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  Ghostly Encounters: Welcome to the occult section of ~ on the night of December 21st 2004 Gregory J. Daniel, Skye Altamirano & Alicia Altamirano explored a building they had always felt an interest towards driving by day after day. Before the initial exploration they spoke to a spirit through a Ouija board at their home, telling them of what venture they were about to partake in. The spirit using the board told Alicia that 3 people had died at the building, which is why it had shut down, and was now in near-ruins.

  Leaving to explore the building at 5:PM they, within the hour, encountered 3 spirits at the site telling them of their deaths, and asking for help to leave the location. The method in which they desired to use in leaving was to have one of the three living bodies at the event take in their spirits (possession) so they may escape the area, and see their families again, as well as confront the man named "Paul" who had started the fire in which they died.
The three bodies refused the request, as no body was without discomfort considering they knew so little of possession and how to maintain it in a healthy manner. In this, the ghosts became frustrated, but were forced to comply regardless.

  According to un-contradicted notice, the building had been constructed 17 years prior, and they had died only three years before the Ouija encounter. From research on the three living bodies perspective, a fire was started just outside the location where the three men were working (lumber mill) however they were trapped inside, and because of this, the arson Paul, became a murderer.

  Below you will find a few of the many photos taken at the site. The orbs are said to represent spirits in travel, while the other misty figures are to represent idle ghosts. The camera used was a brand new Kodak Digital camera, these photos were developed entirely inside the camera, and were sent directly to Gregory J's laptop unaltered other than the change of image size and the addition of a border/text in the lower right corner. Let me assure you personally, nothing was added, or removed to these pictures other than the text & the border. Please browse with confidence, as these are truly amazing finds.

  Once the three bodies had left the site, they observed these images and returned to confirm what they had seen in the pictures. The ghosts agreed that the orbs were themselves in travel, but were upset because they were not given enough time to appear before each picture was taken (they had requested that the bodies go to their location of death and take pictures, but were not given enough time to appear. This was most likely due to the fact that the ghosts used their energy on blowing out the candle beside the Ouija board as soon as the flashlight was turned out (it was very amazing))

Shows Strange Burn & Orb Marks

Shows Amazing Amount of Orbs

Shows Orange Glowing Hand Figure on Alicia Altamirano (???)

Shows Orbs Surrounding Skye Altamirano

Shows Very Bright & Faded Orbs

Shows Strange Steam Figure

Shows Strange Steam, Orbs & Other Figures

Shows Very Odd Foggy Figure & Bright Orb

Shows (Explainable) Fog & (Un) Strange Orb

Shows Vibrant Foggy Figure

Shows Various Ghostly Faces (can you find them?)

Shows 3+ Orbs Hovering

Shows Orbs by Old Soda Machine

Shows More Orbs & Potentially Strange Elements

Shows Dangerous Room w/Orb

Shows Orbs Leading Up Stairs

Shows Stunning Purple Light & Orbs

Shows Unexplained Mist & Orbs

Shows Amazingly Bold Orb

Shows Orb Beyond A Wooden Window

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