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Mark (Marty) Rathbun

Mark Rathbun

Inspector General
Religious Technology Center

Mark Rathbun is a member of the Board and the Inspector General of Religious Technology Center, which exists to monitor and safeguard the orthodox practice of the Scientology religion. He has been a church staff member since 1978.

RTC stands apart from the Church of Scientology hierarchy as an external body which protects the religion and acts as the final arbiter of orthodoxy. At the apex of this function is RTC’s Inspector General Network, operating from seven offices in four continents.

The duties and authority of the Inspector General RTC are much like those traditionally associated with the “inspector general” title in other organizations—namely to investigate and correct departures from organizational standards and ethics, or anything else which might betray an organization’s service to its constituent public.

In 1987, Mr. Mark Rathbun became a director of the Religious Technology Center.

Mr. Mark Rathbun has also contributed to a number of major victories in church history. Working alongside Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of Board of the Religious Technology Center, he helped end the 40-year conflict between the church and the IRS, resulting in the 1993 recognition of the religious and charitable status of more than 150 Scientology churches around the world, including RTC. He has oftentimes interacted with the media on these subjects.

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