan Club too?! However my favourite teacher was definitely the late Tom Graham.

KI-HONG CHANG Drake 1972-1973 cpobgy@hanmail.net
After a brief but happy two years at Emanuel, I had to re-locate to another school in Reading. After finishing my A-levels I returned to my home country Korea (South, not North, as some of the blokes mistakenly thought!), and went to med school. I am at present Associate Professor, Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ajou University in Suwon, Korea. My specialty is Gynecologic Oncology. I am married with two teenage children, and getting progressively old. I also keep in contact with the very few Koreans who had attended Emanuel (Shin, 1973? - 1978, and Suh, 1971 - 1973?).
Memory: I only spent 2 years at Emanuel, but still remember many of the members of my class 1A and 2X, as well as most of the members of the rugby team (Reynolds-no. 8, Long-always won the 100m sprint, Davies-small chap, but with a deep voice). Also, among the masters - Merv Davies who was class master of 1A (who we could never bring down on the rugger field even with 10 11 year-olds clinging on to him), and of course Mr. Kuper who I learned later had passed away. Among the names I saw at the FriendsReunited website I also remember Michael Best, David Bratt, Gary Campbell, Sotos Chrysostomou(who was always next to me in 1A), Derek Goodwin(a very good bowler on the cricket team), although I am not sure if they remember me. I was also able to meet many old friends at the prefects' dinner in 1978. Anyone who wishes to contact me, I am at the e-mail address cpobgy@hanmail.net. Call me!!!

David Clarke (Clyde, 1970-1977) davidclarkeuk@aol.com
Working for a small charity dealing with race equality, www.industrialmission.org/reep/index.html . Organist/choirmaster at Mitcham Parish Church, freelance pianist/organist and I have avoided marriage so far (not for much longer though).
Memories: I had a 30 minute walk to school each morning which would have been 23 minutes if I had climbed over the wall by the fives courts. The luxury of practising on the Steinway piano (which was never locked)in the Hamden hall. Kuper insisting that all swimmers do so naked (he got away with it for nearly a year). CCF members trying to gain a badge by towing a glider on the rugby field to score hops. Going to Harrods in a Reliant Regal 3 wheeler to buy a worsted wool uniform costing a fortune and which tore the second time I played football in the quadrangle. The sanctity of grass except when ripping it up with metal-studded rugby boots. Aha, the bell/pips indicating break, lunch or even better, end of day. [ps a couple of reminiscences about the library. The bridge club met there each Tuesday under Francis Grundy's instruction and the rule was 'Churchill is North'. Mrs Turner covering all new books with a quantity of self-adhesive transparent plastic that I could only dream about. Some boys helping Mrs Turner and their projecting an image of self-importance. Highly polished wooden tables in the senior library and a smell of dust.]

James Cockburn Lyons 1967-1971 jcc@tonbridge-school.org
Director of Art, Tonbridge School. Memory: The front door: drawn many times; painting the railway line with powder paints (Art criticism - "You would not find castle class trains on that gauge of track!" - Michael Collins; Merv 'the Swerve' smoking whilst giving us rugby training tips; doing a double page spread for 'The Portcullis' based on School Kids Oz attacked by Mary Whitehouse. Sad memories too.
Tony Cocks (Marlborough, 1972-1977) toggel@web.de
Worked for most of the 80s as a DJ on board cruise ships but currently fly as cabin crew for British Airways. I'm based at London Gatwick but live in Germany.
Memories: Being afraid of Mr Manning and metalwork class! Failing badly in German with Mr Thomson...wishing now that I'd listened more intently in light of where I now live. Being on a constant diet but not being able to refuse school custard...yummy!!!
Tony Collingridge (Clyde, 1972-1977) tonycollingridge@hotmail.com
Immediately after leaving I joined Harrods for the summer, only to find myself still there a year later. I joined the Government after that and was involved in many of Mrs Thatcher's energy privatisations and did a spell as a Parliamentary Clerk and as a Private Secretary to a Government Minister. I've since moved into commercial work and am currently the Head of the Asia Pacific & Africa Team in Invest UK, persuading and assisting international companies from the region to establish businesses in the UK. This means I regularly visit Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Korea, India, Australia and Singapore so I can't complain. Married with two teenage children and living in Berkshire.
Rowing - I loved it, even if I was far too small and puny to be any good! Very sad to read on the site that there is only one eight left at Barnes now - we used to be able to field around two eights per year. Memorable teachers - who could forget Charles Kuper, Dr Ulyatt, Percy Craddock, Jack Town etc. I'd be happy to hear from anyone out there who remembers me.
Gary Cracknell (Drake, 1970-1973) gcracknell@armstrong-white.com
I emigrated to the US in 1976. I now work at an advertising firm in the Detroit, Michigan suburbs where I live with my American wife and 2 daughters. I never really appreciated the school at the time and only now do I understand what an institution it really is. Friends in my final year were, Steve Willson, Glen McAuliffe, Jeff Dent, Andy Marshall and Ashley Abrahams. Memories: Scrapes with Spencer Park, working off those Signatures, a lot of time at Clapham Junction. I can still recite my 1st form roster: Aldred, Allnut, Ames, Armour, Barker, Barthold, Bedder, Bendall, Berners-Lee, Blythe, Brady, Brampton, Braun, Brooks, Brown, Bruce, Cox, Cracknell, Crockford, Crosby, Dawer, Dent, Dimont, Dinkin, Groves, Jones.
Nicholas P.Dale (Wellington, 1964-1971)dalekolb@bluewin.ch
I married a Swiss lady in 1981 and, since then, I have been living and working in Zürich. I was also allowed to become Swiss. I run the trust and legal department of a bank called HSBC Guyerzeller Bank AG. We are primarily involved in private banking, looking after the tax planning and succession planning requirements of wealthy individuals. I have very fond memories of Emanuel, mainly as a result of my rowing activities. Having gone into rowing because of the success of my brother, Jeremy, who was in the legendary 1966 VIII, I had a lot of fun rowing up and down the Thames Valley and also abroad with the school. Academic memories which spring to mind include: -Joe Craddock telling me not to be "complacent" in our Russian class of 3 together with Paul Vevers and Tim Cousins. -The ability of Aaron Rogers to be able to draw an almost perfect circle on the blackboard. Living in Switzerland, where the extracurricular activities are limited at school, I now appreciate the variety of activities on offer, from sporting to culture. I need to expand on this when I have more time.
Tony Davis (Rodney, 1967-1974) tony@dmfc.co.uk
Living in Worcester Park, Surrey. A police officer with the Metropolitan Police now teaching crime and intelligence analysis. Like others on this page, a student of Frank Grundy, Derek Pennell and Mike Kay. Happy to hear from anyone else in my year.
Robert Downie (Clyde, 1970-1977) RADBDB@aol.com
I am a solicitor. I run a small general practice in Twickenham. I am still involved in rowing, and together with Jim MacCartney we coach the Thames Rowing Club men's team. I am married to a Canadian lady, who is a barrister, and we have two cats. memory: Bunny Moreland, my house master at the time, refusing to get up when the Head made everyone in the Hampden Hall stand while the first eight were presented with commemorative pots for being selected for the GB Junior Team. Having a fantastic time rowing, and managing to fail most of the exams I ever took.
Paul Dyer (Howe,1969-1976) Paul.S.Dyer@btinternet.com
After graduating with a BSc. in Electronic Engineering I spent 5 years in R&D before moving into the exciting world of semiconductor sales and marketing. Married in 1984, we lived in the Netherlands 1989 -1996, and produced two sons, before returning to Cambridge in the UK. After several moves through smallish companies, including Symbian, I am currently Director of an early stage technology software company, with the engineering based entirely in India. We now live in Peterborough. I recognise many of the names on the OE list, and would welcome contact with anyone interested. Memories: Trudging back and forth from Clapham Jct. everyday; wearing the CCF uniform on Tuesdays; Jack Town's grisly murder stories at the end of Divinity class; the day Mr. Pinkess ran out of Latin class crying.
Andrew Eccles (Wellington, 1970-1976) aeccles@viasat.com)
I now live in San Diego, California with my wife and two children. After several years' absence from school, I graduated with a master of science degree from the University of Southern California and am now working as a director of purchasing/materials for a successful satellite telecommunications company in Carlsbad, CA. I would be interested in hearing from any old boys. Memories of Emanuel: I remember winning the art prize one year and receiving it from the Lord Mayor. That was pretty cool. Also, I bought my first car (Morris 1000 van) from one of the masters there.
Howard G. Etchells (Marlborough, 1963-70) Howard_Etchells@Hotmail.com
Accountant by training, artist by vocation and author by aspiration. I have many memories of Emanuel.
Clint Evans (Clyde, 1972-79) Clintevans@usa.net
Currently working for a major law firm directing change projects (= trying to push elephants up flights of stairs). Previously trained as an accountant and also had spells in marketing, management training and consultancy. Still rowing a bit just up river from ESBC so pass it every week.
Far too many memories to capture here and of course copious amounts of alcohol would help my recall but for the Basing tribe... tormenting maths masters (Silverman, Lewis, Holdstock etc) with clock synchronised chants..."Zumbula" at 12 being the most memorable. Seem to recall the occasional slippering for some misdemeanour or another but never getting caught for the big stuff. And the masters....aside from the leader of our cult...JHWB himself I seem to recall a sucession of Latin masters with interesting idiosynchrasises ...from hair trigger slipper tendencies from one (seem to think it was Cullen) to the obvious Klingon delights of whatever his name was. Horsborough-Porter's string vest and indecipherable writing...JES's post-roundhouse blathering's....and does anyone recall a reaction to...what was her name...Janet Brimacombe?
But of course most of the time I was rowing so haven't a clue about what was really going on.
Roger Evans (Lyons 1969-75)revans1@netcomuk.co.uk
I never did terribly well at school but still have good memories. (In) Famous teachers: Jesse Surman, George Gledhill, Tommy (Testtubes)Thompson. I live in Sutton, Surrey and I work as a regional manager for a US Healthcare Company.
Tom Fardon (Howe, 1974-1979) thetoom@yahoo.co.uk
I am a freelance writer living in Mitcham with my wife Susan, a Biomedical scientist at St Georges Hospital.

