Itoo Risa's Best-Selling Manga (over 1,000,000 volumes in print) Comes to Anime

The story of the hamster Ebichu, the single Office Lady (OL) who owns her, and the owner's good-for-nothing boyfriend, comes to anime, naughty jokes and all.
It was said that it couldn't be animated because of its inflammatory content. But Anno Hideaki and Gainax succeeded, without deleting any of the naughty dialogue or images from the manga.

Do you really think you can get away with putting this on the air?
The story is full of words considered unsuitable for broadcast, plus violence, all in stark contrast to the apparent cuteness of Ebichu.
With a storyline like this, the studio recordings were naturally lots of fun. Mitsuishi Kotono (Ebichu), Tomizawa Michie (Owner), and Seki Tomokazu (Kaishonachi) put their hearts and souls into their performances. You're going to like it!

The opening theme is also performed by Mitsuishi, with lyrics by Ebichu creator Itoo Risa.