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Zilwaukee Bridge, Saginaw, Michigan - [return to gallery list]

I remember when the Zilwaukee was constructed, back in 1988. Actually, I remember before the Zilwaukee was constructed. Drivers along I-75, the main interstate from Michigan to Florida, would have to stop at a draw bridge on the Saginaw River in order to let boats pass. Traffic jams were common. In fact, one deer hunter was so angry that he took he left his truck and shot a round through the bridge controller's booth with his hunting rifle. Thus, a taller bridge was needed and the Zilwaukee, the "Z-Bridge" was born.

The Zilwaukee has the 11th longest single span out of all the segmental concrete bridges in the world. It's total span is about 8,000 feet (2.43 km).

Zilwaukee is the name of the town that sits at the base of the bridge. The town was named Zilwaukee in hopes that it might confuse people with Milwaukee. Really.