Simon Farnham (Rodney 1968-74) simonbf@btopenworld.com

I left suddenly due to family bereavement and moved away. Brief but enjoyable flirt with Banking then got into Telecomms in various roles and companies. Currently Account Director for large American equipment manufacturer. Completed MBA recently - Not bad for someone who left with a few O'Levels ! Happily married to Sue (25yrs!!) Ben, 22 newly BSc'd, James, 19 NVQ going on MSc, and Stephanie, 17 wants to be a Barrister - still all keeping me fairly impecunious.
Memories: Loved the School and all it stood for. Then a Direct Grant Grammar School, of course. Since met a few ex-Spencer Parkers, who seemed to get off on terrorising the younger pupils on the buses home if I recall....
So many happy memories flood back from reading others comments. Favorite masters include "Jesse" Sermon - even if I did get a blackboard eraser around the ear for something, Micky Stewart - Sorry about the condom on the exhaust of your prized MG. It was funny watching you from upstairs as you drove down the drive with an expanding six foot banana which wventually exploded. Preferred it to the Capri you got after!!, Merv the Swerve, for Rugby and five-a-side football in the gym, Tommy Test Tube (caught me smoking on the way to the Junction on a train strike day). Never really switched on to acedemia at the time - shame really as we were all bright enough weren't we?!?!
Mates I remember - Chris Smith (lived in Spencer Road), John (Wiggie) Wiggs (absolutely bonkers on Fulham FC), Gary Hearn and Julian Holmes. Andy Eccles - Really cheesed that I found these pages only after returning from a sales conference in San Diego otherwise would have looked you up.
Sports I enjoyed Rugby, Tennis, and was in the first team to play soccer whilst at the school - on Wandsworth Common of all places.... Train rides to Blagdons for games. Dislike for athletics and particularly the standards competition. Liked Fives and fags which seemed to go hand-in-hand.
I was in the Concert Choir chorus supporting the School Shows for a couple of years. Who could forget Paul Curtis as "Carmen" in 1969. The things some people will do to get free Tuck!!
Even liked Manning and Tovey's enclave. Who can forget that vital piece of equipment the spokeshave!!!! I never leave home without it. What was Mannings warcry? - Oh Yes! "Play up Rodney!" I seem to have taken him at his word.
CCK - I thank you for my love of various types of music. Thanks to you I remember a Strauss wrote the Radetsky March which was played occasionaly at assemblies in the Hampden Hall. If you remember me, feel free to get in touch.

Don Fitzgerald (Clyde, 1966-1973) ddfitz69@hotmail.com
After a career of the Arts at school (ok, playing bridge, rugby, rowing, sport generally and bad acting) took a degree in business and became a Chartered Accountant. Have been working in banking ever since. Very sad... Memories: Playing endless bridge with Dave Cobb and Bob Jones (where are you two?). Constant run ins with Moreland (House Master to my House Yob). The swimming pool being finished just in time for the end of "A" levels.
John (Evan) Flockhart (Drake, 1971-1976) john.flockhart@adslhome.dk
I am now a lecturer at Aalborg University in Denmark (Social Policy, Political Theory and Political History), married to Trine (also a university lecturer) with four children, Emilia (15), Alexander (11), Helena (6) and Phoebe (2) (+ dog - Harry)..
Memories include rules for the sake of rules, anachronistic pedagogical methods and ancient subjects (and 'masters'). I think my interest in human rights and democracy began at Emanuel; indeed the attitude towards long hair makes one wonder whether Mr Kuper had misread Plato, believing that "democracy leads to rule of the 'mop'". On that note, I am still best friends with Peri Mackintosh, whose flying locks (backward rolling down the stairs!) and top hat (at the "school-disco" in '71 - the only one ever!) impressed me from the start. Also memories of training alongside Glyn Gronow (? - sorry about the spelling Glyn) in karate lessons taught by 'sempai' Sebastian Baker (who could maintain a side-kick at head height whilst explaining it - amazing!), eating sandwiches at the furthest possible physical distance I could be from the school and reading 'School is Dead' partly to annoy the teachers. Memories of teachers include the inspired mania of Jack Cuddon, others that terrified me (un-named) and others who simply made my skin crawl (even more un-named), and the magnificant liberated wind-breaking of Dr Ulyatt! Glad to see the old place has had a serious face-lift, gone co-ed (very civilised - I almost thought girls were wondrous creatures from another planet) and embraced music and drama etc. Stay in touch...
Greg(ory) Frey (Clyde, 1970-1975) freygregory@hotmail.com
Having left Emanuel to become an engineering apprentice, finished training in 1980. Got caught up in early '80s tech. industry famine. Changed horses: Metropolitan Police for 20 years (now civil staff). Currently on Career Break. Wife, four children. Living London.
I remember: Having a whale of a time, rowing, Bunny Moreland's idiosyncracies, Mr. Milbourn's enthralling, "When I went to Wankie..." holidays stories during Geog. Mr. "Barraclough" Clough's slipper! Dr. Kuper's gown and his mischievous eyes over his half-glasses. The aroma of the seniors' dining room... Does anyone know how to contact Luis Alvarez, please?
David Gornall (Drake 1971-1977)wellingbn@aol.com
Currently Director of Marketing for Sogemin Metals Ltd, a ring dealing member of the London Metal Exchange. Married with three children (all girls) and living in Charlwood Surrey. I would like to get in touch with the old Basing crowd Rae, Street, Morgan, Heaphy etc.
Tony Greig (Lyons, 1971-1977) greigtk@willis.com
Something in the city (some traffic lights). After 22 years in Lloyd's,
now work for one of the larger, more obnoxious of the World's Insurance Brokers. Divorced, but with three marvellous sons to show for it. Just like at school, I'm still kicking around waiting for it all to happen. Live in Chipstead (Surrey)
Memories: The smell of the Youngs brewery, which can still transport one in an instant, when you're anywhere close to Wandsworth. (I've never liked Youngs !!!)
Masters - I wonder how any of those strange people would have survived in the current climate of SATs and parental/police involvement.
Glyn Gronow (Lyons, 1971-1977) glyn@promotionalsupport.co.uk
Married with 2 children, living in N. London. Run own small advertising agency. Still very keen on sport, and last year went to the schools 400th year reunion. Recognised 3 or 4 people plus a couple of teachers, Mr Dufour and Mr Ogilvy, the former I'm sure still wants to slipper me. Nothing funny about that eh!
Memories: Naked swimming for Mr Kuper, things floating in jars in the biology lab, Mr Horsbury-Porters Bond Bug, annoying teachers in the Hampden Hall with reflective plastic on my hymn book, playing rugby for the school and being showered with brown cigar spittle by Fanny Craddock, being convinced that Mrs Brimmacombe fancied me although I was only 14. Oh, and that funny little school sergeant who I once told HE should be calling ME sir.
John Grove (Wellington, 1969-1978) john.grove@oracle.com
After many mis-spent years building swimming pools and having fun I got married and I went back to college and took a Masters in Information Technology at the age of 38. I now work for Oracle Corporation as a trainer in Database Administration. Good for the overdraft but really bad for the waistline.
memory: Many days wasting time on the river, fights behind the Huts, the slipper. Signatures. Hitting the metalwork teacher with a file giving him stitches over his eye (accident).

