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Customer Service at Kane's Furniture

To: Kane's Furniture

I would like to call your attention to a problem involving customer service at Kane's Furniture, and I hope you can address this issue. Quite frankly, I'm extremely annoyed. The store I'm referring to is at Altamonte Springs/Cassleberry, Florida.

My experience with the Kane's Furniture in Altamonte Springs/Cassleberry, Florida was horrible. We went in to buy a bedroom set for our new house. We found one we liked and bought the bed, 2 night stands a chest of drawers and a mattres totalling around $1500. Some of the pieces were on back order which was no big deal we just wanted everything delivered at one time being that my husband and I both contract so missing a day of work is like loosing $100. So they schedule a time my husband takes off work they show up deliver the set. The bed is the wrong bed. All of the other furniture is correct but the headboard and footboard are not what we picked out. So my husband goes back up to Kane's and tells them that they delivered the wrong bed. The first thing that the management tells him is not that they're sorry that there's been a mistake but that HE must have ordered the wrong thing. The sales associate that helped us that day happens to be there and recognizes him and remembers what we picked out. Sure enough WE did not order the wrong thing the display piece had been labled wrong in the show room so when they wrote down the part numbers they weren't for the piece being displayed. Okay fine. Of course the actual bed we ordered is on back order again. When they schedule to deliver the correct bed they'll pick up the wrong one. A month later they call to schedule the delivery. My husband takes off another day of work. Loosing $100 because of a mistake by Kane's. They come to deliver the bed but they don't have a ticket to pick up the other bed so they won't take it. My husband, again, goes up to the store. By now we are not taking another day off and loosing another $100 just so they can pick something up they should've done before. He talks to the manager and tells them he's bringing the bed to the store because we are not going to wait for them to pick it up. The manager agrees and says that's fine. We go in three days later to bring the bed back and the same manager claims that she doesn't remember him and that she doesn't recall telling anyone that they could bring the furniture back there. Luckily a receptionist recognizes my husband from the days earlier and remembers the conversation so we got to finally be rid of the bed.

The sales poeple and receptionists were helpful in trying to resolve our problem while the management of the store were quick to not take blame for anything. We opend an account there to purchase the furniture and once it is paid off I intend to cancel the account even though there is also an entertainment center their we liked and would go in our living room. We won't shop there ever again.

Though I rarely buy your products, I believe you still should still address my complaint. On average, when I buy from your company, I spend $1500.00.

After what happened, I won't recommend your products to others. I won't buy from you ever again.

Here's what I'd like Kane's Furniture to do about this: I would have liked to have seen some compensation credited towards our account for the inconvience of the original mix up and then having to deliver the furniture to them ourselves,to have them come and pick it up again would just cause us another $100 lost which wasn't worth the hassle of trying to work around their schedule.

I wouldn't spend an extra dime for your products even if you solved this problem.

Thank you for your time.

Amy R.
Apopka, Florida

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