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Be assured the content of is coming soon. The process is a process after all. The content will evolve from this links page. The sitemap page should give an idea on what’s on the rising7, ~pault, Crafty Things and Pitsmoor Against the WAR [PATWAR] pages.

Just for a taster of what’s to come here are some links to some of my favourite places on the web. It might just give you an insight into what interests me, what computer and software I use, what makes me groove, and what I think about the way world works. They are not in any particular order and are grouped as follows:



New. organizations






Updated.internet resources



Please note, some group allocations can be a bit arbitrary.




These are all print or internet distributed publications that I subscribe to, or read on a regular basis. I do not agree with all of them. Also a good couple of places to buy books I like.

External link.SchNEWS
Wake up! Wake up! It’s yer weekly dose of direct action news. Comin’ attcha every Friday.

External link.Red and Black Revolution
A magazine of libertarian communism, published by WSM. Latest issue: #6; lead article: “From Bakunin to the Black Bloc”.

External link.Workers Solidarity
Paper of WSM. Latest issue: #72, September–October 2002; lead article: “A bosses Europe or an anarchist Europe?”.

Updated.External link.Direct Action
Quarterly magazine of SolFed. Latest issue: #27; lead article: “evilempires”.

External link.Organise!
Twice yearly magazine of AF. Latest issue: #59; lead article: “Sex”.

External link.Private Eye
Fortnightly pain in the arse for the British establishment. The subscription is the best bargain in publishing.

External link.AK Press & Distribution
Books for anarchists. Mail order service. Free catalogue. Become a Friend of AK to support their valuable work (I am).

External link.Bookmarks
Books for socialists. Booksellers to the TUC. Mail order service.


New. External link.trollyd
Weapons of mass pleasure. Soundsystem mates of mine, who purvey high quality political soundz. mp3 downloads.

New. External link.Sheffield Samba Band
My daughter’s a maestro for them and I play surdo part time.

External link.Sheffield Anti-War Coalition
An umbrella organization for individuals and groups opposed to the ‘War on Terrorism’.

External link.Stop the War Coalition
The same but nationally (unsurprisingly).

External link.Anarchist Federation [AF]
British anarchist communists. Brtish section of External link.International of Anarchist Federations [IAF–IFA].

External link.Solidarity Federation [SolFed]
British anarcho-syndicalists. Brtish section of External link.International Workers Association [IWA–AIT].

External link.Workers Solidarity Movement [WSM]
Irish platformist anarchists. As they so correctly point out (in the words of Bakunin): “...freedom without socialism is privilege and injustice... socialism without freedom is slavery and brutality.”


External link.Infoshop.
It describes itself as “Your guide to online anarchy. Anarchy and anarchism on the web? [We have] lots of information of interest to anarchists, anti-authoritarians, and other activists. Put some anarchy into your life today and learn why anarchists are trying to create a more anarchist society.”. That’s because everything seems to be here. Always the first place to look if you’re looking for anything anarchic.

External link.a-infos
An anarchist news service, or should I say the anarchist news service. a multi-lingual news service by, for, and about anarchists. Invaluable.

External link.The a-infos Radio Project
Streamed and mp3s for download of lots of interesting radio from around the world.

External link.Anarchist FAQ
The Anarchist FAQ is regularly updated (presently v9.8 [27 January 2003]). Its aim is to present what anarchism really stands for and indicate why you should become an anarchist. A great reference and well worth the download.

External link.IndyMedia UK
A network of individuals, independent and alternative media activists and organizations, offering grassroots, non-corporate, non-commercial coverage of important social and political issues.

External link.Independent Media Centre
IndyMedia central.

External link.The Daily Bleed
A daily dose of the stuff that you didn’t learn at school. And I’m officially a Bleedster, ask Dave. They say: “A Calendar Better Than Boiled Coffee! Timeline, Chronology, Labor, Radical, Arts, Literature, Authors, Poets, Anarchists...”

External link.The Struggle Site
A good resource for anarchists, loads of pdfs of anarchist classics.

External link.Marxists Internet Archive.
The works of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, Luxemburg, Bakunin, Proudhon and many more. A gobsmackingly good resource.

My small contribution is the markup for External link.Ludwig Feuerbach and the End of Classical German Philosophy by Friedrich Engels.

External link.Corporate Watch
Keeping an eye on nasty corporations. Very high quality research, reports and resources.


Updated.External link.Burngreave Messenger
Independent, (almost) monthly community magazine for the area of Sheffield where I live. Also where I work. New edition [#31 May 2003] now online.

The title of the webpage is “Developing Community IT Tools”, which pretty much covers it. An experiment in community IT participation. Quite a lot of stuff from me on there.

External link.Burngreave IT Partnership
More commonly known as BITPart. I use some of my free time in helping to “ensure that Burngreave residents benefit fully from the opportunities ICT brings“.


External link.Society for American Baseball Research [SABR]
Founded in 1971. The world’s premier baseball research organization. Member from 1998–2001 (can’t afford this year).

External link.SABR UK Chapter
My local chapter named after Scotland’s Bobby Thomson (of The shot heard ’round the world fame).

External link.Retrosheet
Retrosheet was founded in 1989 for the purpose of computerizing play-by-play accounts of as many pre-1984 major league games as possible. Lots of interesting data to download if you’re of that particular persuasion (and I am).

