Filed Briefs:
Appellant's Brief on Redistricting Venue Issue
(Filed: 2/24/04)  
Brief Filed in Support of the May Primaries (Filed: 1/16/04)
Motion for Injunctive Relief Regarding May Primaries (Filed: 1/16/04)

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Press Releases:
NC Senate Press Release:
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Primaries Delayed: Democrats Continue to Play Games (2/9/04)
NC Senate Press Release:
Election Delay Deliberate by Democrat Leaders  (2/9/04)
Republicans Move to Save May Primary

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Primaries Delayed:
Democrats Continue to Play Games

(RALEIGH) – As a result of the delayed adoption of state legislative redistricting plans by the Democrat-controlled General Assembly, the State Board of Election today decided to postpone the May 4 primary to July 20.  Under a state statute adopted by General Assembly, the SBOE was required to delay the 2004 primaries if the legislative redistricting maps had not been approved by Federal judges as being compliant with the federal Voting Rights Act.

“We would not be in this situation if the Democrat leadership in the General Assembly did not wait until the week of Thanksgiving to introduce the new maps,” said Ferrell Blount, Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party.  “It is their procrastination that put us in this situation.”

The Federal Court has not had enough time to render an opinion as to whether the adopted maps comply with the Voting Rights Act.  The court has set a trial date of April 13, 2004 on this matter.

“This was a deliberate tactic by the Democrat leadership. They are employing their version of the four-corner offense,” added Blount. “They are trying to run down the clock by shortening the time between the primary election and the general election so Republican nominees will have less time to campaign.”

The leadership of the General Assembly was aware that new legislative redistricting maps would have to be drawn and approved by the Federal government since 2002.  The Democrat leadership would not take up the issue until the end of 2003 in a special session. 

“The Democrats’ tactic is deplorable,“ said Blount.  “They would sacrifice voters participation in a Presidential Preference Primary so that they can have their gerrymandered maps.  It’s the only way they can win.”