Caladan is an open source webapp handler for the IxAS application server, providing a MVC (Model View Controller) framework to the IxAS application server. It is a component of Solarix iConnect Frameworks.

Being distributed with the Mozilla Public license, Caladan is free to use and distribute.

Caladan's main purpose is to offer a Model View Controller (MVC) system for IxAS web applications, with a central configuration file for controlling the behaviour of the whole site.

Main features

  • Uses Carthag applications platform
  • Entirely OOP
  • MVC system
  • XML based configuration file
  • Lightweight
  • XML configuration is cached



Current Caladan version is 1.0.


Caladan is covered by the Mozilla Public License. Copyright (C) 2004 Solarix Srl.


You can download Caladan from the Carthag Projects download page.