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Thursday, December 2, 2004 The Persona Issue   VOLUME 2 ISSUE 20  
Sample user persona: Kelly
Sample user persona: Kelly

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Meet Kelly
Sample user persona development
by Debra Levin

The following is a sample persona for ToMarket, a fictional employment Web site for marketing professionals.


This persona highlights the following design and functionality needs that the business and design team might not have thought of:

  • the ability for users to post their resumes online, but to be able to "protect" them so that their current employers won't find out they are job-searching
  • inclusion of tools and tips on resume writing, interviewing skills, etc, specifically tailored toward the marketing professional
  • the ability to filter jobs by salary and skill level
  • detailed information and descriptions about the various companies with jobs posted on the site.


PRIMARY PERSONA : Kelly Johnston 

Kelly is a 24-year-old college graduate currently working as a Marketing Assistant at a large financial services company.  She took this job right out of college when she discovered no other marketing jobs were available. Kelly would like to find a higher-paying job with more responsibility, but she doesn’t want to stay in the financial-services industry; she would like to move into the sports-marketing field.

Kelly uses the Web every day, both for work-related tasks and for fun at home.  Her favorite Web sites are gap.com, amazon.com, monster.com and cnn.com. She spends most of her days at work on the computer, so her computer proficiency and level of experience are high.  Kelly feels comfortable using the Web to look for jobs and would like to post her resume on an employment Web site as long as her current employers wouldn’t be able to access it.  Kelly would also like to find a Web site that would allow her to search and filter jobs by type, location, salary, and required skills.  She tends to research companies heavily before deciding whether or not to apply for an available job.


Kelly would use ToMarket to

  • View lists of marketing jobs in her geographical area
  • Access detailed job descriptions for the jobs that interest her
  • Post her resume online so that potential employers can learn about her
  • Protect her resume so that her current employer cannot view it
  • Get information and tips on resume writing for marketing professionals, interviewing skills, etc.

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