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Testing base db 4.3.27-2 The Berkeley DB embedded database system 2005-02-16
Testing base ncurses 5.4-2 A System V Release 4.0 curses emulation library 2005-02-07
Testing base pam 0.78-4 PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) library 2005-02-17
Testing base perl 5.8.6-2 Practical Extraction and Report Language 2005-02-16
Testing daemons apache 2.0.53-2 A high performance Unix-based HTTP server (with SSL) 2005-02-16
Testing daemons courier-authlib 0.54-1 Authentification library for the courier mailserver(s) 2005-02-20
Testing daemons courier-imap 4.0.1-1 IMAP(s)/POP3(s) Server 2005-02-20
Testing daemons courier-mta 0.48.2-1 IMAP(s)/POP3(s) and SMTP Server with ML-manager, webmail and webconfig 2005-02-20
Testing daemons cyrus-sasl 2.1.20-2 SASL authentication daemon 2005-03-07
Testing daemons exim 4.50-2 A Message Transfer Agent 2005-02-26
Testing daemons openldap 2.2.23-2 LDAP Server 2005-02-16
Testing daemons postfix 2.1.5-4 Secure, fast, easy to administer drop in replacement for Sendmail (MTA) 2005-03-08
Testing daemons postgresql 8.0.1-1 A sophisticated object-relational DBMS 2005-01-31
Testing daemons xsp 1.0.6-1 A simple webserver based on mono - provides ASP support 2005-02-21
Testing devel kdevelop 3.2.0-1 A C/C++ development environment for KDE 2005-03-08
Testing devel mono 1.1.4-2 free implementation of the .NET platform including runtime and compiler 2005-02-21
Testing devel php 5.0.3-6 A high-level scripting language 2005-03-08
Testing devel python 2.4-3 A high-level scripting language 2005-02-22
Testing devel ruby 1.8.2-4 An object-oriented language for quick and easy programming 2005-02-22
Testing devel subversion 1.1.3-2 Replacement for CVS, another versioning system 2005-02-19
Testing editors peacock 1.9.1-3 a gtk2 wysiwyg html editor 2005-03-08
Testing editors xemacs 21.5.17-2 X Windows version of the Emacs editor 2005-03-08
Testing games smclone 0.95rc1-1 A Super Mario Brothers Clone: Secret Maryo Chronicles 2005-02-27
Testing gnome bug-buddy 2.10.0-1 A bug reporting tool for GNOME 2005-03-07
Testing gnome control-center 2.10.0-1 The Control Center for GNOME 2005-03-08
Testing gnome dasher 3.2.14-1 an information-efficient text-entry interface, driven by natural continuous pointing gestures 2005-03-08
Testing gnome eel 2.10.0-1 Eazel Extensions Library is a collection of widgets and extensions for GNOME 2005-03-07
Testing gnome eog 2.9.0-1 Eye of Gnome: An image viewing and cataloging program 2005-02-21
Testing gnome epiphany 1.6.0-1 A GNOME2 web browser based on the mozilla rendering engine. 2005-03-07
Testing gnome epiphany-extensions 1.6.0-1 Various extentions for the Epiphany web browser 2005-03-07
Testing gnome evince 0.1.7-1 Simply a document viewer 2005-03-08
Testing gnome evolution-data-server 1.2.0-1 Evolution Data Server provides a central location for addressbook and calendar in the GNOME Desktop 2005-03-08
Testing gnome evolution-webcal 2.2.0-1 Evolution Web calendar 2005-03-08
Testing gnome file-roller 2.10.0-1 Archive manipulator for GNOME2 2005-03-08
Testing gnome gal 2.4.0-1 Gnome App Library 2005-03-08
Testing gnome gcalctool 5.5.41-1 GNOME Scientific calculator 2005-03-08
Testing gnome gconf 2.10.0-1 A configuration database system 2005-03-07
Testing gnome gconf-editor 2.10.0-1 Graphics gconf registry editor 2005-03-07
Testing gnome gdm Gnome Display Manager (a reimplementation of xdm) 2005-03-01
Testing gnome gedit 2.10.0-1 A text editor for GNOME 2005-03-08
Testing gnome ggv 2.8.4-1 Postscript viewer 2005-03-07
Testing gnome gnome-applets 2.10.0-1 GNOME Applets 2005-03-08
Testing gnome gnome-backgrounds 2.10.0-1 Gnome background chooser 2005-03-07
Testing gnome gnome-desktop 2.10.0-1 The GNOME Desktop 2005-03-07
Testing gnome gnome-doc-utils 0.1.3-1 Documentation utilities for Gnome 2005-03-07
Testing gnome gnome-games 2.10.0-1 Some Games for GNOME 2005-03-08
Testing gnome gnome-games-extra-data 2.10.0-1 Some Games for GNOME 2005-03-08
Testing gnome gnome-keyring 0.4.2-1 GNOME Password Manager 2005-03-07
Testing gnome gnome-media 2.10.0-1 GNOME Media Tools 2005-03-08
Testing gnome gnome-menu-editor 0.1-1 GNOME menu editor 2005-03-04
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