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Home Entertainment Archive

Every two weeks, ElectronicHouse.com columnist Ed Driscoll keeps you up to date with the latest home entertainment news, products and trends. This area contains all of his Home Entertainment columns.

  • Miami Vice Is Nice—On DVD
    03/01/05 - zEd tells us why Miami Vice's new DVD set, is the perfect remedy for the winter blues.

  • Final Touches for Your Home Theater
    02/15/05 - Everything you ever wanted to know about the how to put the finishing touches on your home theater.

  • Good-Bye to a Legend
    02/01/05 - Ed starts off telling us how special Johnny Carson was, and somehow ends up on Sky Captain. Don't miss this segue.

  • A DVD Recorder
    01/18/05 - Ed let's us know why we need a DVD Recorder toot suite, especially since prices have come down.

  • A Home For Your Home Theater Gear
    01/04/05 - Who owned the first media room? History may never know for certain, but I’d like to put in a vote for my father.

  • It May Be Time To Replace Your A/V Receiver
    12/21/04 - There used to be a time when an audio receiver could be counted on to last a decade. Many stereo receivers bought in the late 1970s were still going strong ten years later, when the first Dolby Pro Logic-equipped A/V receivers started showing up in stores.

  • Professional Effects For Home Musicians
    12/07/04 - One of the risks with recording music on a PC is that sooner or later, it runs out of processing power: either the PC’s processor can’t perform all the simultaneous calculations a piece with many multiple tracks of sound requires, or its RAM gets overloaded.

  • Blogs, DVDs and Classic Movies
    11/23/04 - Ed gives some holiday ideas and tells us why we'll love these potential gifts.

  • Dinner and A Movie
    11/09/04 - For most people, dinner and a movie means a quick stop at Applebee’s or TGI Friday’s before heading over to the local shopping mall Googleplex to see "Alien Versus Predator Versus Godzilla Versus Bambi."

  • Cakewalk’s Sonar 4: Surround Sound Recording Comes Home
    10/26/04 - Cakewalk's Sonar lets you turn your home computer into a full-fledged recording studio.

  • Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Get The Led Out, In 5.1 Sound
    10/12/04 - Ed tells us about a few new DVDs that will rock your home theater.

  • Whither HDTV?
    09/28/04 - What's the hold up with HDTV? Why isn't it spreading faster? Ed investigates.

  • Autumn Thunder: The Return of The NFL
    09/14/04 - Ed tells us the best way to get the most out of your NFL-watching technology.

  • Coming Soon To Home Theater: The Gigabit Ethernet
    08/31/04 - Ed takes us through how routing your digital toys will be made easier with the gigabit ethernet connection.

  • The Song Doesn’t Remain The Same—It’s Better on DVD
    08/17/04 - Four new high profile music-oriented DVD packages show just what format can deliver in terms of sound and picture.

  • Jerry Goldsmith’s Classic Film Scores
    08/03/04 - Jerry Goldsmith died on July 22 2004, at age 75. By his retirement in 1999, he had scored 175 films.

  • Safety First: A Good Idea In Home Theater
    07/20/04 - Ed recounts a home theater accident that left a scar, and tells us steps we can take to prevent our own mishap.

  • You're The Top: Cary Grant On DVD
    07/06/04 - Silver screen legend Cary Grant's movies stand the test of time and Ed thinks they're just right for your home theater.

  • Insteon: A Potential Successor To X10?
    06/22/04 - Ed takes us through the new Ssmarthome technology Insteon and opines as to wether or not it will replace current standard X10.

  • Home Recording
    06/08/04 - Your home PC is capable of giving your more recording studio tricks than the beatles had when they were making music. Ed takes us through the software programs you need to turn your home into a new version of Sun Studios.

  • Home Theater in a Box
    05/25/04 - When most people think of the words "home theater", they picture lots and lots of audio and video components stacked up in a column or two next to the TV screen, or perhaps maybe even filling up a nearby closet or room. Not anymore!

  • Does X10 Belong In Your Media Room?
    05/11/04 - When home theater first debuted, it was typically thought of as the province of the very wealthy. It's surprisingly affordable to bring some of the automation elements into our den and living room media centers.

  • Calibrate Your Home Theater!
    04/27/04 - As home theater buffs assemble their expensive equipment, getting the best sound and picture out of that hardware begins to take on considerable importance.

  • Space Documentaries: One Giant Leap For Apollo Fans
    04/13/04 - Ed reviews a new series of space-race DVDs sure to turn you into a fan of the space program!

  • In Search of the Ultimate Picture
    03/30/04 - Looking for the pefect home theater system? Ed runs down the best in HDTVs, plasmas and flatscreens.

  • Getting Started With Dolby EX
    03/16/04 - Ed takes you through the differences between Dolby 5.1 and the new EX.

  • How to Take MP3s Out of the PC
    03/02/04 - Don't keep your MP3s confined in your PC, spread the wealth amongst all your Audio components.

  • How Criterion Paved the Way for DVD
    02/17/04 - Deleted scenes. Trailers. Audio commentary. All of these DVD bonus features can be traced directly back to Criterion Collection laserdiscs.

  • Take Your Home Theater on the Road
    02/03/04 - A portable DVD player can make those long travel hours fly by.

  • Is it Time to Replace Your CD Player?
    01/20/04 - The DVD-Audio and Super Audio CD formats offer a sonic experience regular CDs can't match.

  • What to Watch for in 2004
    01/06/04 - An early look at the home entertainment products that will have an influence in the year ahead.

  • The Stealthy Rise of Interactive TV
    12/23/03 - Interactive TV has sneaked into homes via programming guides and pay-per-view. Ed Driscoll takes a look at this underrated technology.

  • The Revolution Will Be Digitized
    12/09/03 - With adoption of digital satellite, digital cable and PVRs underway, it's likely that digital TV (DTV) already has a firm foothold in your home. Find out what's on the DTV horizon.

  • HDTV Poised for 2004 Growth Spurt
    11/25/03 - More programming options and lower prices will push high-definition TV to new levels in the year ahead, but increased HD adoption could lead to bandwidth issues.

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