The STX 2.3. named (we're guessing) after the river, not the '70's band.

Like the infamous river, our STX 2.3 stands
as a dividing line between you and the
results of a lackluster performance.
Designed to showcase all of the talents at your command, the STX 2.3 blends it's own
style with a comfortable, familiar Cavaliers
du Ciel feel.

Kite Name STX 2.3
Designer Jean Paul Conné
Type Stunt/Sport, Freestyle, Intermediate-Expert
Wingspan (230cm)
Height (107cm)
Weight 270g
Sail Material 0.6 oz. Polyester
Frame Click here for UL frame and parts.
Click here for STD frame and parts.
Click here for VTD frame and parts.
Wind Range 3-20 MPH
Recommended Line 75-140 Lb es55 Blue Line/  75-100 ft
Available Versions 
*special order
Std, Vented*, UL*