Welcome to my Open Source shingle on the Web.

I'm an Open Source software analyst and technologist with a customer focus and a broad background in technology and software engineering. I'm also author of several books.

When words are important, I'm a quality source of dialog, education and strategic and tactical information. When deeds are important, I'm a quality source of technical competence. Can't find what you want here? Contact me.

I'm also the world's leading professional commentator on the subject of Mozilla technology. That technology is an excellent example of all of the issues common to Free and Open Source Software. The Mozilla Platform is the most successful test case to date of the potential of Free and Open Source software, having survived and surpassed closed source competitors that are also free. It is a software technology strong in the areas of user interfaces, networking, objects and XML. It is flexible, complex, and remarkably large. I am a living bridge between the project-focussed Mozilla community, and the external needs and concerns of others.

I'm an active member of forward-looking and energetic Open Source Victoria, and also a member of the newer Open Source Industry Australia cluster.

If you are curious about Mozilla, but don't have a clue what it is, then here are some recommendations. For the daily news buzz, try www.mozillazine.org. For the seminal project driving the technology forward, try www.mozilla.org. Or you could read a book.

I have many other arrows in my quiver. If you find my style appealing, then a straightforward and perceptive approach is at your service.

- Nigel