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Members of this committee gave support and advice, and/or blindly read and reviewed the first twenty pages of applicants novel to determine the top twenty-five Semi-Finalists and top six Finalists. Each application was randomly reviewed by at least six different committee members and another applicant.

Charlie Anders, publisher of other magazine
Stephen Beachy, author of the novels The Whistling Song and Distortion
Rachel Kramer Bussel, reviser of The Lesbian Sex Book and co-editor of Up All Night
Justin Chin, author of Burden of Ashes and Harmless Medicine
M. Christian, well-known author and editor
Wayne Courtois, author of My Name Is Rand
Scott Cranin, senior editor of gay & lesbian videos and books at TLA Video
Jameson Currier, author of Where the Rainbow Ends
Jim Gladstone, author of The Big Book of Misunderstanding
Daphne Gottlieb, author of Final Girl and Why Things Burn
Trebor Healey, author of Through It Came Bright Colors
Francisco Ibañez-Carrasco, author of Killing Me Softly: Morir Amando
Susannah Indigo, editor of Clean Sheets and Slow Trains
Daniel WK Lee, a cultural juggernaut waiting to happen
Shaun Levin, author of Seven Sweet Things
Marilyn Jaye Lewis, award-winning author of erotic literature
Jeff Mann, author of Bones Washed with Wine, Edge, and Devoured
David McConnell, author of The Firebrat
Marshall Moore, author of Black Shapes in a Darkened Room
Felice Picano, author of Onyx and Like People in History
Andy Quan, author of Calendar Boy and Slant
Rick Reed, author of the novels Obsessed, Penance, and A Face Without a Heart
Wendell Ricketts, a San Francisco-based writer and editor
L.M. Ross, author of The Long Blue Moan
David Salcido, editor of Blue Food
Lori Selke, editor of Problem Child
Michael V. Smith, author of Cumberland
Mattilda a.k.a. Matt Bernstein Sycamore, author of Pulling Taffy
Michelle Tea, author of Valencia and The Chelsea Whistle
Sage Vivant, publisher of Custom Erotica Source
Patricia Nell Warren, author of One is the Sun, The Wild Man, and The Front Runner
Paul Willis, coordinator of Saints and Sinners alternative literary festival
Emanuel Xavier, author Christ-Like, Pier Queen, and Americano


Each member of this committee participated on the Advisory and Review Committee, plus read and reviewed each of the six Finalists full manuscript to determine the Winner.

Rhiannon Argouarch, UCSF student and Suspect Thoughts Press intern
Patrick Califia, prolific author of essays, fiction, and poetry
Jennifer Natalya Fink, author of Burn and founder of The Gorilla Press
Ted Gideonse, writer and literary agent with Ann Rittenberg Literary Agency, Inc.
Richard Labonté, editor of the Best Gay Erotica series
Sean Meriwether, editor of Outsider Ink and Velvet Mafia
Brian Pera, author of Troublemaker
Ian Philips, author of See Dick Deconstruct and Satyriasis
Martin Pousson, author of No Place, Louisiana
D. Travers Scott, author of Execution, Texas: 1987 and editor of Strategic Sex
Mitchell Waters, literary agent with Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Greg Wharton, author of Johnny Was and editor of Love That Dare Not Speak


Sean Meriwether, webarchitect/partner of Blowsquish Creative
Ian Philips, editor in chief of Suspect Thoughts Press
Greg Wharton, publisher of Suspect Thoughts Press



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