Below is a list of documents and publications available for immediate download. Additional material will be added as the project progresses. To download these files, click your mouse right-button, and select "Save Target As…" and select the file destination. All files for download will be in .pdf format (Adobe Acrobat) unless marked as .xls/.pps (Microsoft Excel/Powerpoint Format). Links at the bottom of the page allow users to download free versions of Acrobat reader and Excel/Powerpoint Viewer.


Steering Group (pdf format)

Meeting One 26/07/2002 download (22.4KB)

Meeting Two
18/09/2002 download (26.4KB)

Meeting Three 30/10/2002 download (20.5KB)

Meeting Four
18/12/2002 download (23.8KB)

Meeting Five 07/02/2003 download (292KB)

Meeting Six 25/03/2003 download (400KB)

Meeting Seven 07/02/2003 download (378KB)

Meeting Eight 10/07/2003 download (383KB)


Reports (pdf format)


Consultants Brief· Commissioning Report - download (157KB) figures


Limpley Stoke Closure Report - download (68KB) figures/appendices


Consultation Report - download (74KB) appendices

  Environmental Assets and Constraints Report - download (120KB) figures


Local Model Validation Report (LMVR) - download (449KB) figures/appendices

  Traffic Data Collection Report - download (172KB) figures/appendices

  Rail Report - download (625KB)

  Option Development and Appraisal Report - download (341KB) figures/appendices -new-

  Problems and Issues Report - download (1.6MB) figures -new-

  Final Report - Strategic Corridor - download (129KB) figures -new-

  Final Report - The City of Bath - download (278KB) figures -new-


Public Consultations


Stakeholders Consultation Workshop (pps format)

part 1a (1.4MB) download part 1b (4.5MB) download part 1c (1.3MB) download

part 2 (2.7MB)

part 3 (2.4MB)

part 4 (3.3MB)

Newsletter 1 - download (1MB)

Newsletter 2 - download (270KB) -new-

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