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  Articles and Reports

Biosphere's Response to Higher CO2 4/20/02

Using Best Management Practices to Enlarge the Carbon Sink 08/31/01

Higher CO2 & Plant Decomposition 07/31/01

How Carbon Sinks Work 06/29/01

How Forests, Croplands, and Pastures Recycle Carbon 06/29/01

You Can’t Keep Good News Down

Storing Carbon In Soil Greens Planet Earth 11/2/99

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Stalagmite Saga

Turkish Delight 04/19/01

Mediterranean Musings 04/12/01

Baffling Baffin Bay 04/12/01

Mediterranean Cool 04/02/01

Hockey Stick Slapped Anew 2/1/01

Inuit Intuition 12/08/00

Bulked Up Bulgarians 11/17/00

John Daly's Hockey Stick Check 10/29/00

Lapp Lessons 10/18/00

New York Baseball Hot, Climate Not 10/18/00

U.S. Regional Assessments Seriously Flawed 09/11/00

The National Assessment Overview: Politics Disguised as Science 08/21/00

Sea Level in a C02-Enhanced World 07/11/00

Winds Of Change Don't Blow 07/03/00

Nepalese Tree-ring Data Reveals No Anthropogenic Warming 6/14/00

Problems With World's Surface Temperature Data 05/26/00

The National Assessment's Fatal Flaws 05/25/00

Arizona Apocalypse Not 05/18/00

Storm In A Teacup 5/12/00

Europe's 250- Year Temperature Record 04/03/00

It's Not Some Like It Hot 03/24/00

Not So Hot Rio 3/23/00

Wining In A Warmer World 3/13/00

Satellite and Near Surface Temperature Reconcilliation 03/17/00

Freezing the Adriatic 1/31/00

Is Climate Science Bankrupt? 1/28/00

Linking Global Warming Malaria Ignores Reality, Disregards History 1/4/00

No Warming In Panama 11/29/99

Cooling Melts Himalayan Glaciers? 11/29/99

No Dam Warming! 10/25/99

Finnish "Sauna" Warming (or Cooling) 10/15/99

Lost Squadron Ices Global Warming 9/13/99

Hurricane Threat Overblown 8/23/99

Baltic Sea's Cold Shoulder 8/12/99

Temperature Observations at Kitt Peak, AZ

Hot Time In Kyoto 7/8/99

Welcome to a Warmer World 6/16/99

90 Years of Cooling At Mt. Wilson Observatory 5/18/99

Ecologist's "Declaration on Climate Change" Refutation 5/7/99

More Ice On The Great lakes? 4/27/99

Good News From the Heartland 4/15/99

Early Action Credits: The Road to Nowhere

Further Evidence: Warm Is Good, Cold Is Bad

Listen To The Bristlecone Pines 3/25/99

English Temperature Record Shows Early, Benign Warning 3/11/99

Lenin's Sea-Ice Stations Show No Global Warming 2/17/99

Warm Is Good, Cold Is Bad 2/3/99

Still No Balloon Warming

No Global Warming at Mt. Washington, NH 1/20/99

Logic Goes Extinct As Press Overplays Overpeck 12/28/98

World Climate Report's Temperature Bet 12/28/98

Study Shows No Global Warming in North America

Computer Models and Energy Flux 12/14/98

Good News in the Heartland

Co2: A Pollutant?

The Changing Face of the Apocalypse 11/97

Future Climate and the Precautionary Principle: The Other Side of the Story

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High CO2 and Soil Salinity 4/20/02

Loblolly Pine 4/17/02

Forest Response to Elevated CO2 2/22/02

Higher CO2 and Draught Resistance 12/26/01

Pines' Response to Higher CO2 12/26/01

Watching Trees Grow In Kyoto 8/01/01

From Tree Tops to Root Tips 8/01/01

Waxing On Wood 06/21/01

Sweet News of Sweetgum 5/24/01

Organic Anti-Freeze 12/15/00

Pining for Different News 12/01/00

Greening of the American West 10/31/00

Loblolly Love C02 05/18/00

Forests Will Be Fine 05/18/00

Woody World

Lorax Might Want To Model The Trees

The Understory Story

Can’t See the Trees for the Forest 2/03/00

Mango Mania

Black Locust Love CO2 1/24/00

Eucalyptus Fight Back

What's Douglas Fer?