Allister Hardwick Nelson 1971-77 amhardwick@onetel.com
Currently doing voluntary work at a Chelsea hospital while waiting for the IT sector to recover from recent worldwide downsizing. My physical health has much improved (alarmingly so!) since 1991 with Parkinson's disease drugs (20 years too late for me and in so doing missed out on so much sport, CCF, mischief-making, fun and frolics). Famous for being "Bernie's bruver". Always on the look out for ex-Emanuels down at Blagdons during cricket season. I would very much like to know what became of ex-3M (1972/1973) pupils: Mark Ivey, Paul "Fang" Holmes, Carl Sturges, Eddie Effiom, Anil Day, Patrick O'Riodan, Clifford Wright, Geoff North, Matthew Lilley, Roberts(not the tripets), Fordyce, Holmes(not Fang), Whiskin, Slack, Collingridge et al and any others from Barry Duesbury's form 3M (1973)in room 8. And would like to know what became of (from 1973.4SL-1977.U6S(i)): Michael Blishen, Alan Turner, Dave Simpson, Steve Elster, Arnold Hinchcliff, Emile Lobo, Anil Singh, Green, Matthew Norcross, Smith, Towers, Virdee, Fardell,.... anyone from Dr Mike Kay's form.
Mmemory: Fond memories of school-days (in no particular order): managed to avoid : Latin, CCF and being caned; repeating year 3 ie 3M twice thus getting rid of notorious and tiresome trouble-makers: Green, Barnaby, Bull, Boustead, P.O'riodan, C.Wright. If anyone knows what became of these famous 6 then I would be most interested to know what became of them.
On a lighter note virtually all teachers who taught me from 3m, 4SL, 5SL, L6Si, U6Si left indelible memories but most of all Ulyatt whose stunning TV debut on BBC's Nationwide in mid-70's earned him the kind of adulation from his peers in the staff common room he so richly deserved for all his pompous ways.
The Smith's Crisps vending machine faisco: I can safely say that my 3D problem solving methodologies have contributed in a positive way to helping in the design of the ultimate thief proof vending machine ! The subsequent use of aero-dynamically challenged porker (ex-3M): "Budgie-Burgess" [plus all 3 of Newton's laws of motion] was an inspired piece of problem solving (viz the vending machine) which should have won a special award from 1960's East End Casino owners Doug and Dinsdale Piranha for originality ! Virtually all staff members had their own set of catch-phrases and idiosyncracies which became their own endearing trademark.
For example, the eccentric all time favourite science master in full black flowing teaching gown and half-moon glasses: "Ulyatt" or "Doc Ulyatt" (either saluting or belching or carrying a cup of coffee into Phys labs from common room)immortal catchphrases include: "God damn my soul, boy!"; "You, Sir, do not be so bloody wet!"; "Whotcha, Perce!"; "You may have broken your mother's heart but you certainly won't break mine!"; "Wotcha, Sermon!"; "Now watch!"; "Oujah"; "Kindly do not be so bloody wet!"; "Good good!" and the all time Emanuel catchphrase: "Do not be so bloody wet!".

Alex Hatcher (Marlborough, 1963-1970) ahatcher@dialstart.net
Work for the Govt in Whitehall. A director of the Royal Choral Society with which I have sung for 25 years! A Justice of the Peace at Lavender Hill Magistrates Court.
Memories: The daily service in the Chapel, the grand piano in the Hampden Hall where I spent hours practising, and the Stage Staff - Nick Mills, Angus Douglas &c.

Keef Hellinger Drake 1967-1973 keef.hellinger@ntlworld.com
Now been sadly in the IT industry for almost 30 years. Work for CSC previously Royal Mail prior to outsourcing and 20+ years at Boots Live in Nottingham. Happily married to Anne and have 2 sons, Craig & Doug, both at uni doing graphic design and computer engineering respectively. Keen on genealogy, travel (Oz, US Canada etc Want to spend a year in Oz / NZ when we retire), cooking and music. Any sort. Interestingly Craig and I now swap vinyl....My sister is married to Francis Dart who some may remember from Emanuel. Memories: Have caught up with many old school pals via the Web. have met up with Steve Wood recently. Lives down the road...what a strange world this is! David Harvey who now lives in Canada I hopefully see most years here or there Andy Levy sometimes Bridge now I remember that in the 6th form I certainly remember was it Southcombe or something like that (maths) went a bit loopy on occasions with board dusters Moreland, Thorpe (latin) who put his foot in a bucket on his first lesson entrance Loved Jack's lessons and Doc What was his best line ....boys remember 'marry for money, I did' plus tin soldiers
I also remember CCK chasing David for long hair and talking through his ideas for a school show once....bizarre idea of a lion tamer with him with a chair and whip with the school captain as the quasi lion Ah formulative years! If any one remembers me I'd love top hear from them.

Phil Housden (Clyde, 1971-1979) Philhousden@hotmail.com
Trained as a doctor in Cardiff, and ended up as a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in Canterbury, contrary to Dr Foots expectations!!! Another member of the Basing school of life, and still living. Memory of the Hampton Hall stage brewing company..... High risk with appalling returns!

