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Lester W. Smith

Home Page:

Roleplaying Game Credits:
Book Publisher Credit
Encyclopedia of Exotic Weapons (d20 System (generic)) (2004) Fast Forward Entertainment Development and Editing
Encyclopedia of Exotic Weapons (d20 System (generic)) (2004) Fast Forward Entertainment Writing and Design
Encyclopedia Vanguard: Modern d20 (d20 Modern) (2004) Fast Forward Entertainment Editing
Annotated Player's Handbook (d20 System (generic)) (2003) Fast Forward Entertainment Annotations
Dungeon World (2002) Fast Forward Entertainment Design
Sanctuary (Sovereign Stone) (2002) Sovereign Press Design Assistance
Way of the Dead, The (Deadlands: The Weird West) (2002) Pinnacle Entertainment Group Original Material
Marshal's Handbook, Revised Ed. (Deadlands: The Weird West) (2001) Pinnacle Entertainment Group Additional Development
Sovereign Stone Campaign Sourcebook (2001) Sovereign Press Design Assistance
Skinners (Deadlands: The Weird West) (1999) Pinnacle Entertainment Group Author
Dark Conspiracy Player's Handbook, 2nd Ed. (1998) Dynasty Presentations, Inc. Design
Dark Conspiracy Referee's Guide, 2nd Ed. (1998) Dynasty Presentations, Inc. Design
Book o' the Dead (Deadlands: The Weird West) (1997) Pinnacle Entertainment Group Writing and Design
Book of Hunts, The (Whispering Vault) (1997) Ronin Publishing Design
Tapani Sector Instant Adventures (Star Wars (d6)) (1997) West End Games Design
Zero (1997) Archangel Entertainment Concept and Design
Mind Lords of the Last Sea (Dark Sun) (1996) TSR, Inc. Editing
Planes of Chaos (Planescape) (1994) TSR, Inc. Design
Red Steel (1994) TSR, Inc. Editing
Bughunters (Amazing Engine) (1993) TSR, Inc. Design
Twilight: 2000, ver. 2.2 (1993) Game Designers Workshop Design
Mythus (Dangerous Journeys) (1992) Game Designers Workshop Editing
Mythus Magick (Dangerous Journeys) (1992) Game Designers Workshop Editing
Necropolis (Dangerous Journeys) (1992) Game Designers Workshop Editing
Citybook IV - On the Road (Catalyst) (1990) Flying Buffalo Author
Harlequin (Shadowrun) (1990) FASA Corporation Author
Space: 1889 (1988) Game Designers Workshop Additional Design and Development
Other Game Credits:
Product Publisher Credit
Demon Dice (2003) Fast Forward Entertainment Author
Demon Dice (2003) Fast Forward Entertainment Design
Warlord's Tactical Manual Reference Guide (Blood Wars) (1996) TSR, Inc. Original Game Development
Magazine Credits:
Magazine Credit
Challenge #63 (Aug 1992) Consulting Editor
Challenge #59 (Apr 1992) Consulting Editor
Challenge #54 (Nov 1991) Associate Editor
Magazine Article Credits:
Article Credit
"Apocalypse Cow" in Challenge #59 (Apr 1992) Author
"Attack of the Ice-Age Cyborg Kamikaze Holsteins" in Challenge #52 (Aug 1991) Author
"Game Wizards: Bughunters" in Dragon #194 (Jun 1993) Author
"Heroic Horror Campaigns" in Dragon #264 (Oct 1999) Author
"Measure of a Monster, The" in Dragon #254 (Dec 1998) Author
"Things That Go Bump in the Night" in Challenge #52 (Aug 1991) Author
"Urban Beasts for NightLife" in Challenge #52 (Aug 1991) Author
"Vampire Hunting in Dark Conspiracy" in White Wolf Magazine #29 (Oct/Nov 1991) Author
"Your Own Worst Enemy" in Challenge #54 (Nov 1991) Author

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