A new MP3 player for V@mp
Posted by Daimaou on 07-03-2005 10:47
NH Japan offers various products under various brand names and v@mp, one of those brands, offers MP3 players. NH Japan is known for its innovative and creative spirit in the hi-tech domain, but unfortunately enough also for a mediocre product quality… a lot less cool, but they still they’re bringing out cool gear and trying to move on and offer better quality products, so the trend is positive.

So this is the VP-7XXD, available in both 128 and 256Mb versions, fully compatible with MP3, WMA and OGG files. The device even has a 96x64 colour screen capable of displaying JPEG and BMP files. This small device’s dimensions are 68x33x18mm and it weighs only 32g.


Promotion on the YP-T7, Samsung’s MP3 player in Korea
Posted by Daimaou on 07-03-2005 08:00
Stop right there! If you thought of buying the YP-T7 that easily, let me tell you this: no way! If you want to buy the MP3 player, Samsung requires you to wear RayBan sunglasses, leather driving gloves, a special kind of jeans, some KC underwear pulled up too high, some necklace like G. Michael in his Wham!-days and finally cover your body in graffiti. The only compensation you will get for looking like this is the girl with the sunglasses (on the left in the picture).
Don’t you love those manufacturers who would try anything to get their promotion noticed?

Samsung Korea

Packet Zero Station
Posted by Totoro on 07-03-2005 07:55
You have a mobile phone that allows you to surf the internet? If you’re like me, you don’t use it very often because of the cost and the connection speed (even in Japan). This might all change from April 18th onwards as NTT launches their “packet zero station”. This is some sort of hub that allows you to connect to the internet via infrared… for free. You only pay your internet connection at home.

The price should be around 15000 yens and this will (unfortunately) only work in Japan. Expect speeds of 115.2kbps at 20-30cm from the hub. In an ideal situation, we can expect 300kbps.

Virtual Bus guide
Posted by Totoro on 07-03-2005 07:53
Tourist bus rides are quite cool in Japan (not that I’m the kind to actually be on that kind of busses). It’s actually not the monuments or the bus that are very cool, but the stewardesses in their cute uniforms… Yummy!!! Back from cloud 9, you have to realize that even though they can be very “kawaiiii”, they cost a lot! It’s probably for this reason that the management of a bus company at Hiroshima has decided to replace these employees by a virtual tour guide hooked up to a GPS system to avoid errors. We have one one thing to say to that decision: “Biiiig mistake Sir, give us the real ones please!”.

The robot snake
Posted by Totoro on 07-03-2005 07:50
You’re right, the snake was the absent creature in our ever-growing family of robot pets (?). The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research is developing an artificial muscle (for sea snakes), and it’s called “IPMC actuator”. Even though it moves at a scorching 4mm per second, this technology looks very promising for a lot of domains (robotics, medical,...).

Muscle your brains with Sharp
Posted by Daimaou on 07-03-2005 07:44
This is the PW-A8300, the ultimate electronic dictionary, that not only allows you to get the explanation of a word (like all other 90 something Japanese dictionaries), but it also calculates your mortgage and helps you to muscle your brain in "BRAIN-TRAINING" mode. In this setup, you have to make mental calculations to keep that big lump in your head in shape. Sharp, honestly, what would we do without you?!


Hitachi digital camera
Posted by Daimaou on 07-03-2005 07:42
Hitachi does not only Insupayoru the Nexuto (English Japanese style for Inspire the Next) and does not limit itself to PC's and servers, but they also make digital cameras, which I've never seen in any store though, must be some internal thing only ;) . So this is the i.mega HDC-531, a 5MP camera with a 2.5" screen. Don7t know if you noticed, but the camera looks a lot like the Sony ones・take a look at that screen and the positioning of the buttons on the back・or is it just me that sees a resemblance? The device eats SD cards and comes with a 64Mb SD cookie in the box.


OT: your pig needs help!
Posted by Daimaou on 04-03-2005 16:15
Let me (ab)use Akiba to get some help with this problem I’m having: I need to install Exchange’s Small Business Server, Share Point and the rest for professional reasons, so that I can share data, emails and a calendar between Tokyo, New York and Hong-Kong (in this last city, GeekStuff4U opens its offices on April 15th). I would like to do this job in-house to limit the cost (professional help here costs a fortune).

So, if you’re a pro of SBS and have some time for your fave Green Pig (and preferable are located in Tokyo), please let me know!

Thanks for your attention Ladies and Gentlemen!!

Robotic Jurassic Park
Posted by Daimaou on 04-03-2005 15:29
Some Japanese engineers had some fun assembling robots that look like dinosaurs. Looks fun to us, but there could be a very interesting educational aspect to this project. Click on the link for a video of their work.

The Dino Video

Advanced Industrial Science & Technology

Samsung SCH-S260: add your signature to your MMS
Posted by Daimaou on 04-03-2005 07:00
This is an amusing concept to send personalised Emails or MMS messages. Samsung will launch this SCH-S260 on the Korean market, and this phone has the usual goodies like a digital camera, but it’s also capable of “reading” what you write on a small sheet of paper and the paste a picture on top of that (as shown on the example). Looks very amusing and interesting, especially if you want to add that little personal touch to your messages.


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