This is to organize a lot of the Smart Parts information floating around. This has links to several forums, posts, patents and other miscellaneous stuff. So good, some just funny, but all related.

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My Thoughts

Forum Posts
Automags.Org 1 2 3
IOG 3 - Closed
IOG 4 - Closed
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IOG 7 - Closed
WGP Press 1
WGP Press 2 1 2 3
Phantom Phorum
Other Valuable Posts
Doc's SP Lawsuit FAQ
Doc's Other Comments
Tinker's Guild Discussion

Patents - Legal Stuff
U.S. District Courts Listing SP vs __****
United States Patent and Trademark Office
Federal Trade Commission
Patent Scam*
Shocker Patent 1
Shocker Patent 2
Shocker Patent 3
Shocker Patent Revision
More SP Patents
More SP Patents
All of Smart Parts Patents
Navy's 1971-72 Patent
Paintball Patents
Tippmann's Electric Triggering System 1995

Digital Paintball***

Davidson & Associates Homepage

Tinker's Guild 1
Tinker's Guild 2
Tinker's Guild 3

3 "paintball devices"

Miscellaneous Stuff for precedents
1994 Electropnuematic Cannon Document
1994 Electric Automag Document
1994 Electric Cocker Document
1994 Bolt On E-Grip Document

CCI Revolution

Anti-Smart Parts Stuff
Anti-SmartParts Stickers For Sale
Anti-SP Pic
Anti-SP Pic
Anti-SP Pic
Anti SP Pic
Anti-SP SWF File
Anti-SP Stuff
Anti-SP Stuff
Miscellaneous Links
Anti-SP Site


* - FTC's shutdown of Adam Gardner and George Davidson (of Smart Parts) patent submission scam.
** - Concerns MVPB's paintball modification for Unreal Tournament 2k3
*** - Concerns Digital Paintball's paintball modificaion for half-life
**** - Court listings of cases filed, Also specifically notice (do a search) the 1/9/03 147 MEMORANDUM ORDER. If not wishing to read just do a text search.