External link.Baseball Immortals
Fellow SABR member Lee Sinins’ personal Hall of Fame alternative—admirable for its consistency.

External link.Baseball Encyclopedia
Another of Lee Sinins’ projects. Sabrmetric and other stats for the rest of us.



External link.Nisus
The best word processor on any platform. I use v6.5, but v4.1.6 and the Compact version are available as free downloads. I would recommend v4.1.6. For Mac OS.

External link.The Nisus Way
The best resource for the best word processor on any platform.

External link.Mailkeeper
From the good folks who brought you Nisus, an astounding (though idiosyncratic) piece of software for organizing text-based stuff. For Mac OS.

External link.OneClick
Automate your Macintosh in a million ways. For Mac OS.

External link.iCab
My browser of choice. I use v2.9.1Pre. For Mac OS and OS X.

External link.Mailsmith
My email client of choice. I use v1.1.8. For Mac OS and OS X.

External link.Interarchy
My FTP application of choice. I use v6.2. For Mac OS and OS X.

Updated.External link.SETI@home
A piece of software which analyzes data for the SETI programme. I use v3.0.8. What the computer does when I don’t. 298 units completed for the TidBITS team. More detailed stats on External


External link.World Wide Web Consortium
More commonly known as w3c. Should be anyone’s first port of call if you have a question about things webwise. The standards organization for the web and therefore a point of reference for anyone who writes web pages.

External link.w3c Validator
w3c also run a free web page validation service. All the pages on this website and most of the other pages I write have been checked by this validator and are HTML 4.01 Transitional compliant. The CSSs are now compliant too! See also the icon at the bottom of this (and every page) on this website. If you’ve written a website, run it through the validator and see how it does.

External link.iCab smiling
My pages all make iCab smile. If you use Windows (my sympathies) or use another browser this will be lost on you. See also the icon at the bottom of this (and every page) on this website.

External link.Athel’s webpages
Athel Cornish-Bowden—a fellow iCabber—has written some very good pages on website design. These have special reference to web standards and accessibility. Well thought out and bristling with common sense.

internet resources

Updated.External link.Project Gutenberg.
Project Gutenburg [PG] have provided public domain texts for download since 1971. You’ll be amazed what’s on there—8,075 texts [28 May 2003] and counting (from Shakespeare to Marx via pi to a million places). I have a page of my own Project Gutenberg favourites. In October 2002 PG was awarded the prestigious Stockholm Award (the organizational equivalent of a Nobel Prize). Probably the most important website there is. PG passed 8,000 texts in May 2003.

Updated.External link.Project Gutenberg Australia
There is a difference between the copyright laws in the US (where PG is based) and Australia. In the US, the basic rule is life plus seventy-five years and in Australia life plus fifty years. For a fuller explanaition of the complexities see PG’s External link.copyright page. 233 texts [28 May 2003].

External link.Internet Public Library
Library services for internet users from the University of Michigan School of Information—books, periodical, newspapers etc.

External link.TidBITS
A weekly dose of the best Macintosh and internet news. I think it’s the best computer journalism on the web; and it’s a community as well. Published every Monday, over 600 issues (wow).


External link.Big Chill
Went to the Lulworth Castle event in 2001. Nice vibe, good tunes.

External link.Ninjatune
Purveyors of fine tunes to the masses for an unfeasible long time.

External link.Compost
They say “Compost is a (bio)dynamic, bio-chemistral cell of an international jazz-, Brazil-, eclectro-jazz, down beat, drum & bass-music-movement. We release organic and abstract sounds, unexpected natural elements, as well as future sounds of electronic digital or analogue music.” Which is good, because that’s what I like...

External link.Nascente
Also purveyors of fine tunes to the masses. As they say about themselves “Hypnotic Cuban grooves, pumping African rythyms, ecstatic Sufi voices—Nascente covers the waterfront of world music”.

External link.Alternative Tentacles
Jello Biafra seems to have been part of my life forever. From Dead Kennedys in my teenage to spoken word and all the good politics. Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn’s recording home—how cool is that? Good source of mp3s.

External link.Public Enemy
Just because they’re important dammit.

External link.De La Soul
Just because they’re nearly as important as Public Enemy.

External link.Ubu Projex
The art and business affairs directorate for Pere Ubu and related projex.

External link.The Fall
That would be The Mighty Fall. Unlike any other—some folks just don’t understand.

External link.Hüsker Dü Database
The question: “Are Hüsker Dü the most important US guitar band of the last twenty five years?” doesn’t need answering—they are.

External link.Miles Davies
The man.


External link.Centre for Alternative Technology
Europe’s leading eco-centre. A mighty fine place to visit if you’re ever near Machynlleth [Powys, Wales] and you get a discount on entry if you arrive by bike or public transport.

External link.The SF Site
The SF Site is a good source for serious SF fans—good book reviews and access to a very useful [up-to-date] database.

External link.Clitheroe
A small town in Lancashire, where I was born. Warning: unless you have a really wide monitor this page will involve horizontal scrolling.

I can be contacted by email: mailto: pault

I would appreciate any feedback from you. Please bookmark this page and return. I try very hard to make pages I write HTML 4.01 Transitional compliant—if you spot any errors (however trivial), please let me know at the address above, the same goes for things like broken links, missing graphics etc. I hope you enjoy the website.


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