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Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit my 2006 campaign website.

I’ve had the honor of serving the people of Pennsylvania in Congress since 1990, first in the House and then becoming one of the Commonwealth’s Senators in 1994. When I came to Washington, I firmly believed that the Republican Party stood for giving every American an equal chance to succeed, to embrace the American Dream. I am committed to that belief today more than ever before.

Republicans are united by principles that nurture individual success and our collective freedom. Empowerment, success and liberty are the fruits of personal motivation, of accepting responsibility for our actions, of sacrifice for our family’s good, of investment and ownership. Empowerment and liberty do not fall from the Tree of Government Handouts.

That is why I’ve supported President Bush’s tax cuts. More Americans are working today than ever before. They have a right to keep more of their income. And the President’s tax reforms have proven effective, helping individuals and families who need -- and have a right to -- to keep more of their income to invest and spend as they see fit. Our tax reforms also helped regenerate investment in our economy and lift the nation out of the recession the previous administration left behind. I believe the tax reforms we passed in 2001 should be made permanent, and that will be a top priority in 2005.

Republicans, not Democrats, recognize that our mounting social problems are directly related to government programs gone from well-intentioned to intrusive assaults on our families and our traditional moral underpinnings.

That is why I was on the front lines of the welfare reform legislation Republicans in Congress passed in 1996. It was the first true social program reform in thirty years. In addition, I’m proud to have sponsored the legislation that banned partial-birth abortions. President Bush signed that bill into law this past spring and put an end to one of the most horrid and immoral acts we had ever allowed.

And Republicans have long understood that securing our homeland from those who wish us harm is a primary function of our federal government. That is why Republicans, under President Bush, supported the first military pay increases in eight years. We fought for and won increased defense spending so that our troops can have the best equipment, training, and leadership available. I have led the fight for improved veterans’ services, particularly veterans’ medical care, and I will continue to aggressively seek increased benefits for the men and women who’ve served in our nation’s armed forces.

More than anything else, however, Republicans understand that the same spirit of compassion, invention, and achievement that have made this nation the most remarkable in history are embodied our people today. That means our greatest days are ahead of us.

That is why I am seeking re-election -- to continue to fight for the policies that will strengthen our families and our nation. Thank you again for your interest and may God bless you and your family.

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