Mick Hughes (Marlborough, 1963-1970) michael@hughes120.freeserve.co.uk
I , like many others on this page, studied maths with Frank Grundy and Aaron. I studied physics with Doc Ulyatt and 'Jesse' Sermon, neither of whom seem to get a mention. I now live and work in Devon and would like to hear from anyone who remembers me or owes me money!
Kevin Hunter (Howe, 1968-1973) phuntert@aol.com
I left Emanuel in 1973 and went on to college to retake 'O' levels as well as sit 'A's. I moved up to Milton Keynes in the late 1970s and have been a resident here ever since, initially commuting to London for a number of years. I've been closely involved with Association Football, including becoming Vice-President for local clubs for a time. My working life has included employment with the MOD, Merton Borough Council, British Rail - and even a blue movie company at one point! If anyone who remembers me would like to get in touch that would be great. I remember: C.C.K; Peter Hendry; Mervyn Davies; Tony Phillips; Claude Neath; G D Gledhill,; Mr O'Grady; Geoff Armstead; Dave Dufour...
Robert Jones Howe 1966-1973 thejoneshouse@tinyworld
After university I joined Marks & Spencer as a Management Trainee and have worked for the Company ever since in a variety of locations, latterly at the Lakeside Centre in Essex. Married with 2 daughters, living nr Canterbury. memory: Playing Rugby in a good year group, being coached by Tony Philips and Mervyn Davis; Russian with 'Joe' Craddock; acting in 'Journey's End' circa 1972; making good friends I haven't seen since!
Peter Jones (Wellington, 1975-1978) PDJA@btinternet.com
I am a Chartered Surveyor running my own practice in Wimbledon, London.
Rennie Kapila (Marlborough 1969 - 1976) rennie.kapila@ntlworld.comcom
After leaving Emanuel I obtained a degree in Chemistry at Leicester Uni. I rapidly decided that I preferred gaining money to knowledge and descended into that catch-all career for acknowledged non-specialists - Marketing. I worked in magazine publishing at Emap and Thomson amongst others and helped launch Q, More! and Empire upon the world. I'm now semi-retired running a few family property and investment trusts, married with a lovely wife and two fantastic children in sunny Peterborough, gateway to the East.
Memory: Whether it was the post-hippy age of the seventies, or whether it was a mood particularly prevalent in all-boys grammar schools with a bright but lower middle-class clientele desparate to rise into the bourgoisie, I am not sure, but the overriding sentiment I can recall at Emanuel in the 70's is cynicism. Well done to all of you with particularly glowing CV's (Berners-Lee!!)and I am pleased to see that the atmosphere in the "verdant 12 acres" appears to have changed enormously. Other memories: Dr. Upadhay and "es-shakerspeare", Dr. Ulyatt and Percy Coleman killing any interest in Physics, Mr. Strover really working hard to engender some interest in music, Robin Hogg's ignorance of pain, Nicky Morris, Mubashir Gulzar, Rod George, Glenn McAuliffe, Cliff Williams, Ian Payne scoring 192 single-handedly destroying Lyons all-stars, other sporting giants such as Pete Crosbie and Eddie Effiom, and the reflected glory of the rowing VIII. Dylan Hammond continuosly playing Scott !
Joplin and Bach and turning up at Kuper's funeral in that far too conspicuous suit. A rather poor golf society struggling on Wimbledon common in appalling red shirts. The hideawy that was the sub-prefects' common room - the competition to get all the way round the room without touching the floor - and the gas fire smashed as a consequence. Complete mayhem at the tuck-shop queue. Light and bitter at the Railway Tavern - what a give-away that was for being an under age drinker. Overall there were a lot of laughs, but apologies to anyone I offended or annoyed with any piss-taking that went too far!! I'm sure you're out there.
Lastly, who was that Biology teacher who told Loucas not to "extract the urine", he also bawled "don't call me sir, my name is Chris!"?
Stewart Kinniburgh (Wellington, 1970 - 1973) stewkinniburgh@aol.co.uk
Moved in 1973 up to Scotland suddenly. Worked on building sites for 10 years, became computer programmer for 8 years, made redundant and am currently a motorcycle despatch rider in London. Only a vague memory. Pupils like Paul Clack, Michael Towers, "morroco mole" Morrow, David Kennet, Latin teacher Gledhill. Making boot scraper in metalwork, making coin holes in tuck shop wall, collecting card signatures.
Nigel Kirby (Clyde, 1966-1972) nigel.kirby@bt.com
After leaving school I went to work for what is now BT. I took the engineering apprenticeship but now reside in business development and marketing for the education market. In my spare time I play football, manage a team and fulfil the club secretary's role. I am also Secretary of an investment club. I remember the fearsome Bunny Moreland and the day a lad called Peter Glennister put a cricket ball between his eyes and smashed his glasses.
Mr. Manning in the metalwork shop and his pal Pinnochio from Devon who owned woodwork. The Algerian who taught French by twisting you ear, Mervyn Davies, Tony Philips, DAve Dufour.
I remember Steve Fluskie all rounder at sports. Tim O'Brien hooker for the 1st XV. Charles Kuper who used his initials to good effect later in life to market a brand of perfume. Wing CMDR Neath RAF. Collapsed whilst a passenger on a Hurcules transporter during easter camp. The miserable groundsman. And the time when the RAF cadets glider propelled by an elastic band ended up on the barbed wire that separated us from Spencer Park. The visiting officer went mad accusing us of misusing MOD money. Happy days!!

Robert Kruger Drake 1977-1979 rob.kruger@fnbcorporate.co.za
I live in South Africa with my wife and 2 children Courtnay 7 and Jeffrey 3. I work at First National Bank in the Electronic Bankin sector. I returned to SA after our brief stay in the UK. After completing School I was drafted into the SA Airforce (compulsory)for White South Africans in those years. I was trained on the British designed surface to air missile system (Hilda) an earlier design of the Rapier system. I visited the UK in 1994 however the school was closed at that time. Does anyone remember Miss Brimmacombe (French Teacher)? I enjoyed rowing and having a couple of pints after our Saturday outing. Does anyone know the wareabouts of Alex Mahoney?

Simon Knutton (Clyde,1970-1977) simon@knutton.co.za
After graduating B.Eng (Hons) in Civil & Structural Engineering at Sheffield, I moved to South Africa where I now have a medium sized consulting practice. I still row competitively and would enjoy hearing from Emanuel students from my year.

Paul Lancaster (Nelson 1965-1972) paul.lancaster1@ntlworld.com
Following 22 years in Army Intelligence, I'm currently Funding Manager at New College Nottingham, looking after about £2million of EU funds for education and training each year. During my Army service, active service in the Gulf, and finally head of Russian wing teaching intelligence procedures.
Memories: Rugby - especially beating Howe (sorry Steve Savage), Cross Country champions and Russian lessons. CCF, bridge schools (Mr Grundy) during maths.

Peter Levine Drake1978-1980 plevine@umd.edu
I am a researcher at the University of Maryland (www.peterlevine.ws)
Memory: The Hogwarts-like building; frightening English discipline; being called by my surname for the only time in my life; commuting by Brit Rail; Latin cases and multiplication tables; and South London in the era of Callaghan versus Thatcher and the National Front versus the immigrants.

Peter Lawrence (Rodney, 1966-73) peter.lawrence@projxsoft.com
A co-pupil with Tim Berners-Lee - Now running a small software company of which I am Chief Technology Officer (American titles!). I live in Fleet, Hampshire with Helen and our two children, where we are active in church things, and as a private pilot (when the weather allows!).

Yung-Joon Lee (Nelson 1978-1980) yungjoonlee@yahoo.com.com
I have moved to the United States in 1980 and now live in the state of Massachusetts, near from Boston. I am currently an employee of the IBM Corporation and work as a Supply Chain Management consultant advising IBM's customers.

Gerrit Lemmens (Marlborough, 1969-1976) gerrit@dircon.co.uk
I am a consultant child psychiatrist in Bridgwater, married with a son and daughter, living in a farmhouse in Bishops Lydeard nr Taunton. At Emanuel I was in a highly successful, much travelled rowing VIII.
Many good memories, mostly of friends with whom I've lost touch, like Nick Moore, Jon Gower or Dan Johnson .Good to see so many old friends on this list. I'd be delighted to hear from anyone who remembers me, especially old crew mates. Favourite teachers would have to include Bunny Moreland, Frank Craddock and least favourite the dreaded Doc Ulyatt.
Martin Lester (Annett) (Drake, 1971-1977) martin.lester@virgin.net
After leaving Emanuel, I went to Kingston College and Poly to study electrical engineering and then to Cranfield. After a desire to work abroad, I spent a year in Libya and then five years in Japan. Now I work as a project manager for a web hosting company in London.
I remember being in the 3M to 5M class, with (Captain) Jack Town as form master. I have a picture of the calss of 75 with memorable names like the Smith Twins, Michelle Roux, Chris Smith, Hue Davies and other reprobates!
I was in the RAF CCF, and was fortunate enough to learn how to fly a glider. Although I tried, I never did well academically at school, it was only when I went to college that I started to excel.
If my name rings any bells, then do get in touch. I will even send a copy of the photo!
5M, 1975
click on the photo to see a larger version (100K), with names

