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Greening Earth Society membership supports our efforts online and elsewhere to provide solid, scientific information on CO2 and Climate. Most of our members are individuals who seek information on carbon dioxide and climate change, and who want to support Greening Earth Society in our effort to provide it.

The bulk of our financial support comes from rural electric cooperatives, municipal electric utilities, and their fuel suppliers, including Western Fuels Association, Inc., which created Greening Earth Society in 1997 as a vehicle for advocacy on climate change, the environmental impact of CO2, and fossil fuel use.

With our members’ support, we are able to provide useful materials to educators, grassroots activists, families, students, politicians, and scientists. We commission original research exploring CO2’s effect on our environment.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Greening Earth Society, please feel free to contact us at info@co2andclimate.org Suggested levels of membership appear below along with a method of using a credit card for that purpose. Please note: Greening Earth Society, while a not-for-profit organization, is not a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Therefore your membership is not tax deductible under provisions of the U.S. Tax Code

$15 entitles you to an Acorn Membership. Acorns help us distribute our two videotapes The Greening of Planet Earth and The Greening of Planet Earth Continues.

$25 is considered to be a Seedling Membership. Seedlings contribute to operation of our website: CO2andClimate.org.

$50 is a generous contribution at the Sapling level of Membership. Saplings defray the cost of the World Climate Report Online and other scientific essays and reports.

Please indicate which level of membership you desire and click on "Pay By Credit Card" to proceed to the checkout page.:

Acorn Membership with The Greening Of Planet Earth video $15.00
Acorn Membership with The Greening Of Planet Earth Continues video $15.00
Seedling Membership (includes both videos) $25.00
Sapling Membership
(includes both videos) $50.00

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