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Ideas for Every Room Archive

Every month, ElectronicHouse.com columnist Ed Driscoll points you toward the technologies, products and tips that can bring the electronic lifestyle to every room in your home.

  • Preparing A Room For A New Video System
    02/10/05 - Ed takes us through the steps you should go over before buying a new video system.

  • Robots Invade My Living Room
    01/13/05 - Happy New Year! Hope your holidays were as nice as ours—which for some reason were particularly high tech this year: my wife and I gave ourselves a few nifty gadgets on the 25th, not the least of which was a Roomba.

  • Interior Desecrations
    12/09/04 - A new book that might make a great gift, is James Lileks' new "Interior Desecrations: Hideous Homes From The Horrible '70s."

  • Another Reason why a PC Belongs in the Media Room
    11/11/04 - The PC is quickly becoming the brain of your house, Ed tells you what to look for.

  • Creating The High-Tech Guest Room
    10/12/04 - Ed tells us how to modernize your guest room.

  • Smart Home, Smarter Kids?
    09/08/04 - Are smart homes a way to make your kids smarter? Ed investigates.

  • Tuning Up The Smart Garage
    08/11/04 - Ed tells us how those in seasonable climates are modernizing their garages!

  • Intel Brings Wireless To Every Room
    07/08/04 - Computer chip manufacturer Intel is leading the charge in home automation, whether people want it or not.

  • Summertime And The Automation Is Easy
    06/10/04 - With summer finally upon us, it's time to take a look at the backyard and see what can be done to add a little home automation to it.

  • The Kitchen of Tomorrow-Today
    05/13/04 - The Kitchen is surging towards the wired world after a bit of a late start.

  • Building a High-Tech Entryway
    04/08/04 - Ed tells us how he remodeled the foyer to his house, with all sorts of high-tech wonders.

  • Home Office: The Brains of the House
    03/11/04 - Add office technology to your home to create a more productive work space.

  • The Bathroom Goes High-Tech
    02/12/04 - Ed's recent renovation proves that technology can turn a bathroom into an entertainment oasis.

  • Lifestyle Trends for 2004
    01/15/04 - Ed looks at the technologies and products that will make a splash in the months ahead.

  • Home for the Holidays: Great Gift Ideas
    12/11/03 - Got a techie on your list? Here's a few home-tech ideas for every price point.

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