I. Nehemiah in Babylon (1:1-2:8)

A. Nehemiah learns of conditions in Jerusalem (1:1-3)
B. Nehemiah prays to God (1:4-11)
C. Nehemiah asks Artaxerxes to allow him to go and help (2:1-8)

II. Nehemiah's Journey (2:9-10)

III. Nehemiah's First Term as Governor in Jerusalem (2:11-13:3)

A. Inspection of Jerusalem (2:11-16)
B. Rebuilding the walls (2:17-6:19)

1. F1. Nehemiah encourages people (2:17-18)
2. Opposition from other governors (2:19)
3. Nehemiah further encourages people (2:20)
4. People who worked on wall (3:1-32)
5. Outside opposition continues (4:1-3)
6. Nehemiah's prayer (4:4-5)
7. Wall rebuilt to half its height (4:6)
8. Continued outside opposition (4:7-8)
9. Prayer for help (4:9)
10. Nehemiah's plans to protect workers (4:10-23)
11. Financial reform (5:1-19)

a. Abolishment of interest on loans (5:1-13)
b. Nehemiah and his servants live simply (5:14-19)

12. Continued outside plots foiled by Nehemiah (6:1-14)
13. Completion of wall and reaction to it (6:15-19)

C. Nehemiah's plan for guarding Jerusalem (7:1-4)
D. Census (7:5-69)
E. Offerings for rebuilding (7:70-72)
F. Peace in the land (7:73a)
G. Nehemiah and Ezra (7:73b-10:39)

1. Ezra reads and interprets law (7:73b-8:18)
2. People's confession of sin (9:1-5)
3. Ezra's prayer (9:6-37)
4. Covenant renewal (9:38-10:39)

H. Further census information (11:1-12:26)
I. Dedication of the wall (12:27-43)
J. Support for and service of the priests and Levites (12:44-47)
K. Exclusion of those of foreign descent (13:1-3)

IV. Nehemiah's Second Term as Governor in Jerusalem (13:4-31)

A. The priest Eliashib does wrong (13:4-5)
B. Nehemiah returns to Jerusalem (13:6-7a)
C. Nehemiah corrects Eliashib's mistake (13:7b-9)
D. Tithes provided for Levites (13:10-14)
E. Abolishment of business on Sabbath (13:15-22)
F. Abolishment of marriages between Jews and non-Jews (13:23-27)
G. Removal of a priest who had a non-Jewish wife (13:28-29)
H. Conclusion (13:30-31)


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