Steve Lyons (Wellington, 1968-1973)slyons@on.aibn.com
Currently live in Canada, near Toronto, with my wife Barbara and children Nicole and Shane. After running my own succesful manufacturing business for a number of years, I sold to a competitor and am now National Accounts Manager for Canada and Northeast U.S.A.I have great memories of many teachers including form and house master DAF Pennell. Also Frank Grundy, who was very supportive of our table tennis team. Also Tony Philips and Micky Stewart for other sports. As you can see, sports were my big thing, being a member of the cricket, fives and table tennis team. Closest friends were Mike Levy and Bruce Williams, both of whom I'd love to hear from again. If anyone knows of their whereabouts please pass on my name.
Mark MacGregor (Drake, 1971-1979) mmacgregor@marketforce-communications.co.uk
Married to Sara, hospital doctor at St Thomas' Hospital, I am Managing Director of PR company, Marketforce Communications Ltd, which employs 40+ people in the City. Live in Pimlico, and stood for Parliament at the last General Election (unsuccessfully!). My main memory of Emanuel: a very enjoyable time with the same classmates for 5 years and an excellent class master (Mr Basing), studying English and History (forget the rest); useless at sport (except for cards) and a pity to have lost touch with virtually all my friends.
Peri Mackintosh (Clyde, 1971-1976) peri@i-u.org
I am now a gestalt psychotherapist at the Bethlem Royal Hospital and in private practice. I am also a teacher of Aikido at Goldsmiths College. I have two children and live in New Cross London and am in contact with John Flockhart and Mick Brawn. I remember the draconian assaults on the length of people's hair. The strange road blocks as you came to school to check that you were wearing the school uniform. I remember the inspirational figure of Jack Cuddon who seemed to respect your own decisions about how you were going to do things. I remember the romantic feel of the place - the bottle of milk going off in the back of one maths class room. I remember the curious hierarchy of privilege "walking on the grass - not walking on the grass". I remember the installation of the public address system and Mr Kuper addressing the school as though he was an admiral on an aircraft carrier. I remeber Mr Smith the french teacher who wore a flaired blue velvet suit in the early seventies. I remeber the Cold War attiudes to those who were being taught "comprehensively" over the wall at Spencer Park. I enjoyed the House music competition and the concer that my brother Dominic helped organise involving the bands Egg, and Henry Cow.!
That was great fun. I often have dreams involving Emanuel. Do you remember me?
Alistair Stuart Mackay (Clyde 1966-1973) alistair.mackay@ntlworld.com
Occupation airline pilot, living in the Glasgow area, happy to make the aquaintance of any OE living or working in the area and would like to know if anyone else has pursued a career in aviation.
Gordon Marsh (Drake,1970-73) gordon.marsh@dial.pipex.com
I left school to go to Cambridge tutors where I re-took my "O" levels and after "A" levels went to work in the city. I am a Lloyds reinsurance broker and live in Reigate with my wife Debbie and 3 children, Jack,Stephanie and Rosie. I am in touch with Andrew Eccles who now lives in San Diego. I loved playing cricket at Emanuel and remember Mervyn Davis the Welsh rugby player who took games. As you can see the academic lessons were not memorable.
Stephen Mattinson (Nelson, 1966-1973) sbmattinson@supanet.com
After Emanuel and Dundee University (French Studies) joined the Overseas Development Administration, now Department for International Development, where I spent 20 years. Had interesting jobs in Cote d'Ivoire, Mozambique, as PS to the Minister (Lynda Chalker) and lately in Ukraine. Recently I got sick of paper and bureaucracy and am living a quiet rural life in Steyning, West Sussex (but job hunting). Twin brother Robert also lives here with wife and three teenage sons. He worked in the City for a long time but also got fed up and now works on a local farm and has a smallholding with chickens , geese, cats, dog etc. Ooh ahh!
Memories: Being the first occupants of the first year huts and certain people kicking holes in the prefabricated walls and doors. Someone setting fire to 'Pixie' Frame's pocket. 'Taffy' Neath attacking Paul Parker with the chair that the latter had dismantled in a Latin lesson. P-p-p-p-pick up a Percy Coleman. Being asphyxiated by Joe Craddock's cigars. Prefects with megalomaniac tendencies (Mr Alexander.....) Smoking on the train to Barnes Bridge and underage drinking in the pubs of Barnes and Henley. God, how did we survive?!

Keith Mildenhall (Rodney, 1962-1970) klm2001@x-stream.co.uk
Senior Lecturer in Primary School ICT, Anglia Polytechnic University. Training primary school teachers in computing under government initiative. Too many memories to mention but for a few....... Rugby (still playing), RAF camp-notably Germany 1969 and Flying Scholarship 1968, 'Hamlet' 1968 and 'Caucasian Chalk Circle' 1969, 'Spring Symphony' at the Proms 1963, The 'Bournemouth Belle' steaming past every lunchtime, Mr Slater giving 1C 150 lines 'Manners maketh man', flying the school glider (very hairy) and emerging relatively unmarked and unremarked by anything too academic despite the noble efforts of the likes of 'Charlie' Hill, John Manning, John Ashwin and 'Monsieur Jeffrey' (Little Man) who was on reflection one of the most gifted teachers I have ever encountered; nearly forty years on I still love French.

Nigel Mitchem (1967 - 1974) nigelm@soi.city.ac.uk
I am the manager of the School of Informatics technical support team at City University, London. After spells with the NPL, GEC and St Mary's Hospital moving from research physics into computing I joined City several years ago. URL: http://www.soi.city.ac.uk/~nigelm

Neil Morgans 1971-1977 Neil_Morgans@hotmail.com
Freelance computer consultant specialising in banking startups and warehousing/distribution projects. Live (currently alone again) in Paris. 43 on Sept. 28. All presents etc. welcome. Have 13 yr old daughter (not at Emanuel), was with my ex 17 years, most recent ex 18 months til a month ago.
Memories of the place : Those card things that got signed so you had to wash out paint pots in lunchour. Sarjeant's duty in winter - the whole place to yourself and in the dark - I never considered it a punishment. Meeting remarkable people - never met such a group until 15 years later. The three wise monkeys, Sebastian, Ceri and Alistair - music with the first two. My best mates, David, Matthew T. Julian - music with them all. Like Phil Thompson, the stage staff. The social life, underage drinking, older girlfriends (the Walsingham connection). Wimbledon, Richmond and Clapham Junction. Music again - Strover and Dodge. Languages - Craddock - "Dative plural ends in N" - I still wish I'd had the guts to tell him it doesn't in Latin. Some people wouldn't teach me in the 6th form 'cos of a certain story spread in the common room by a certain teacher, so I left and did the unthinkable - did the 6th forms at Spencer Park. Was great, did French, Spanish, English A-levels and the Daily Mirror Quizword which taught me more than I ever learned in lessons. Then I left and I spent some time doing washing up jobs. I fell on my feet eventually and got a job as a van-boy - the best job in the world. Unfortunately the company found out I could read and write ! and I had to run the white goods section of the warehouse, plus do all the goods-in for deliveries from abroad (French, German, Italian) 'cos I could speak them. Then I fell into IT and the rest is history. Worked for many big-name banks and consultancies. No grey hairs yet and I still weigh the same as when I was 20.You didn't need to know all this. I'm not naturally a "joiner" - but anyone who wants to can get me at Neil_Morgans@hotmail.com

