Landi Comic Club

Contact Information:        
Steve Melnychuck

"You mean I can be in the Southwest Airlines Mummers Parade on January 1st?"
Yes, you can take part in the Mummers Parade!

The Landi Comic Club is looking for entries in the following categories:
- Juveniles (under 12)
- Most original costumes
- Most original characters
- Best couples
- Groups (3 to 24 individuals)
- Brigades (25 or more individuals)
- Floats
- Captain

It's fun and the City of Philadelphia pays cash prizes to the top 20 entries in most categories and there are no meetings or entry fees. Anyone interested, please let me know as soon as possible so I can register your entry.

The Landi Comic Club has been competing in the Southwest Airlines Mummers Parade every year since January 1, 1950 as a nonprofit organization.

Our real goal is self growth and when you go for the growth, you can't'll always be a winner!

Thanks for your support.

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