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Subject content: SSTF contains five population and 144 housing tables. It includes sample data weighted to represent the total population. In addition, the file contains 100-percent counts and unweighted sample counts for total persons and total housing units. Also contains data on age, bedrooms, condominium status, gross rent, group quarters, house heating fuel, household income in 1989, household type and relationship, housing units, kitchen facilities, meals included in rent, mortgage status, persons, plumbing facilities, real estate taxes, rooms, selected monthly owner costs, sewage disposal, source of water, telephone in housing unit, tenure, units in structure, value, vehicles available, year householder moved into unit, year structure built.

Geography: United States, all States, and the District of Columbia, and metropolitan statistical areas.

Note 1: SSTF8 has A and B records. The A records have 5 population (PA) and 119 housing (HA) table (matrices). The A records provide data for all persons for each summary level and geographic component level within a unit of geography. The B records provide more detail information in 25 housing (HB) tables.

Note 2: Also available on computer tape .

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