Stephen Moss (Lyons, 1965-1972) simrec@blueyonder.co.uk
Now Managing Director of my own company re-cycling plastics and paper. I remember: Frank Grundy teaching us Bridge during A-Level double maths sessions. Getting drunk for the first time on 1 pint bitter on a naval cadets outing and being lucky not to be beaten up by a much bigger than me Mr Cronin.. and getting my first girlfriend when we played Sydenham High School at bridge.
Jonathan Naden (Wellington, 1972-1978) jna@bgs.ac.uk
After being the school hooligan -- smoking behind the fives courts, detentions, Tuck-shop duty (cleaning sargeant's glasses), sargeant's duty (putting chairs on tables), truancy, threatening to beat up Prefects to name a few of my sins -- I'm now a reasonably respectable human-being, married with two kids with a "government job". I work as a research geochemist with the British Geological Survey (not all of Daffy Pennell's and Billy Purkis' hard work was wasted). I have a long way to go before I get my FRS and invent the geological equivalent of the World Wide Web, but I enjoy prospecting/exploring for gold in all parts of the world. At the moment I've got a year off from work to study the geology of Northern Greece and I'm with my family in Athens. It's good to see a number of familiar names, especially the Wellington boys of '78 -- Though I think I did my best to prevent us winning the cup with a devastating last over golden duck in the final of the House Cricket Competition. It was either '78 or the year before. The best memories are field trips and geology with Billy Purkis and timeless games of bridge. Would like to know what's happened to everyone who left the Upper Sixth in '78 -- A few of us are listed here but a number of us are missing. Anybody who knows me is welcome to get in contact
Martyn Neale (Wellington, 1968-1975) martynneale@freenetname.co.uk
I was ordained in 1981 and having served in parishes in Catford, Purley and Abbey Wood I've been the Vicar of Hawley (on the Hants/Surrey border) since 1997. I sang in the Chapel and Concert Choirs and was grateful to Chris Strover for nurturing my musical interests. My only negative feelings about Emanuel concern my time as a prefect. I squirm at all the injustice and pettiness of that system then. Sorry to anyone who suffered!
David Newdick (Rodney, 1963-1970) dnewdick@hotmail.com
I spent several happy years at the school and considerably more at Blagdon's where I played cricket, supped an occasional beer and enjoyed the company of many OEs and our opponents. I work at NatWest Bank as a Senior Consultant in the Electronic Communication team looking at how to best use the 'web' for our ECommerce activities. I live in Farnham, Surrey and am happily married, to Jenni, and have two children, Robert and Heather.
Derek Palmer (Rodney, 1965-72) TheDPP@aol.com
Still (after all these years !!) proud of my association with Emanuel and, particularly to have been a House Captain of Rodney. But never quite forgiven Bunny Moreland for "spiking" my superbly crafted article for the Portcullis Magazine following my groundbreaking, in-depth interview with famous OE, Michael Aspel. This did, however, fortunately put an abrupt end to any pretensions I may have had about entering the journalistic profession and I am  currently celebrating my 25th year in financial services, running my own financial planning & trust consultancy based near Christchurch, Dorset. Tel: 01202 430070.
Malcolm Payne (Marlborough, 1970-77)
Brother of Colin, and classmate of Steve Wallis, both listed above. While I was toiling towards my economics degree at Essex I started playing music in bars to earn extra cash and spent the next few years as a semi-pro singer/guitarist in London. I moved to San Francisco 12 years ago, the last 9 of which I've spent composing music for commercials and corporate video (go figure, Mr Strover). I still (barely) keep in touch with Eric Gilham, who gives me news of Emil Lobo, but that's about it - anyone else who remembers me, feel free to drop a line. Oh, by the way, I fully endorse Emanuel's change to co-ed - why couldn't it have have happened 30 years ago?
Andrew Pearce (Drake, 1967-1974) andrewg.pearce@btinternet.com
I work for the Home Office, and have done so ever since leaving Emanuel in 1974. Quite sad when you stop to think about it. I am married with a daughter aged 7. I live in Coydon. Reading the lists of old boys I wonder whether I was really at Emanuel at all there are so few names I remember. So if anyone remembers me get in touch. The major memories I have all seem to be about fights. Mick Donovan with the Alkadari brothers in the toilets after army cadets. A re-match of one that started over a snooker table a army camp. And another which involved Merve the Swerve Davies throwing Spencer Park boys around whilst protecting Emanuel boys going home. I also remember breaking a prefect's collar bone in a house rugby match when I was in the fourth year. I was a bit of a hero for a couple of days after that.
Michael Porcianko (Rodney, 1973-1978) MJFOX@USA.COM
Having finally settled in to a decent degree program, I graduated with a BSc in Computer Science followed by an MBA a few years later. Work experience took me to the financial sector where IT budgets were (note the past tense) significant. Spent two years in South Africa with Lotus and IBM and was then moved over to San Francisco which is the first place on Earth I consider home. I am CEO of a 100 person business strategy consulting organization in Silicon Valley. We saw rapid expansion in the last 12 months when investors finally realized that many of their investments were in companies that had no strategy! Married a lovely California Girl (the Beach Boys were right!) and love to mountain climb or camp out in deserts. Still very attached to motor racing and developing an increasing involvement with the independent film industry.
Always somewhat rebellious, I spent most of my days avoiding team sports, hated rugby and PE, was horrified when the swimming pool was completed, overjoyed when it started to collapse down the embankment, and horrified again when it reopened. THRASHED Drake in the Inter-House Fives tournament (which year???)and was one of very few who actually enjoyed physics. Thanks to Martin Thain for introducing me to Genesis and Pink Floyd!
Philip Adam Powell (Lyons, 1972/73) ppowell@targetnet.com
I was at Emanuel in 1972/73 before my family moved back to Canada. I was the honorary Canadian during my time there. My time at Emanuel laid the foundation for my future and I still abide by the basic set of values I was taught while there. My five year old now wears my old Lyons Rugby shirt as I recount tales of upset victories over Clyde. I currently live in Toronto as Director of a World Wide Web Design studio called Nextep.
Barrie Preece (Marlborough, 1967-74) BPreece563@aol.com
My name is Barrie Preece (school records probably call me John but I was always known as Barrie (amongst other things)). I was at Emanuel from 1967-74 and took A Levels with Charles Cuddon - whom I heard recently has sadly died. He gave me a love of English Literature and I owe him a great deal. I also took Latin with Paul Moreland. I was in Marlborough House.
I cannot lay claim to great status or sporting prowess as many of the other alumni on the page but I can genuinely say that the time I spent at Emanuel was - in retrospect - one of the best of my life and I would not change it for the world.
I am now living in Berkshire and am self employed. I have kept in touch with several of my old friends but would welcome contact from anyone else. Is "Bones" still out there???????

Peter Preidel (marlborough 1964-1971) pnwp@ic24.net
Went to Poly (failed). Went into the motor trade ( still have a small garage coincidentally called Marlborough Motors!) I now sell and deliver mobile homes (static caravans) to France and Spain. I live in Deal in Kent, am married to a teacher and have one daughter.
memory: Memories: smoking behind the fives courts and under the seats upstairs in the hall; bunking out at lunchtime; getting drunk; cheating in Latin tests etc. etc.

Geoff Puplett (Wellington, 1966-1973) geoff_puplett@lineone.net
Teaching science in a Shropshire school.
Memories: Playing bridge in maths lessons, playing bridge in the library, hiding from dragon of a librarian, wonderful chemistry lessons with Daffy, what an inspirational teacher, wonderful physics lessons with Doc Ulyatt and Jessie, skiving out games afternoons, getting 'lost' on the way to Blagdons, watching steam trains from that area of undergrowth beside the first year 'huts'. Desperate to make contact with Willie McNaughton - you must be out there somewhere, Willie???
Carlton Rae (a proud Lyon from 1972-1979)Carl_Rae@Hotmail.com
I was one of J Basing's infamous class deemed too dangerous to spread about the rest of the year when we were due to be restreamed at year 3 or 4. As a consequence we had the same form teacher (Basing) for four unforgettable years. I chanced into our old master a few years ago and despite the passage of decades not only did he remember me immediately but could quote most if not all the names on that class's register which he claimed to remember fondly. I can't imagine why after all we put him through. I still see a few of my old classmates and would like find out what happened to the rest of them. Many I'm sure were destined to become either famous or infamous from that vintage year.

