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Ethnic Tribes
in Yunnan Province

Dali, Old Town
Here you could explore the quiet back streets, and lakeside villages to discover the solid stone houses of the Bai people.

Trek into the Tiger Leaping Gorge
There the powerful upper Yangtze River carves a narrow passage between two towering peaks, to find thrilling views of looming granite cliffs and thundering rapids.

Land of Charming
Lijiang, ancient Town
Find a courtyard theatre in which elderly musicians bring to life the vanished styles of imperial Chinese music.

Monasteries under the
snow peaks

Outdoor breakaways for the body and spirit.

Its rich tourism resources attract numerous tourist from home and abroad to set foot on this mysterious land.

Oh, Tibet
--- That's My Dream!

Valley of surpassing beauty

Snow mountains, valleys, winding rivers, crystal lakes, yaks at pasture, the people dancing and the lamps in the temples.

Among the highest mountains on earth, sturdy nomads continue with their lives as they have for thousands of years.

Lhoka, the cradle of the Tibetans, lies the mighty Gangdise Range and the torrential Tsangpo River.

Cultural Adventure
Camp on the grounds of the monasteries, drink tea with nomads, talk with monks and truly acquaint yourself with Tibet.

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Churches at Shanghai
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Featured Trips:
Explore the recently-opened Eastern Tibet and trek along the ancient caravan routes.

Southwest Silk Route
Visit the historic relics and vestiges along the Southwest Silk Road.

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