Why Bring Back the Belt?
Written by Desiree 

     I do not think that the belt should come back! If the belt came back, me as a child I would not go to school because I would not want to get smacked on the hand or anywhere else.
 If a child was in trouble the teacher should be taking  the child to the detention room or else they could phone the child's parents. 
 But to me I do not believe that children should get hit by anyone. Maybe when they are small they could get a tap on the hand to teach them not to do something bad, but at school when they are older, they should not be getting smacked with a belt. The belt is hitting them but if you just talk to them or teach them to be a good child it would help the child when that would not even do anything.

 So far, I would say: I just do not think that the government and/or the school board should not bring the belt back

Letters to the Editor

School Uniforms

Dear Chevy,
 This letter I'm writing is in regard to wearing  school uniforms.  I can see where both sides are coming from.  I myself, believe it would be a good thing to bring into the school system.  It would get rid of brand name clothing and know one would be left out because of the clothes that they wear.

 But I also agree with the children because they should be allowed to express themselves, buy wearing what they want and when they want.  I believe that the kids would be more comfortable in the clothes that they like to wear, not what they're forced to wear.
                         Sincerely, Raul   (Levi)

Dear Chevy, 
   I think that kids should be able to chew gum in school.  What is the harm if they leave their gum in their mouth? There is no problem to me, but teachers are worried that kids will  spit their gum out and other kids will step on it. If the children get a privilege that they enjoy, they will not blow it.  If they do, they will learn for the next time.
                                 Sincerely, Frisk    (Currie)



  Why aren't body jewelry/ piercings allowed in school sports?
Written by Chevy 
  Body jewelry isn't allowed in any sport!. As a player that has piercing’s. I fell that you should be able to tape them up and not have to take them out .For some surface piercing’s and new piercing’s will grow in fast and some are very costly. I understand that the worry of the team players at risk of getting hurt. 
  As a sports player I have a surface piercing in my eyebrow . I don't see problems of it hurting me especially in volleyball some precautions are that it might get caught on the net but it would be my responsibility .
   There's also the fact of piercing’s in the ears. I can see safety reasons for that because if you get hit there they could jab right in your head .There's the reason that taping it up is for ,because it will go around and block the point on the back of the earrings  so they don't jab in the players head. Same with the nose rings they could be taped . As for belly rings it could be taped up but its a easy piercing to get ripped out if you were playing a active sport aggressive sport . Such as basketball ,soccer, lacrosse and  hockey. 
    I think that all sports players of any kind should get to choose what they want to do ,keep piercing’s in or tape or take them out. Its there body and coaches and sport organization should let them make the decision If they want to take the risk and get hurt they should say oh well they took the risk and let it be!!! 


Dear Desiree,

 I agree that we should not wear shoes in the school because it will make the school dirty.  Also it gives the students in King George school a bit of freedom.  But I think that we shouldn't wear shoes in Physical Education.  But so far the whole school is very happy that we don't have to wear shoes!  Also we thank the schools awesome principal and vice principal for deciding that we don't have to wear shoes.  Thank you again.

        Sincerely, Jasper 



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