Listening to a Living Fossil

No Pining for Kyoto

Rocky Mountain High, CO2LORADO

Cheery Cherries

CO2's Christmas Gift 12/14/98

Sprucing Up

Made in the Shade

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Barley 6/18/02

Grasses 6/18/02

Peatlands 6/18/02

Wheat 4/20/02

Soybeans 4/17/02

Oranges 4/17/02

Grasses, Pastures, and Elevated CO2 2/22/02

Austrailian Wheat and Pasture Grasses 2/22/02

Irish Potato Experiments 12/26/01

Grassland Biodiversity 12/25/2001

Grasses Herbivores 12/25/2001

Greener Pastures 6/21/01

Sorghum's Sweet Success 06/01/01

Milking Soybeans 06/01/01

C02mbatting Desertification and Sorghum's Sweet Stories 05/25/01

Pumped-up Pastureland 5/24/01

Clippings: Mowing Through the CO2 Literature 4/6/01

No Baaaaad News Here 4/2/01

Making Grass Green 1/2/01

Stow It, Mate. Relax 1/2/01

The Grass Is Always Greener 11/30/00

Mr PotatoHead Threatened 05/18/00

What’s Peanuts’ Future, Charlie Brown? 03/09/00

Watch That Wheat

Turf's Up 03/02/00

Parasitic Plants Will Not Prevail

A Cure for Desertification?

Maybe It’s The Melon Millennium After All

Mow, Mow, Mow

Tomorrow's Grass Will Be Greener!

CO2TTON: The Sequel

More CO2 Averts World Hunger 9/1/99

Show Me the Salad

CO2 TTON! 1997

Heartland of Gold

Greenhouse Wheat

Origins of Agriculture 1997

The Global Environment: It's Good for Food Production 1997

High-Performance Pastures?

Deserts Just Desserts

Eco-Miracle in East Africa?

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In Defense of Carbon Dioxide

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Hockey Stick Slapped Anew

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  Online Resources and Links

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Center for Study of CO2 and Global Change

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Junk Science

NASA - Global Change Master Directory

National Climatic Data Center

Pew Center on Global Climate Change

Still Waiting for Greenhouse

World Climate Report

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Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center

Center for Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change

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American Association of Petroleum Geologists

Americans for Balanced Energy Choices

American Gas Association

American Petroleum Institute

Canadian Association of Geophysical Contractors

Canadian Association of Petroleum Land Administration

Canadian Chemical Producers Association

Center for Energy & Economic Development

Coal Age

Coal Camp

The Coal Association of Canada

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Department of Energy's Fossil Energy Education


Energy Information Administration's Annual Energy Review

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Exploration and Production Forum

Fossil Fuels.org

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Jim Walter Resources

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Kentucky Coal Council

McCloskey Coal Information Services Ltd

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National Mining Association

Offshore Technology

Partners for Affordable Energy

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Petroleum Communication Foundation (PCF)

Petroleum Enterprise Institute

Petroleum Equipment Institute

United States Geological Survey

Utah Mining Association

UtiliCorp United / Energy One

Western Fuels Association

Women in Mining

World Coal Institute

WVU National Research Center for Coal and Energy

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American Farm Bureau

Center for Security Policy

National Consumer Coalition

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Accuracy in Academia

Accuracy in Media

Acton Institute - Environmental Stewardship Project

Capital Research Center

Columbia Environmental Research Center

Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow

The Commonwealth Foundation

Competitive Enterprise Institute

Cooler Heads Coalition

Discovery Place

Environmental Protection Agency

Frontiers of Freedom

George C. Marshall Institute

Green Fossil Energy

Heritage Foundation

Lycos Environment News

Media Research Center

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National Wilderness Institute

The North American Historical, Preservation and Research

Pacific Research Institute

Pollution Online

Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation

Small Business Survival Committee

Solid Waste.com

Study Web

Town Hal

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