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There's nothing like seeing for believing. Demonstration sites, tours and case studies are some of the ways that the Collaborative helps people see the principles of cool daylighting in action.

Virtual Tours

Experience daylit buildings by taking these on-line tours. In order to view them, you need to have the free Flash plug-in installed on your computer (visit the Macromedia download page and follow the instructions).

Demonstration Sites

The biggest barrier to daylighting (or anything new) is fear of the unknown. Buildings cost too much to be experimental. The purpose of demonstration sites is to display simple, repeatable models of success. The sites represent a "catalog" of effective, straightforward solutions that may be selected and copied for common daylighting applications. These sites are the cornerstones of the "why-do" and "how-to" activities of the Daylighting Collaborative.

As the sites progress, photographs, design information, and product information will be used to create case studies. In addition, information on visiting the sites will be provided.

Site Locations:

Several of the demonstration sites listed below are linked to separate documents containing exterior and/or interior photographs.

Site Criteria

The Daylighting Collaborative is actively seeking sites for commercial offices and classrooms, both for retrofit and new construction. If you have a suggestion for a potential demonstration room site, please contact Abby Vogen at 608.238.8276 x122 or

Please use the following general criteria:

Specific criteria exist for office and school buildings (PDF, 104K).


Project ProfilesThese one-page overviews present photographs, statistics, and sustainable design characteristics for a variety of buildings: