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Welcome to Larry Piper's Cheesy Web Site™. This page has grown from its nascence in September, 2002, when it just had a few links to .pdf files about a visit to Japan, to an exploration of various of my interests including a number of trip descriptions, links to web pages of my immediate family (including our dog, Brewster), an archive of Zachary's web logs from when he was in Japan (2001-2004)—set in ascii format, some personal vanities (.mp3s of some of my recordings, brief descriptions of my dogs with some pictures, some ascii art—not mine, but fun none-the-less—, Jason Hsu's cow porn). Finally, I have posted information on Open and Affirming in our church, a few spirituality links, and a few essays I wrote, mostly articles for the church newsletter.

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Travelogues:   Visits to Zach in Hokkaido and Umajimura, Japan; trip to Madrid

Currently, I have six travelogues: a bullet summary of the 2003 Umaji trip, three flavors of the 2002 Umaji trip report, and one each for the Sapporo and Madrid narratives:

  1. A travelogue for the 2003 trip to Umaji and Korea is not yet ready. Here is a short list of high points for the Japan part of the trip. Apologies to my brother and sister-in-law in Korea. They'll make it into the final, long, meandering trip report.
  2. There's a short summary of the 2002 Umaji trip which just says we went to places and did some stuff. (36 kB),
  3. There's a long summary of the 2002 Umaji visit that goes on endlessly and contains lots of digressions. (270 kB), and
  4. An Umaji visit pictorial summary of the 2002 Umaji visit which involves a few short words and something like 10 pictures. (983 kB).
  5. There is a brief narrative of the Hokkaido visit, March, 2000. This is in html and is in the form of a letter to my mother.
  6. Finally, I have included a more extensive narrative of the trip to Madrid, January, 2001. This is also in html and is in the form of a letter to my mother (sorry, no pictures yet).

Currently, the 2002 Umaji documents are in .pdf format, which means you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read them. Virtually everyone has that these days, often in the form of a plug-in to their browser. So it is quite likely you can just click the link, the plug-in will load itself automatically, and you can read the pages (or you might be asked whether you want to view the file or save it to view later on). If you don't have Acrobat, click this link to get your own free copy of Acrobat. I hope eventually to reformat the Umaji narratives in html, but I have to figure out how to do Japanese encoding first [the hard way. I don't have enough disk space for the bloated (and non-maintainable) html that would result were I to "convert" a Word document].

I also have links to files wherein one can find Zachary's web logs all collected in one place. If you prefer, you can e-mail me for them, or you could visit to read Zachary's web log directly. That's better in some ways because you get to see some pictures and Japanese characters and the like. All I've saved are plain text files. The benefit is that they are fast to load and they are laid out chronologically.

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     Don't EVER try AOL

Those thousand or so free hours aren't worth the time it will take to repair the damage their software will do to your computer. Just ask Zach's brother, Justin.

[Hint: they'll corrupt your windows registry, and then you'll have to find a nerd to get your computer to run again. It's an ugly process, which requires the utterance of many naughty words.].

Family Matters

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Open and Affirming FAQ

I have also written a set of answers to frequently asked questions about Open and Affirming [or if you want a nicely formatted version for your very own, download the .pdf version (50 kB)]. I wrote them between October, 2001 and February, 2002 during the time our church, First Congregational Church of Reading, U.C.C., was studying the issue. I am thankful that we voted to become Open and Affirming in May, 2002.

Open and Affirming, or ONA, is a movement in the United Church of Christ wherein churches explicitly pledge that they will include all people, including those who happen to have been born gay, lesbian or transgendered, into the full life and ministry of the church. Other denominations have similar movements, although named differently. It's very sad that ONA is not a given in all our churches whatever the denomination.

I have written several documents for our church's web site about our ONA process and have reproduced them here for those who might be interested:

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Guest Book

Wow, now you can sign and view my cheesy guest book! Rest assured, you can remain anonymous if you so desire. I'm not nerdy enough to know how to track people's ISPs (or unscrupulous enough to want to try).

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