You "Can" Make A Difference
Written By Bob Bull

Before I start, I want to make it very clear that I "Do NOT" want any sympathy, Please.

I have had seventeen operations in my sixty five years that I have been around and just about every test that they have , many two and three times, in todays hospitals. I have lost one kneecap, due to injury and also lost my right eye due to disease. In 1986, I was diagnosed with M-S (Multipal Sclerosis). It was the low point in my life. I lost all of my best earning years and in the next few years, I just got a little worse each year and the depression set in very hard. At one point, I didn't care if I lived or not. Then things kept adding to my life, I now have diabetes and from all of my smoking years, I also have emyphysema and am on oxygen 24/7.

I also have a heart condition that usually puts me in the hospital at least once a year. Now I am getting arthrittis in my fingers. Now that you can picture a wreck, one that gave up three years ago because I was so lonley staying home alone while my Lovely Wife Alice went to work every day just so that we could live. She has been just a great love of my life even though I am getting to be more of a burden to her each day, she never once complains.

In April 1998, I found eBay , the largest and best online auction site that there is and started to listen and ask questions on the Q&A; board and the live support boards that we had then. I have a user name of bobal and made a logo to use We bought and sold lots of items and then prices had dropped so we stopped buying and selling and I started to answer some questions even though I knew very little. I kept watching and learning from the many users that were and still are willing to help. I have got to the point that I live my life on eBay helping others. It has changed my life completely, when I see a happy user because of what I did to help them, I am on top of the world, I feel like my life is still worth living.

I have met so many friends on eBay, users like myself and some of them have a little disability also and they help others because it feels great. I also have met many of the eBay staff and they treat me like family, it is wonderful.

Now that you know my story from feeling like a worthless person to one that now just takes whatever is passed my way and live with it. I help new and long time users on the Photos/HTML Board every day. Now if I can help anyone to understand that no matter how many disablities you have, you can help make a difference in someones life.

Some ways that you can do that is if you have a skill, share it with others so that they can learn and they will love you for it. If you are housebound, you can always call a nursing home and ask to talk to a lonley resident, you will be surprised how much that you can brighten up two lives at the same time, then make it a weekly or a couple of times a week meeting, you both will look forward to your coversation. If you can get around, even by wheelchair, visit a hosiptal, there are lots of lonely people there and would love to have someone that cares, to talk to, it doesn't take much. If you are able to get around and you are lonely, find a shelter or a food bank that you can help to feed those that have less than you, you will forget that you are lonely and look forward to helping others. Just look around and find out what you can do for others, remember, if you can walk ten steps, find someone that can walk five, then together you can walk 7 steps. I will guarentee that if you can help others, you will be the big winner because you will be paid with Love. So remember, if I can do it, so can you.

You "Can" Make A Difference