Robert (Adrian or Basil!) Rathbone Lyons 1968-76 robert.rathbone@btopenworld.com
Director of Music at Wimbledon College and Director of Music at the Sacred Heart Church, Wimbledon. After hosting Emanuel's concert of Dream Of Gerontius, was delighted to judge the school House Music Competition in November, 2002
Memories: Chris Strover's inspired teaching (report in 3A said 'confused but brilliant'). Playing 'Just a Minute' in Maths classes with Tim Bromige and Steve Pickering, strange interviews with CCK, hearing a now-ordained priest telling another music teacher to go somewhere and multiply, smoking round the field and the 6th form common room. Many other memories of CCF camps, staff such as Dave Dufour, Eddie Dodge, Jack Town, Frank Grundy and the current member of staff who told me I woudn't last six weeks in the 6th form (of Scottish extraction).
Peter (Ramsay) Baggs (Clyde, 1963-1970) Peter@Ramsay-Baggs.org
After performing less than spectacularly in the "A-level stakes" I did resits via a Tec and finished up as a Dentist. I soon discovered that this was tedious in the extreme so I took a sideways step, went back to medical school and finished up as Consultnt specialising in diseases of the face, jaws and mouth (Maxillofacial Surgeon). I now live just outside Belfast, where I have been for the last 20 years, happily ensconced with my wife and 4 children in a large Victorian house that contains a small black hole which consumes vast amounts of money and socks.
So many memories - the Junior bogs, walking round the field at lunchtime, Chignel coaching junior rugby, Phillips saying "your'e off side again" for the 30th time (I never understood that rule), Rowing in a hailstorm, heads of the river and numerous regattas, wearing CCF uniform on the bus and getting jeered at by kids from other schools, arduous training, Francis Lumley destroying CCK's hedge beside the hut by repeatedly riding his bike into it, Tovey telling us to "take your piece of wooooood", train spotting and the smell of steam and cinders, being caned, conkers and the trees in bloom at Easter, and so much more.
Ian Reynolds (Nelson, 1972-1978) iannmda@pitt.edu
Despite doing impressively poorly at 'A' levels I nevertheless found my way into higher education, by way of Leeds University, Johns Hopkins University and the University of Chicago. I'm currently a Professor in the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Pittsburgh, where I run a research lab studying neurodegenerative disease. My dad hopes that I'll find a cure before he gets one of these diseases, while my goal is to make a difference before I get one! My memory is as a first former, being challenged by "Merv the swerve" Davies on the rugby field - "Come on boyos, take the ball"! And I think I owe my introduction to pharmacology to Mr Purnell, who made me present a Scientific American article on aspririn during his chemistry class. Perhaps I even owe the American thing as well as the Pharmacology thing to him!
Simon J Rickman (Marlborough, 1964-72) simonlights@aol.com
After some socially tip-top but academically indecisive thus unsuccessful years at Newcastle Poly I found myself back in London where I took several stop-gap jobs including coffee bar manager (Mermaid Theatre), box-office clerk (Cambridge Theatre), and Unigate milk delivery roundsman (Piccadilly branch). This latter was the most rewarding socially, physically and mentally.
Then in 1978 I went 'on the road' with the Rezillos - a musical(?) combo of the manic-thrash punk persuasion - as their lighting guy. I have been a lighting guy, designer, director, operator and technician ever since. I have worked worldwide with many of the star names of the Rock Music Biz, Tina Turner, Dire Straits and Meatloaf to name but a small percentage. I have also worked alongside the BBC Outside Broadcast crews as 'the sparks' (technician) on series such as Animal Hospital and Songs of Praise. I have worked on corporate bashes too eg. tradeshows, product launches etc. I regularly light Manfred Mann's Earthband (yes they are STILL going!) and Gotthard "the top Swiss rock band", for whom I was as ever proud to run the lightshow on a 10 day tourette in Switzerland just before Christmas 2001.
I live in Northamptonshire, not really by choice, with my second wife Beth and nine cats. Our IVF twin boys were stillborn in March 1989. Although I still enjoy being paid to travel the world and do something creative that I enjoy - not to mention the free beer! - the old body is finally showing signs of weariness, and I fear I have to organise a change of lifestyle soonish.
Many rowing memories including, of course, winning the Schools' head of the River as well as several other regattas; falling in twice; discovering a floating dead body. Unexpectedly winning the inter-house cross-country run by half the length of the drive beating the Rodney favourite Steve Hill, still a good friend, and Paul G. - sorry, memory lapse. Trainspotting - yes I was a 1st yr nerd! But just the thought of that whoosh of snorting white steam billowing out of the cutting overlooked by Room 33 during double french on a Thursday afternoon is still enough to give me 'un frisson'! Thanks Tom (Graham). Staying behind after end of term morning assembly for concert choir practice and uncovering an ingenious but failed plot to sabotage the proceedings. Somebody had hollowed out 4 large erasers and glued them to the bottom of the legs of Mr Kuper's 'throne', each one with a stink bomb inside! Sadly the rubber was too stout and the phials were not crushed. Either that or he was not as heavy as he looked!
Ian Sage (Rodney, 1963-1970) isage@QinetiQ.com
Still happy being a research scientist after all these years. Working at Qinetiq in Malvern on displays and electronics. Married, three children, busy life. Memory: Messrs Pennell and Ullyat deserve many thanks-also Mr Fersht. Best giggle was when someone erected the glider on the stage overnight and CC Kuper gave assembly stooped under the wing.
Steve Savage (Howe,1965-72) steve.savage@rbos.com
Working for Royal Bank of Scotland based in Bishopsgate, London - married to a very understanding wife, one beautiful daughter who is much more deligent with her school work than I ever was!
memories: Lots of sport, lots of 'arduous training' with the army cadets.
Trevor Scott (Nelson, 1968-75) trevor.scott2@ntlworld.com
I spent many happy hours in the chapel choir and have retained a love of church music. I also played Eton fives but alas have not had the opportunity to play since I left. I am an ordained priest in the Church of England and have been in teaching since 1979. After a career as a class teacher and two headships I am now a member of the Essex Inspector and Advisory Service as a designated Senior Adviser School Development.
I live in Broxbourne in Hertfordshire with my wife Gillian and our three children. I would be happy to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Graham Silvester (Lyons, 1962-1970) graham.silvester@btopenworld.com
Solicitor in the North East-fortunate that the requirement for Latin 'O'level was dropped as a prerequisite of entry to the profession as despite the best endeavours of 'pump' Hipkin et al it remains a foreign language to me. Married with 2 sons.
Memories: Caning by prefects, going to Harrods for the Uniform, the winter of 62/63,smoking in the fives court, Jo Craddock ,'Taffy'Neath, Jack Cudden, Stan Inwood, 'mad' Doc Ulyatt, Pete Hendry, Charley Hill etc. Terror!

Mark Simmonds Rodney 1973-1979 mark.simmonds@merton.gov.uk
Living on the Isle of Wight with wife and two girls - Chloe, 14 and Katie, 10 - but working and staying in London 4 days a week. Working in the Legal Department of Merton Council. Would like to get in touch with Huw Davies, Jack (Eitan) Goury, Chris Smith, and anyone else from the picture posted on the web site - a while since I've seen that! Memories - amazing Basing, Dr Pudgy, Jack Town, the French Mistresses. Also it was actually a good time when you look back. Someone please get in touch!
Barry Skinner (Marlborough, 1965-1972) Barry@skinner1.fsnet.co.uk
I lead a full life running my business which supplies the software used by most UK civil engineers designing bridges (see www.bestech.co.uk) raising 4 children, and my Christadelphian church activities. I enjoyed school despite being hopeless at rugby. When asked for particular memories, incidents involving Mr Kuper come to mind - mostly for private discussion!
Graham Smith (Clyde, 1964-1970) gks@acm.org
Now living with my wife, Sue (a fantastic woman - she's put up with me since 1975) and family in an anonymous town in South Lincolnshire. I practise as an engineering consultant (mostly seems to be IT-related stuff nowadays http://www.ksce.co.uk/ksce and recently got talked into standing for the local Town Council. Unfortunately it didn't stop there and I now find myself on North Kesteven District Council as well! Memories of Emanuel: Well, there was one occasion when Charles Kuper had the curtains opened during assembly to reveal the primary sailplane on stage... I am also greatly indebted to so many masters (John Manning, Chris Strover, Harvey Firsch [Chemistry], Dr Ullyatt, Major Cruise) and others (like the "chemists" John Kent, Graham Hurley, Gordon Jackson and Derek Walton; not forgetting "Jock" Mildenhall with his Morris Minor car called flattery) who influenced my life so greatly (I expect I've misspelled some of their names).
Christopher Stickland (Marlborough, 1972-1976) chrisgoodacre@hotmail.com
er well...the good news is I have not been to prison (yet). I did get a job after leaving Emanuel...and quite a few more after that! Oh, and I now run my own sucessful business selling...well just email me and I'll let you know!
Tell me, was Grundy the head of maths? Who was the Indian English teacher who tort me so well? And who was the Chemistry teacher who had such a good aim with the blackboard rubber?? Did all this really happen? Please let me know! What happened to Tony Cox, Danny Sykes, Nick Smith, Simon Smith, Rupert Ivy, Michel Roux, etc, etc...?

Chris Taper (Nelson, 73-78) Belleoram@hotmail.com
Quantity Surveyor living in Gloucestershire divorced with 2 children who now live in USA with mum. Hope to get re married this year and start the whole proccess again with more knowlege and responsibility.
Memories: Mad Hornsby Porter; CCF trips to Jura and other camp; flying Chipmonks; the school glider landing on the railway tracks; Rowing in the B team 8 at the Head of the river; smoking behind the 5's courts and not seeing much of the last year at school as I discovered girls etc.. If Pete Hunt or Colin Fitzgerald or anyone else who knows me is out there please get in touch.
Mark Terry (Wellington, 1971-78) Mark@paterry.fsnet.co.uk)
I am married, a Chief Inspector in the Metropolitan Police, live in Shenley and have 2 sons. My youngest, Paul, is an actor ('James' in James & The Giant Peach, Microsoap). I am still in touch with Lester Wellington, Alex Noble, Chris White and Tim Lidell. My main memory: Winning the Inter-House Shield in 1978 for Wellington!
Jeremy Trevathan (1972-1977)jeremy.trevathan@btinternet.com
After I left Emanuel I went to the University of Hull and later did postgraduate work in Oxford at the Polytechnic. I took up a career in book publishing and have worked at Penguin, Oxford University Press, Blackwells and Time-Life. I'm now the Publisher at Macmillan, publishing authors such as Jackie Collins, Wilbur Smith and Minette Walters on our fiction list, and Chris Patten, Roy Jenkins and Hugo Young on our non-fiction list - an eclectic range of tastes which I'm sure was germinated in my time at Emanuel! When I was at Emanuel I was incredibly involved in both rowing and the choir, but have subsequently lost 'the bug' in both. However, I was moved to locate the web site by a trip this afternoon (30/1/99) to the boat house, which has triggered off many fond memories.
Mark Tollitt (Lyons, 1969-1977) mark.tollitt@blueyonder.co.uk
After degrees in biology and entomology at UL I worked for a number of years at the Natural History Museum, first as a researcher then in exhibition development. There's still a picture of me on my wedding day in the memory section of the Human Biology hall!
After moving round various posts in the Government Communication and Information Service I'm now a marketing head at the Department for Work and Pensions. I live in Purley, have a son and I'm still married to the lady standing beside me in that museum photo. I see lots of the old rowing crowd and have even bumped into a few people on these pages recently.
As for my time at Emanuel I remember it as being fairly rosy. I did little work and seemed to spend my whole time rowing, which I absolutely loved. Living in the attic of the old rectory in Henley for two weeks during the hot summer of '76 was particularly memorable. Some of us using our rest time to make paper aeroplanes which we chucked out of the window to see if they could reach the river. Other random school memories: Mr Manning smashing a hammer on the top of a work bench to end his metalwork lesson, Chris Cooke single-handedly maintaining the tiny garden and greenhouse at the back of the Exeter Building, Tony Phillips' unique version of gym (hands on the yellow line and slippered if you stood up), losing all the cutlery while emptying the washing-up bucket over the side of the ship on the CCF naval cadet trip to the Firth of Clyde, Jack Town's repeated explanation of the Battle of Borodino, the gym-shoe fights with the rest of 5SR in room 36, I could go on - but! only after a few drinks.
Grant Upton (1970-77) uptonms@hotmail.com
I was cox for the fantastic First VIIIs from 1972-76, (just after Peter Berners-Lee), and we represented Great Britain at the World Junior Rowing Champs in 1975. Peter Jones, Maths teacher, was our determined coach. I also coached ESBC for several years after, took a brave squad up to Loch Ness in 1982, to nearly break the record for rowing its whole length. I also rowed for Dacre occasionally.
Anyone who used to be in ESBC then is most welcome to contact or meet up here (Phuket, Thailand). Also anyone willing to import some rowing equipment here would be very welcome!
I was in the Diplomatic Service for 12 years, but stayed on here with my Thai wife and son, and now work in various jobs.
Tony Valsamidis (was Whittaker from 1969 - 1992) (1968 - 1975) tony@soi.city.ac.uk
I am a lecturer in the Information Science Department at City University in London. I'm also an ex-pupil of Charles Cuddon, DAF Pennell and Frank Grundy and remember with nostalgia playing golf at Wimbledon Common on Wednesday afternoons with Frank and a few others. I'd be delighted to hear from any of my contemporaries. URL: http://www.soi.city.ac.uk/~tony
Paul Verrell (Nelson, 1969-1976) verrell@wsu.edu
After all these years, I'm a faculty member at Washington State University in the U.S. I've been "across the pond" since 1986, and am happily settled with a wife and two sons. I teach a lot, and also do research on the behavior and ecology of animals, especially amphibians and reptiles. I have many fond memories of Emanuel - smoking behind the fives' courts, sneaking off to the pub at lunch time for a quick half! But seriously, 'people' made Emanuel special for me. Gee, after so long I can't remember all the names! Mr Mulcahy leaps to mind, and so does Mr Phillips, for fostering my interest in biology. I remember Mr McDermott for getting some chemistry into my thick head, and Dr Ulyatt for (almost!) doing the same with physics. I remember Mr Gledhill for all that Latin, and for the occasional whack on the backside with a slipper! And I remember fellow students, although names have again rusted with time: Renny Kapila, Mubashir Gulzar, Ekow Armor, Kleanthis Kleanthous, Dan Johnson, and others whose names have rusted a little too far (sorry if I spelled your names incorrectly). If anyone remembers me, I'd love to hear from you!
Steve Wallis (Drake, 1970-1977) swallis448@aol.com
I am presently a Project Manager at a Consulting firm in New York and live in New Jersey. Are there any fellow classmates out there who survived 6 out of 7 years with ME Kay as form master ? And who remembers those epic battles on Wednesday afternoon at Blagdon's playing for Drake (is there a Tony Phillip's fan club ?).
Paul Ward (Howe, 1973-1979) paulward2001@ntlworld.com IT Network Security Consultant, working in Suffolk. Been in IT for 20 years now. Married one grown up Daughter. Ex Pro Cricketer. memory: Andrew Ridlgey blowing up the Science Lab by sticking two ends of a coat hanger in the plug socket. Winning almost every cricket trophy we entered. Having 6 of our side in the London XI in one match. Nice to hear from ANYONE who knows me especially the old cricket team: Keith Agutter, Phil young, Mark Warr, Neil Carrick Colin Hayes, Mark Bradley et al. Please get in touch - oh and by the way, I'm as bald as a coot now !!
Lester WELLINGTON (Wellington,1970-1978) Lester@tskc.co.uk
Since leaving Emanuel, I joined the Met Police. I have only 6 and a bit years to go before I retire. (Yippeee)
I am married with two children - one of each - living in Wendover, Buckinghamshire.
I dabble in creating websites during the spare time I have.
I am a black belt in Shotokan Karate and run my own club just outside Aylesbury. Anyone who wants to come along and have a go, are welcome. Visit the site for details: http://tskc.co.uk
My son, Christopher is also a black belt - aged 11yrs and trains as hard as me!
I am in constant contact with Mark TERRY. Visits to the Friends Reunited have allowed me to contact other OE's like Molly Mountford, Jon Naden and David Pepper.
Particular memories of Emanuel: To the forefront of my mind - Being there! Schooldays were great days....
Andy Wicks (Rodney, 1965-1972) andy@wicks74.freeserve.co.uk
I am now teaching programming and mathematics at Lewisham College, whilst completing my masters in "Komputarin" at the University of Greenwich. I particularly remember my first day at Emanuel. The Head, Mr. Kuper, looked over the lectern at us new boys and said, "You have seven years here. Work hard." I thought, seven years - that's back to when I was four. I'll never make that. That was 30 years ago!

Sebastian Witkin (Clyde 1975-1978) sebast@012.net.il
I live in Israel, am married and have 3 daughters. I own a production and post production facility specialising in 3d animation and special effects.
memory: Being called a megalomaniac by Dr Uliat on my first day at school. Those report cards and detentions. Rowing up and down the Thames on freezing days and dreading the walk to Clapham Junction. I cant say that I have good memories of Emmanuel, however I do have a hell of a lot of bizzare stories to tell from those 3 years, and they sure were character building if anything.

Jan Wikramaratna (Marlborough, 1966-1973) janwikramaratna@aol.com
IT manager, Jacobs Serete, France previously similar jobs in France with Schlumberger (1999-2001) and Unisys (1985-1999). Still sculling (and occasional rowing) on the Seine in Rouen.
Gary Wing (Nelson, 1964-72) grwing@btinternet.com
Owner/Director of companies involved in building/running nursing and residential care homes. Married with two children living in the Kent countryside. memory: Rugby and cricket captained 2nds in both. Tony Phillips, Mervyn Davies,Charles Cuddon,Bunny Moreland. Still being able to recite 1st year register by heart (sad)! Driving down the drive in my red Hillman Imp and having to put my cap on at the end of the drive!Too many great friends to mention but would love to hear from anyone unfortunate enough to still remember me!
Sebastian Wood (Wellington, 1972-79) sebwood@bigfoot.com
Another beneficiary of Frank Grundy's remarkable maths teaching, I did Maths and Philosophy at Magdalen College, Oxford then joined the Foreign Office in 1983. I've had postings in Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and now in Washington where I am working at the Embassy. I married a lady from Thailand, and we have four children.